These people had the worst Christmas ever
Via Jon Hendren.
These people had the worst Christmas ever
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Danish (26 Dec, 2011) Reply
Only in America...
Truely (26 Dec, 2011)
This is so true. I just asked for MP3, b/c I hate those damn touchscreen or mp4's... what's the point, seriously. Still didn't get the mp3, still not giving a damn.
USA Parent (26 Dec, 2011)
I gave my daughter a 'picture' of a new car and a 'picture'of an ipad. She called all her friends just to piss them off! We hugged and said how we hated each
Hsinad (26 Dec, 2011)
Except the two posts for NJ, how do you know they're all from America?
BTW, I don't know about Long Branch, but the Mahwah area of NJ is definitely hoity-toity. Mercedesburg and Audiville. Those aren't real people who live there. These are the spoiled rich that real people make fun of.
Dave (26 Dec, 2011)
Hsinad: Their English is terrible. They're from America.
buh (26 Dec, 2011)
At least one of those people is Scottish.
Yeah (26 Dec, 2011) Reply
I wonder what did they get for their parents, if they were expecting those things back?
roladnds (11 Jan, 2012)
probably nothing.. they sounds like.. eehhhhh. human with the biggest ego.
old guy (26 Dec, 2011) Reply
My kids got me an i-phone, a white one too, but i dont know how to use it, so i guess i will just put it away in the cupboard.
yup (26 Dec, 2011) Reply
if they believed in Santa, they'd abuse him.
Sad (26 Dec, 2011) Reply
They all need a good old slap to the head to get them back into reality.
Lauris (26 Dec, 2011) Reply
Can someone please tell me these people are trolling? Like, no way this is possible...
Mr Mister (26 Dec, 2011)
Oh, most of it (if not everything) is true. Believe me. There are far more people of this kind out there. So, don't leave the house.
Starvin Marvin (26 Dec, 2011) Reply
I got a potato. Best Christmas Ever!!! ^_^
somechick (27 Dec, 2011)
I got some black beans, some cheese and a waffle house hat! Yeah! best Christmas ever!
Me (2 Jan, 2013)
Me too! Even though I don't eat potatoes, I still like it and I'll have lots of uses for it.
santamama (26 Dec, 2011) Reply
Big babies...I will give you a coal next year!!!
insanely mad (26 Dec, 2011) Reply
Still waitin for that pony I axed for when I wuz 12
Ozhound (26 Dec, 2011) Reply
I can't believe this is real. This is what is wrong with society. I think the most appropriate comment here is, "I don't want to live on this planet anymore"
Rymel (26 Dec, 2011) Reply
I didn't get a .50 Cal for Christmas. :(
Jesus (26 Dec, 2011) Reply
All I wanted was Peace on Earth...
Green Giant (26 Dec, 2011)
All I wanted was Peas on Earth...
Bear Grylls Lennon (26 Dec, 2011)
All I am saying is, give piss a chance. :)
LogiC (26 Dec, 2011) Reply
Get them their iPhones and let them pay the phone bills. That will fix them :P
You have entered the wrong security code, please try again. (26 Dec, 2011) Reply
Part of me have just died.
Baby Jesus (26 Dec, 2011) Reply
Yeah, good old Steve Jobs changed a world, he moovoved just a bit more toward the dump side of the force.
Nick Gurtz (26 Dec, 2011) Reply
Still Okay Tho (26 Dec, 2011) Reply
boo hoo. these bitches. my girl left me 3 weeks before Christmas hooked up with some other dude,went to boston with him, my family is outta town and I'm not with them, b.c i planned on staying here with her and her family for christmas. Was gonna go to dinner, but didn't see what time the restaurant closed, so we got there when they closed and we ate at mcdonalds. so ...
Brett (26 Dec, 2011) Reply
Wow this is sad. We can see who doesn't know the true meaning of Christmas. How selfish.
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D. Trump (26 Dec, 2011)
C'mon Brett, stop trollin!
leo9891 (26 Dec, 2011) Reply
Am I the only one laughing at these spoiled kids whining about a damn phone or not getting a car? Be grateful you got a roof over your head and you got food on the table along with a family. There are people who can't even have an OK Christmas cause they are not as fortunate as the rest of us.
EUro (26 Dec, 2011)
True. Spoiled american brats. We give books. Books are better for the brain than an iPhone. But it's good. The more stupid america gets the sooner we will get rid of those greedy, climate killing, war mongering parasites.
maybe... (27 Dec, 2011)
@EUro newsflash! books are available on the ipad and iphone!
