DIY microwave
Perfect for reheating your pizza.
DIY microwave
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Mike (26 Dec, 2011) Reply
Isn't that the same pizza that gave Raph cancer?
par-tay (26 Dec, 2011) Reply
Give it a shot of steam if it gets too dry.
shd (26 Dec, 2011) Reply
Except for the fact that the grease from the pizza will go into the flat iron and stain your cloths nicely
Nick Gurtz (26 Dec, 2011)
you mean, the next guys clothes.hahaha
um, (26 Dec, 2011)
Like he cares if the iron gets greasy. Clearly he is in a hotel room.
Happy Kid (26 Dec, 2011) Reply
Keep your old ipad, I got this for Christmas!!!
JoE (26 Dec, 2011) Reply
Wow. That is disgusting. At least have foil as a barrier against the nasty crap on that iron. ಠ_ಠ
Actually, (26 Dec, 2011) Reply
This is so ironic...
Gort (26 Dec, 2011) Reply
Better than a microwave- this makes your pizza crispy.
Captain Obvious (26 Dec, 2011) Reply
That's grill or oven - not a microwave...
Boy-ar-Dee (26 Dec, 2011)
Wrong, it's convection.
X-Man (26 Dec, 2011) Reply
Yeah, set the house on fire...!
Much Safer (26 Dec, 2011) Reply
The Microwave KILLS you overtime much the same as Fluoride, Aspartame, MSG etc. Want proof? Take tap water... any kind of water for that matter and microwave it. Then take that toxic soup nasty radiation water and feed your them die...die...die...
@much safer than? (27 Dec, 2011)
Don't forget to wear a helmet covered in at least two layers of tinfoil so that the microwaves can't read your thoughts.
WH (27 Dec, 2011)
or feed it to your turtle and watch it mutate into something awesome!
Gu-gu-gu-gullible (27 Dec, 2011)
Val? Is that you...? ;D
@Much Safer? (28 Dec, 2011)
You did wait until the water was cold before watering you plants, didn't you?
BDGFN (28 Dec, 2011) Reply
Better than a's not limp and soggy.
Lidia (30 Dec, 2011) Reply
rather good way of cooking =D
Lazlo (30 Dec, 2011) Reply
Has anyone done this?
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