Forever Alone convention
No matter how bad you feel about your life, at least you're not one of these guys.
Forever Alone convention
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What?! (1 Dec, 2011) Reply
This must be the saddest thing I have ever seen
B (2 Dec, 2011)
At least there's no flat chested girls in this photo... Wait there's no girls at all... Now i'm kinda skeeved out
Cynical Sam (2 Dec, 2011)
You're right; that blond in the back doesn't have a date.
badpun (20 Mar, 2012)
to Cynical Sam
she's there so someone can pick her up
ThA-B (1 Dec, 2011) Reply
i have million question in my head, but not a single comment
me neither (1 Dec, 2011)
well played sir
Ok (1 Dec, 2011)
That was a comment...
111 (1 Dec, 2011) Reply
One of those dolls can cost up to $6000. Are you sure you don't want to have this amount of cash to burn?
George (1 Dec, 2011)
It'd still be cheaper than dating/marriage.
MY EX... (1 Dec, 2011)
My Ex, She could spend 6K in a nano second!, these girls never TALK BACK OVER AND OVER, they just hisss once and a while. LOL.
zhopa (2 Dec, 2011)
...and far, far cheaper than divorce.
Harry Nutsak (1 Dec, 2011) Reply
Finally some women without emotional hysterics. Gotta get me one.
nyjyrk (1 Dec, 2011)
But, they can't make a sammich
pgdown (2 Dec, 2011)
its spelled SANDWICH ..
SammichBread (3 Dec, 2011)
Why is pgdown misspelling sammich? And why doesn't s/he know the difference between its and it's?
Saucelito (1 Dec, 2011) Reply
I guess those guys don't mind making their own sammiches.
Edging away slowly (1 Dec, 2011) Reply
Why would they even bother getting together like that unless drugs were involved? Those dolls must be filled with drugs.
lillyfee (1 Dec, 2011) Reply
why is there a doll sitting alone in the last row?
Robin (1 Dec, 2011)
Its looking for a fat lonely guy to pray on. These guys are victims!!!
Hold still so the doll can control you (1 Dec, 2011)
They love it. You know they do.
trol (1 Dec, 2011)
the guy left because of an horrible argument
hirvimies (2 Dec, 2011)
it's from the guy taking the picture :)
djsmurphy (2 Dec, 2011)
She's not alone, she's with the guy and the OTHER girl.
Mythos (1 Dec, 2011) Reply
a drink in one hand a lady in the other, must be heaven!
but.. (1 Dec, 2011)
it's not quite a lady is it..
(A drink in one hand, an inanimate collection of materials *representing* a lady in the other!!)
but (1 Dec, 2011) Reply
She can't make a sandwich. Case closed.
but (1 Dec, 2011)
in some years they can make sammich. you'll marry one of them in 2021.
Bitter much? (1 Dec, 2011) Reply
At least a doll wont get into a screaming match with you every night, demand a divorce and end up taking your house and car. Staying with the psycho bitch from hell - *that* would be sad. Plus sammiches are overrated.
Materials *representing* a lady (1 Dec, 2011) Reply
I love you *PHILLIP J. FRY*.
superman (1 Dec, 2011) Reply
Hey, that's me!
Tim the Barbarian (1 Dec, 2011) Reply
The two dolls in the back corner look so lonely. Maybe they came there to find a man.
TheHillBilly (1 Dec, 2011) Reply
The bald guy in the second row seems to have done quite well for himself.
happy (1 Dec, 2011) Reply
the only convention where you can find a russian blonde that was made in china.
GHizzle (1 Dec, 2011) Reply
I like the hesher in the back left judging SuperLoner. He's thinking: "God Damn...look at that sorry sack of crap"
lukus (1 Dec, 2011) Reply
Just like real women, the pretty ones only go for the rich guys.
Deathgod (1 Dec, 2011) Reply
it fooled me for a second there. I thought they were real...
ObamaYoMama (1 Dec, 2011) Reply
I like the contrast between the two in the front.
lolcatz (1 Dec, 2011) Reply
The only thing sadder than this picture is the mysogenistic comments from the guys who can't even afford a plastic woman here.
GZPZ (1 Dec, 2011) Reply
white people are crazy!!. . . . These are probably politician family members. . .
zeeshan (1 Dec, 2011) Reply
The chick in the very end right side, the blond is not a doll, this is some sort of a movie shoot or something like that i am sure, or a play or something
Absolutely (1 Dec, 2011) Reply
I'm too a poor, pathetic individual!
CINCY (1 Dec, 2011) Reply
Is that Mickey from orange county choppers? That's where he's been. I think that's what Senior needs. Funny stuff.
Me Too (2 Dec, 2011)
I thought the same I think he just stole Seniors girlfriend!!! Overall caption: POP!..."My bride just died!"
somechick (1 Dec, 2011) Reply
what even is this? what are they doing? I don't understand!
Banana (1 Dec, 2011) Reply
Wow.. (1 Dec, 2011) Reply
This is the 10th time I've clicked on this picture and the first that I noticed they all had one not just the guy in the front with the horrible imitation of a female..
huh (1 Dec, 2011) Reply
wait, I totally know that chick!
Is that... (1 Dec, 2011) Reply
...a real girl back row on right with her dolly?
zhopa (2 Dec, 2011) Reply
The questions are: How does a guy transport the more lifelike of them to the convention here? Maybe he takes her limbs and head off and stuffs them into a sack? How does he keep from getting held up by the cops on the way into the hotel?
Oh. Wait. This was in Vegas, wasn't it.
No more questions.
@zhopa (2 Dec, 2011)
They book them a plane seat and push them round In wheelchairs
Mya (2 Dec, 2011) Reply
OMG takes all types for the world to go around.. Live and let live
Keggar (2 Dec, 2011) Reply
ATLANTA RHYTHM SECTION Imaginary lovers Never turn you down When all the others turn you away They're around. He he he
agreed (2 Dec, 2011)
Love is kinda crazy with a spooky little girl like you.
Butthead (2 Dec, 2011) Reply
"Bevis, we gotta go there and pick up some chicks."
Mark Zuckerburger (2 Dec, 2011) Reply
It's good to see Facebook users getting out of the house for a while
madvoodo (5 Dec, 2011) Reply
hey I see a couple of single ladies in the back there ;)
guest (7 Dec, 2011) Reply
I think I know that girl in the back row.
Nick (13 Mar, 2012)
How awkward, i gave the blonde in the front herpes :/
Tesi (8 Dec, 2011) Reply
The guy in the front only has a wee little lady? I'm a little concerned for him.
Buster (8 Dec, 2011) Reply
They are good for the car-pool lanes!!!
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