Celebrity look-alikes
The last one was so true.
Celebrity look-alikes
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ajw (14 Dec, 2011) Reply
spot on, like looking in a mirror
OK (14 Dec, 2011) Reply
So why do I think Zooey Deschanel is hot but Katy Perry is not?
Slick Dude (14 Dec, 2011)
Because youra idiot?
OK (14 Dec, 2011)
@Slick Dude: Excellent analysis. You're sliker than tish!
slick chick (14 Dec, 2011)
you're so right, obviously "hisa" idiot.. :D
Slick Rick (14 Dec, 2011)
La di da di...
OK2 (14 Dec, 2011)
I agree with OK. I think Zooey looks better.
OK (15 Dec, 2011)
@Slick Dude and Slick Rick: It's just an opinion. Sometimes you feel like a nut. . .
Trollolol (14 Dec, 2011) Reply
Keira Knightley looks like Natalie Portman? Fat chance ;P
dviant (14 Dec, 2011) Reply
I have a nose!
www (14 Dec, 2011) Reply
joo (14 Dec, 2011) Reply
Correct. That really was me. And I lol'd
gigo! (26 Dec, 2011)
TV (14 Dec, 2011) Reply
All accurate. Except Clark Kent doesn't look like Superman at all.
Deathgod (14 Dec, 2011) Reply
All correct but me: I have a laptop and I was laughing
Optiker (14 Dec, 2011) Reply
Get glasses.
Daaggg (14 Dec, 2011) Reply
Katy Perry also kind of looks like Rose from Two and a half men.
jkaj (14 Dec, 2011) Reply
I have a laptop and am not left handed though...
omglolöpökik (15 Dec, 2011) Reply
Never heard of that Armand Hofmeyr guy before, but I srsly thought I was looking at a slightly older/shopped pic of Owen Wilson. Even looks like Armand has had his nose broken :-P
Busted (15 Dec, 2011) Reply
OMG, how'd you know and where's the camera?!
dsa (15 Dec, 2011) Reply
That Alpaca was spot on.
Zambie (15 Dec, 2011) Reply
You got me wrong actually I'm using an iPad
maleeni (15 Dec, 2011) Reply
seriuos lolzz
About to be dead.. (15 Dec, 2011) Reply
You got me wrong actually I'm using an Chuck Norris' beard..
Kektklik (16 Dec, 2011) Reply
too bad "YOU" isn't a celebrity.
Lucky Luciano (18 Dec, 2011) Reply
Impossibru Guy looks like Charlie Brooker
'You' (18 Dec, 2011) Reply
Wrong! I'm laughing my face off.
paul (18 Dec, 2011) Reply
the truth is out there. lmao
W (21 Dec, 2011) Reply
THAT PASTRY GUY: Kim Jong i1???
Me (23 Aug, 2012) Reply
I'm using an iPad so I don't look like that
omg (2 Oct, 2013) Reply
omg their watching me! the picture of me was so accurate (down to positioning) its scary lol
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