You look weird. Are you sick or something?
Made by AlexandraDal.
You look weird. Are you sick or something?
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Mr. Time (18 Nov, 2011) Reply
It's funny cause it's true
Mr. Emit (18 Nov, 2011)
It's true cause it's funny
emit .rM (18 Nov, 2011)
True funny cause it's
REM Tim (18 Nov, 2011)
Cause funny it's it's true
LoRenzo (18 Nov, 2011)
It's true and it aint funny.
Mr Math (18 Nov, 2011)
Trueness and funnyness are directly proportional.
RenzLoo (18 Nov, 2011)
It's funny and ain't it true!
Pazzo (18 Nov, 2011)
It aint funny until its true.
dante (18 Nov, 2011)
The truth causes funnyness
HURR (18 Nov, 2011)
DURR (18 Nov, 2011)
Well done son!
RRUH (18 Nov, 2011)
URRH (19 Nov, 2011)
Damz (20 Nov, 2011)
Something with , funny,true,cause and funny ...
Uuggh (21 Nov, 2011)
What was that? The LAME Train... And figured the picture would be the most lame. :-P
emiT .rM (5 Jan, 2012)
eurt s'ti esuac ynnuf s'tT
Every dude (18 Nov, 2011) Reply
probably made by a chick, because guys don't see difrence between makeup and no makeup
ugeuge (18 Nov, 2011)
nick (18 Nov, 2011)
true... hate makeup, it's just fake and wrong, and no... and that stuff gets everywhere... stains all over the interior of my car, my clothes... hate makeup
Son (18 Nov, 2011)
You guys still in puberty? Cos I'm tellin ya, makeup is HAWT when done properly
Besides, (18 Nov, 2011)
Who's looking at her face?
Husband 8472 (19 Nov, 2011)
I must admit I sometimes can't tell if my wife has makeup on by the first look. Must be the natural type.
Clod (20 Nov, 2011)
They all look the same in a dark room.
Harry Balzac (19 Nov, 2011) Reply
My first wife did the Full Face O' Makeup. My second wife does the "Natural" Makeup. Low maintenance is better than high maintenance any day.
Hobbson (19 Nov, 2011) Reply
Wedding day, a week later, 2 weeks later.
Uuggh (21 Nov, 2011)
LOL. Good one.
SourApple (21 Nov, 2011) Reply
Funny because it's true. Most guys who claim to hate makeup only hate piled-on makeup. Most of them can't really stand 100% makeup-free. Claims to the contrary are just nonsense to get on a girl's good side.
funny (2 Dec, 2011) Reply
last one really looks sick.. maybe a smile? and not squinting eyes? those aren't make-up ...
a (17 Jan, 2012) Reply
its funny because non of you have girlfriends
kaylie (25 Sep, 2013) Reply
hahah omg so true!!!
red head (6 Nov, 2013) Reply
Funny its true cause
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