And the 2012 Darwin award goes to...
So cute...
And the 2012 Darwin award goes to...
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Well, That is One Way (9 Jan, 2012) Reply
That does help get rid of the bags under the eyes . . .
Not sure how easy it is to drive while looking through the bars though.
Deathgod (9 Jan, 2012) Reply
But...did the guy die from it? Darwin awards is for stupid dead people! This is a stupid alive person! Maybe he is socially dead...
Trollolol (9 Jan, 2012)
To be precise - to get a Darwin award one has to eliminate themselves from the gene pool - that is die or get sterilized before having any children. If he got his balls pierced too, then he'd qualify.
Johnnydoeist (9 Jan, 2012) Reply
I wanna pull them out one by one
S (9 Jan, 2012) Reply
What's the Problem? He can have the long bars (and it looks good, but that's just my opinion)removed and use individual ones for the upper and lower piercing whenever he wants to. Do you look at a women in high heels and say: wow you will have problems running in these shoes? No you want. If you don't like the way it looks you don't have to but stupid or even darwin award?
Varulfen (9 Jan, 2012)
Actually I don't think high heels are that attractive. And these piercings just look stupid (like most piercings anyways, but just go on and make holes in your body). They restrict his sight and I know if it was me who had to look at these bars all day long, I would go crazy. Why is he doing this? Maybe he was in prison too long and now needs those barsin his sight.
Fuuu (9 Jan, 2012)
It's because people hate anything different than the "normal things". Also, they try to be funny.
Hey fuuu . . . . (10 Jan, 2012)
They try to be funny? Here? What do you think Eatliver is for- serious comment and debate on social and economic topics from around the Globe? WTF- I can watch the news for that! Thanks to idiots like you Eatliver is only 1/3 as funny as it was a year ago!
Fuuu (11 Jan, 2012)
Geez, I was talking about the comments.
Hey Fuuuu (12 Jan, 2012)
Thanks for proving my point . . . . Moron
Fuuu (12 Jan, 2012)
And your point is that "omfg lulz he is stoopid" comments are funny. (visit link)
Hey fuuu . . . (17 Jan, 2012)
I conceed to you Charlie Sheen- you are winning.
Gottsnobbler (9 Jan, 2012) Reply
I expect the bars in front of his eyes stop him from being homesick.
Stupid is as stupid does (9 Jan, 2012) Reply
Looks infected.
Wtfyousuck (11 Jan, 2012)
They don't look infected at all.
dave (25 Jan, 2012)
Really looks like the lowest form of scum on the earth dont you think
Oniönhead (12 Nov, 2012)
Haha (9 Jan, 2012) Reply
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rofler (10 Jan, 2012)
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Jeremy Williams (9 Jan, 2012) Reply
"As you can see I'm a well adjusted individual with lots of future job prospects. I'm also lay significant weight to my individuality as I don't truly have a personality of my own". - Jeremy Williams, angry 21 year old who lives with his mom
Jeremy's Mom (10 Jan, 2012)
The boy needs a kick in the head. When his father gets home, Jeremy will wish he was in real jail looking out of bars.
ugeuge (9 Jan, 2012) Reply
That`s some kind of amazement padlock
lukus (9 Jan, 2012) Reply
He just hates looking surprised.
Gmz (9 Jan, 2012) Reply
Prison is a state of mind.
aie (9 Jan, 2012) Reply
is he in jail ?
dr ozzie (9 Jan, 2012) Reply
well, well. another free-thinking, free spirit who feels the need to make "look at me, look at me" gestures to prove what an individual he is. What's the matter sonny ? not enough hugs as a kid ?. here, let me give you some attention - you are a !@#$@$#- that enough for you ?
mastodonte (9 Jan, 2012) Reply
hei!ca estúpido!!
holyhell (9 Jan, 2012) Reply
I hope he's got good reflexes cause... that is gonna hurt when he gets punched in the face...
dave (25 Jan, 2012)
I would pun ch him fair smack in the eye if i ever saw him
Darwin Was Wrong (9 Jan, 2012) Reply
...raised by singe mother...
Homo sapiens superior (9 Jan, 2012) Reply
WOW!!! That's.... dumb.
DinosaurMonkey (9 Jan, 2012) Reply
they told me i could be anything i wanted!!!
i became....a jailcell!!
Stu Dent (9 Jan, 2012) Reply
He's a PA at CCNY.
j.b. (10 Jan, 2012) Reply
It would suck to get involved in a fight with these.
OMG (10 Jan, 2012) Reply
Is that Justin Timberlake?!
GMO (16 Jan, 2012)
Justin TimBarLock, maybe...
