Flowchart: what should you drink with breakfast
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Flowchart: what should you drink with breakfast
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Old Guy (14 Dec, 2011) Reply
What's with all the flow charts. I have a hard time following the conclusions.
dviant (14 Dec, 2011) Reply
Back to 5th grade with you!
Clueless (14 Dec, 2011) Reply
What if I like 1 song from nickelback?
taskdic (14 Dec, 2011)
Battery acid for you!
Trollolol (14 Dec, 2011)
Hmmm.... you should actually drink potassium hydroxide, since nickel-cadmium and nickel-metal hydride both use it instead of acid ;)
Cynical Sam (15 Dec, 2011)
Your daddy is sorry he didn't hug you, now get over it and go listen to some AC/DC and drink away the bad memories.
No Crappers (14 Dec, 2011) Reply
Instead of Nickleback it really should any hiphop/rap artist.
Nuh Uh (7 Apr, 2012)
Go home hippie!
ff (14 Dec, 2011) Reply
Chris Holt, ice-hockey goaliefrom Dinamo Riga hockey team is "Fanatic Nickerlback lover" ...
uh oh :D
skeptiÄ·is (14 Dec, 2011)
i feel bad for his music taste.
ee (14 Dec, 2011)
Who cares.
Tim Tebow (15 Dec, 2011) Reply
I like quarterback.
BearSlap (15 Dec, 2011) Reply
WHats wrong with nickelback?
BearSlap (15 Dec, 2011) Reply
I like nickelback and AC/DC people need to learn to be much more open minded!!
Spanx (21 Dec, 2011)
you get battery acid + gasoline for tainting AC/DC. close your mind back up.
Look at this photograph (15 Dec, 2011) Reply
Come on, they are not that bad..they are better than some of the other ones like the 'one who should not be named' n the 'one who should not have been born'
Old guy (16 Dec, 2011) Reply
In my day we were happy if we got a penny back.
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