Derp (26 Dec, 2011) Reply
Maybe if the parents actually nutted up and said, "No, we are not going to get you that, we can't afford it," From the get-go, they might not have had any kind of hopes. But from their responses already, I can tell they don't have the greatest of parents.
Droogans (27 Dec, 2011)
That's why you shoot low, and hope they look at the list and reward you for your humility.
Scott (26 Dec, 2011) Reply
Maybe 2012 really is the end of times. -_-
2012 (26 Dec, 2011)
The End (29 Dec, 2011)
for heaven's sake!
Deathgod (26 Dec, 2011) Reply
They all deserve extreme punishment! Starvation should do
truckin9999 (26 Dec, 2011) Reply
I didn't get much in material gifts. But I got the best gift the day before Christmas!! My son come home from military deployment, and walked in the front door, as a complete surprise to me. WHAT A GREAT CHRISTMAS!!!
billyo (26 Dec, 2011)
very, very awesome. God bless your son for what he does for us
Acek (26 Dec, 2011) Reply
I didn't get anything at all....
LandLord (26 Dec, 2011)
What did your brother Bucek get?
Acek (26 Dec, 2011)
I see what you did there..
poo (26 Dec, 2011) Reply
Greedy little bitches.
Oh look! (26 Dec, 2011) Reply
Jeepers! A big box of white Iphones...there must be a hundred of them inhere! What in the world am I going to do with all this junk???
huh (26 Dec, 2011) Reply
I got pajamas from my mom, while we were shopping, she said just look surprised when you open the box. I like nice surprises, if they are pjs thats great only if I don't have to be told when I pick them out that they are my gifts...I kind of wanted HP part 1 and 2 for christmas...complete my collection. lol...i guess i don't think i deserve high end stuff until I did really well in something as a reward...or if i desperately need something...i think its the thought that counts, especially these days.
Mom (26 Dec, 2011) Reply
Try gettng a damn job and buying it yourself
Braddock420 (26 Dec, 2011) Reply
These CHILDREN are spoiled. This is what is wrong with the world. Parents - Tell your children "NO". When I was a kid, if I wanted something, I got a job, earned the money and bought it. As an adult, I appreciate things more. Oh, and I would've never said "**** my parents" EVER. See, there's a thing called respect. These horrible little human monstrosities have no concept of appreciation or respect. I, for one, didn't get much materially this year, but the time I had with friends and family is priceless.
And yes, this is blatantly typical of Americans. I'm ashamed.
John (26 Dec, 2011) Reply
Argentina (26 Dec, 2011) Reply
You Americans are so sad...First world problems...
South America (26 Dec, 2011) Reply
Really sad...
Mullet (26 Dec, 2011) Reply
Set them loose in Siberia to fend for themselves, next christmas they can come home and appreciate the food and shelter they're getting.
Hot dog (26 Dec, 2011) Reply
all those people are just spoiled rich bastards who cant just live with what they have and always ask for more.
Dakota (26 Dec, 2011) Reply
This Chirstmas sucked, I didnt get an ipad. oh wait, here it is. i already had one because i have a job that allows me to pay for things that i want like a car, an xbox, and an ipad, because im not some lazy spoiled brat like the rest of you people.
not an american (26 Dec, 2011) Reply
ion (26 Dec, 2011) Reply
hope they ALL die
a (27 Dec, 2011)
totally agree
:D (26 Dec, 2011) Reply
That truly is a great gift.
RWW (26 Dec, 2011) Reply
Behold the douchebaskets responsible for Apple's continuing and otherwise baffling prosperity.
trucka (27 Dec, 2011) Reply
i hate every single one of those people.
SourApple (27 Dec, 2011) Reply
Yikes. I think I am going to faint. Humanity needs a reboot. This is coming from a guy who, being a kid in the late '80s and very early '90s, was perfectly content receiving one Skeletor action figure for x-mas. Ok, I also wanted some new socks. And getting an SNES or Gameboy game was like winning the lottery.
Ash Kethchum (27 Dec, 2011) Reply
All I wanted was a Mew for christmas, but all I got were a bunch of Zubats
Mana (27 Dec, 2011) Reply
I actually got the new Kindle, not Fire, just the normal e reader
Fab (27 Dec, 2011) Reply
I didn't get anything for Christmas, so what? It was still a good christmas.
Greedy people (27 Dec, 2011) Reply
It is truly sad to see how greedy people are. I think they should all be sterilized to prevent them from having more greedy babies. Disgusting. Happy Holidays!
