When your daughter asks you why she has to study...
...show her this picture.
When your daughter asks you why she has to study...
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Barbie (21 Nov, 2011) Reply
Honestly, I'm just a hard working congressional intern.
LoRenzo (21 Nov, 2011) Reply
It also works when your son asks why he has to study.
guru (21 Nov, 2011)
It works like a whipe for daughter and like a carrot for son!
kofybean (5 Dec, 2011)
I think its a better motivating pic for the son as well!
Troubleman (21 Nov, 2011) Reply
And when your SON asks you why he has to study, show him the same picture.
LOL'd (21 Nov, 2011)
I see what you did there . . . very nice!
test1 (21 Nov, 2011) Reply
they are all the same, they only care on the wallet size.
test1 (21 Nov, 2011) Reply
She cares only in inner beauty (visit link)
Butter (21 Nov, 2011) Reply
Study physical fitness?
aye carumba (21 Nov, 2011) Reply
Are those earrings or chandeliers?
beans (24 Nov, 2011)
Fishing nets!
Old Guy (21 Nov, 2011) Reply
I will show this to my granddughter. There may still be hope for her.
Old too (21 Nov, 2011)
Oh God,that IS my granddaughter.
BEATLES (21 Nov, 2011) Reply
"Money can't buy me love"
Beetles (23 Nov, 2011)
They say the best things in life are free, but you can sell it to the birds and bees, just give me money! That's what I want!
The Arizonan (14 Aug, 2012)
Money sure can't buy happiness... But it can rent it.
Possibility (21 Nov, 2011) Reply
...or Flavio (he is Flavio Briatore ex Renault F1 boss) could pay for her tuition later in life.
Deathgod (22 Nov, 2011)
right on the spot!
Clod (21 Nov, 2011) Reply
Yeah, study so they are smart enough to pick a guy that is way older than them. Hubby dies, wife gets all his money. Lather, rinse, repeat.
College Whiner (22 Nov, 2011) Reply
Pay tuition, be in debt, try to find a job that pays well, and work over 40 hours a week to make enough to pay off student loans. OR you can be hot and marry a rich guy.
househen (22 Nov, 2011) Reply
Oh, I know him! He's her professor!
lukus (22 Nov, 2011) Reply
Dang, I hope I live long enough to be old and rich someday.
jj (26 Nov, 2011) Reply
who ever says money cant by me love dont know where to shop
Wistful Walter (27 Nov, 2011) Reply
I wanna be just like him.
bosszeroboss (4 Dec, 2011) Reply
that chick looks kind of soft. she needs to hit the gym a bit more.
damn (24 Jan, 2012) Reply
that is just wrong
B (15 Feb, 2012) Reply
Isn't that Flavio Briatore?
Crossy (4 Aug, 2012) Reply
After twice flunking out of public (state) school, he attended a private (independent) school, receiving a diploma with the lowest grades in Land Surveying at Fassino di Busca high school
gg (13 Jun, 2013) Reply
That has to be her father!
Tuna (11 Mar, 2014) Reply
I don't see a problem with this picture.
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