Key cleaner
Something doesn't seem right about this...
Key cleaner
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Don King (31 Dec, 2011) Reply
Don't do it!
@Don King (31 Dec, 2011)
you sir, must have some experience with this
DunKing (31 Dec, 2011)
Never d-d-d-did m-m-m-me any harm!
An Electrician (31 Dec, 2011) Reply
This doesn't meet code. the socket is supposed to be placed with the ground opening up. This whole buidling needs to be condemed.
a real electrician (31 Dec, 2011)
no. it is code. least in america. it does NOT meet code cause it isn't a tamper resistant outlet.
Tamperer (1 Jan, 2012)
C-C-C-C-Code Breaker
kramer (31 Dec, 2011) Reply
just do it quickly!
Leccy (31 Dec, 2011) Reply
somechick (1 Jan, 2012) Reply
especially don't try to clean 2 keys at the same time.
Momo (1 Jan, 2012) Reply
But...who cleans keys?
LandLord (1 Jan, 2012)
A kind man with a dirty set of keys.
EUro (1 Jan, 2012) Reply
Doesn't work for most of us...
Winky (1 Jan, 2012) Reply
I like how the socket is going "Oooorh!"
Evil (2 Jan, 2012) Reply
Looks legit.
Admiral Akbar (24 Jan, 2012) Reply
It's a trap!!
wizz (10 Apr, 2012) Reply
Ohhhh....ROFL....that's cruel! lol, but I'm sure some idiot would do it.
h_t (15 Dec, 2013) Reply
i used to do that when i would get mad at my parents
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