Steve Jobs (27 Dec, 2011) Reply
I'm cold (27 Dec, 2011) Reply
All I wanted for Christmas was a lump of coal. Just got a lump of *hi+ so eff this Christmas.
Heretic_LV (27 Dec, 2011) Reply
Is all this for real?
trololo (27 Dec, 2011) Reply
Extreme trolling as a sport. On the other side, if this is true : (visit link)
garydiesal (27 Dec, 2011) Reply
You bunch of cry babies!!! If you want an iphone go out and buy it and quit hating on mommy and daddy because you're to lazy to get a job and buy it for yourself.
rick'james (27 Dec, 2011) Reply
Well, look at the bright side - when you go postal just open the twitter for some random victims.
baws (27 Dec, 2011) Reply
Year, I got a SUV w/ Iphone / Ipad inside, but no bullhorns on the front for smashing those commercial and completely senseless teens. So I couldn't kick them innot Irq showing them real probs. US kids...
Disgusted (27 Dec, 2011) Reply
wow. spoiled little *****, all of them. Try being too poor to have a christmas, then tell me if the color of an iPhone is reason enough to hate your parents. little parasites.
... (27 Dec, 2011) Reply
I had the worst Christmas ever. All I got was a laptop, and what I really wanted was a pair of warm, fuzzy socks :(
man (27 Dec, 2011) Reply
i got a pair of socks and i`m happy! :D
Hijo del Sol (27 Dec, 2011) Reply
Kill 'em all!
It Could be Worse (27 Dec, 2011) Reply
a week prior to christmas my apartment got broken into by a guy with a gun. He stole an flat screen tv, a laptop, an ipod, 2 cell phones, my roommates wallet, and 500 dollars. And on christmas i got arrested and charged with a DWI. If that's not one of the worst christmases ever then i don't know what it.
Rest (27 Dec, 2011) Reply
so I got this flashlight that looks like a starwars-lightsabre... who the hell would want an iphone if you can get THE FORCE??
notyours (27 Dec, 2011) Reply
the only person i like there is nesha logan who's dropping all the time her baby.
Ed (27 Dec, 2011) Reply
LOL Too funny peeps yall need to get real!
Jobs (27 Dec, 2011) Reply
For the next Christmas... you're getting a JOB!
me-so-what (27 Dec, 2011) Reply
Got a box of oranges for Christmas ^____^ is happy...
KJ (27 Dec, 2011) Reply
You think that's bad. How about watching your sister be depressed bc your niece is on oxygen and has monitors all of her tiny body, including an IV running to her head. Grow up.
Nick Gurtz (27 Dec, 2011) Reply
im surprised you people are surprised by this!?!?
where have yall been the past 20 years...?
Chill (27 Dec, 2011) Reply
I can't believe that I live on the same planet whit these people. If iphone is only thing that makes you happy than you will never be happy in you miserable life and probably die alone...
Alyssa (27 Dec, 2011) Reply
This is disgusting.
Doug (27 Dec, 2011) Reply
What a bunch of spoiled little bastards!
Jason (27 Dec, 2011) Reply
makes me ashamed to be an American... This year for Christmas I got... a roof over my head, a decent job, and apparently one of the few brains that aren't completely ruined...
Santa (27 Dec, 2011) Reply
You people are retarded if you can't see the deliberate planted tweets on here to make this more entertaining. What's funny is the people saying "Typical Americans" when clearly they're showing that they are "typical judgmental foreigners" who are too stupid to see that this is supposed to be humorous more than genuine. Wow, yes... I'm an American and I can spell. Most of the people commenting on this (who are not American) can't spell. So clearly your stereotypes are off base. There are so many Americans that are way above all of this materialistic stuff and are aware that there are lots of people in the US as well as every functioning country in the world that are materialistic and dumb. I can name so many dumb British people who are not only cocky but drive around their corny BMWs and flashing their riches around. You ignorant fools don't realize there are many many Americans who work hard and appreciate what they have. How do you think all those presents get purchased? From hard working parents who make money to buy presents for their child. Whether it's overkill or materliastic we just have higher expectations as a country because we are financially secure. You act like if you were born in America you would say "wow too much excess I should move to a poor country instead so foreigners won't think I am a selfish American". No, you would enjoy what you have just like the rest and be defending it just like I am. It's not our fault your government takes a giant dump on you and considers you worthless to where they won't invest in bettering your country financially. Take your jealousy elsewhere. While you're at it go brush your snaggled teeth and ask your politicians for better dental care. You should of all asked for tooth paste and a dental visit for Christmas.
dood (28 Dec, 2011)
drive around in their corny BMWs*
overkill or materialistic*
"Typical foreigners"? Nice generalisation of the entire world there.