Anyway, (10 Jan, 2012) Reply
So these bars walk into a guy... :)
cambrius (12 Jan, 2012)
Many, many Lols!
tttt (10 Jan, 2012) Reply
Darwin awards goes to those who manage to die, not those who just do dumb stuff.
See, if these holes got terribly infected and eventually he died from that, we could talk about small Darwin's award.
Gogo (10 Jan, 2012) Reply
You do realise this a temporary piercing and he will have taken them straight out...
KJ (10 Jan, 2012) Reply
Three words: CRY FOR HELP
esset (10 Jan, 2012) Reply
Atheist Anglais (10 Jan, 2012) Reply
People can do what they want to their bodies, I really don't care on the whole, but at the same time I can't help but find this sort of attention-seeking behaviour quite tiresome and irritating. Just why IS this guy so desperate for people's approval? I don't feel any need to behave or dress up in a certain way to look cool and wow other people, in fact I really don't care what the hell people think of me at all, and nor do any of the more interesting people I know. But then, maybe we were just lucky to have gotten plenty of love and attention as kids, and to have gained some self-confidence as a result?
Problems? (25 Apr, 2013)
For someone who doesn't care, you sure have a lot of opinions on how dumb other people are. And doesn't posting your views on religion as your name put you in the same LOOK AT ME!! category?
Old man (10 Jan, 2012) Reply
You wanna be special? Get a freakin job and take care of your freakin family! You'll be the most original dude on your block.
andrew (10 Jan, 2012) Reply
isaiah dioneo (11 Jan, 2012) Reply
blah (11 Jan, 2012) Reply
Okay maybe he just wants to be different or unique. You guys (for the most part) must have nothing better to do with your time then put other people down. Does it make you feel real good? Did your mothers never teach you not to judge a book by its cover or to if you have nothing good to say don't say anything at all? Or are you the type of people who believe there is such thing as normal? Maybe that's not it at all... Maybe you people need to put others down to feel better about yourself... I believe that might be it too... You could be so insecure about yourselves that this attitude you have adopted points that fact clear out to the world. Whatever the reason you should realize you have placed yourselves in the category of assume. You know that make you the first three letters of assume. And I truly don't mean the animal. I mean the big, glowing crater filled moon shaped globe with a gigantic crack through the center with a big black hole that spews out all the crap in this world. This is not the type of thing I'd ever do to my face, but in the end you should get it through you thick skulls that it's his choice not yours and it doesnt make him a bad person
Cambrius (12 Jan, 2012)
My, that's an awful lot of crap. Almost none of these comments suggest that the poster thinks that this guy is a bad person; just a pitiable fool who is hopelessly insecure or egotistical, possibly both. Even he is probably going to look back on this in a few years and wonder what the hell he was thinking of.
blah (12 Jan, 2012)
ok if you had taken the dam time to read previous comments you idiot you would have noticed they were saying stuff about his mother and he must feel home sick from prison and all that crap so when you reply to my comment in a bad way you should really do your research!
Cambrius (12 Jan, 2012)
Obviously I did read them. Obviously I've just read them again. The only things anyone said about his mother were that he might still live with her and that she might be a single parent. I thought the latter was in questionable taste but neither comment justifies your hysteria. As to the prison remarks, they were attempts at humour, not invective. Not cardiac-arrestingly funny, but then the people concerned probably aren't professional comedians. Oh, and you were the one who banged on (at mildly disturbing length) about "all the crap in the world". Which means that the the first line of my post was... a joke.
Eric (15 Jan, 2012) Reply
Some day this idiot will say, Man was I a Douche bag."
325-8142 (15 Jan, 2012)
It's not too early.
Angel (17 Jan, 2012) Reply
this is your brain on crack
ryguyesr (21 Jan, 2012) Reply
what an IDIOT
Dave (3 Feb, 2012) Reply
Unemployed douchebags who try too hard. I have found your God!
accuracy nazi (20 Feb, 2012) Reply
its ony a darwin award if someone kills themself doing something stupid. alltho it does look like a very nasty infection setting in, unless it kills him, he IS NOT a candidate for a darwin. geeeze.
Ross (2 Mar, 2012) Reply
Dead handy for tooth picks in a restaurant after a steak I can see why he went to the trouble.
hotchilly007 (25 Mar, 2012) Reply
... now raise ur eyebrows for the cutie ecross the street :D
wizz (10 Apr, 2012) Reply dumbass.....grrrrr....grrrrr...grrrr
n (19 Nov, 2012) Reply
now thats stupid
choppedlow (14 Jan, 2014) Reply
since he can't get a job looking like that, he will resort to crime and eventually end up in jail where he will get the same view obstructed by bars.
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