America is "financially secure"?
fail troll is full of the fail.
Farnsworth (28 Dec, 2011) Reply
I Don't want to live on this planet anymore.
Wowee! (28 Dec, 2011) Reply
Enter code here: (28 Dec, 2011) Reply
I never knew Apple fans were such whiny little materialistic losers.
You are so lame (28 Dec, 2011) Reply
That's why I was collecting money for 6 months and finally bought what I wanted to. Suckers! Earn your money and buy your iPhone or iPad. Anyway you all are stupid - begging for things that are expensive. Who the hell will buy you a car? Does your parents actually have that kind of money?
Ashley (28 Dec, 2011) Reply
Christmas isn't about the gifts! Plus if all of u are like this u guys don't deserve stuff!! Grow up! If u want it that bad get a job and buy it your damn self.
s (28 Dec, 2011) Reply
The minute those people get the iPhone, they'll nag about not getting something else.
nik (28 Dec, 2011) Reply
I didn't get the case of Symtex I asked for.
I can't even handle this (29 Dec, 2011) Reply
This makes me sick. I got a pillow pet for Christmas and I'm ecstatic. There are kids who didn't get anything because their parents are going through some hard time. Christ. I wouldn't of got you all stuff either.
Ezequiel (29 Dec, 2011) Reply
I didn't get a girlfriend this Christmas #NotSearchingTillAfterFeb14
Canadian (29 Dec, 2011) Reply
These people are such bitches...just be happy you have a family and you had a Christmas. In my family this would never happen.
Surrounded_By_Idiots (29 Dec, 2011) Reply
I didn't get anything unless I could earn it and pay for it myself. We couldn't afford anything otherwise... >_<
T.J. Pickles (30 Dec, 2011) Reply
I see my son write something like that on twitter = instant denouncement :P
Shane (30 Dec, 2011) Reply
be greatful u got anything u idiots. I got the iPhone 4s! HAHA
Tall Dark Stranger (30 Dec, 2011) Reply
I wipe myself with their 'problems'
American (30 Dec, 2011) Reply
Those could have been brits. As the riots in 2011 proved, brits can be every bit as shallow and spoiled as any yank.
spoiled (30 Dec, 2011) Reply
this is a perfect example of the occupy movement! A bunch of spoiled kids who have never had to work for a darn thing in their entire lives and expect it to be handed to them. Do people really wonder why the USA is headed into the crapper? Stupid 'entitlement' generation.
guy on a budget (31 Dec, 2011) Reply
I got my sis £50 of graphics card for her new pc and she still complained when i dont get her a £10 piece of trash toy
mom of 4 teen girls (31 Dec, 2011) Reply
Reading all these comments just confirms the reasons I don’t like kids. Selfish, self centered, spoiled, ungrateful, greedy. They should be grateful they’re alive, fed with cloths on their backs and a place to live. For Christmas, maybe their parents should throw them out of the house to live on the street for a few months. Maybe then, they might be grateful for all their parents do for them.
Taka (3 Jan, 2012) Reply
I got a book..that's all we could afford this year.Those people are lucky they get so much stuff..
Morgan (13 Jan, 2012) Reply
My 14 year old sister got an iPhone for Christmas... that she paid for w/ her own God damn money like a champ. That's why I love her.
I on the other hand got a ton of bath crap, candles and clothes I don't need, when all I wanted was gift cards for books... Irony.
Eric (15 Jan, 2012) Reply
natural selection will weed out the people who can't do without.
Santa (8 Feb, 2012) Reply
A perfect solution, lets stop giving presents instead of expecting an item selfishly and being a tool when you don't get the object you never deserved.
Pissed (5 Aug, 2012) Reply
This makes me want to vomit. Spoiled little pos.
Kat (24 Aug, 2012) Reply
I don't want to live on this planet anymore....
Lulu (14 Dec, 2013) Reply
One of those people got diamond earings and are complaining about it?! What is this world coming to?!
Sadsinglemom (25 Dec, 2013) Reply
Well if you don't think this is true. My daughter wanted iphone didn't get it. Broke my front door etc. and I had to call cops. Oh she took one I my gifts back she gave me too.
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