Hey kids! It's learning time!
Sharpen those pencils and give it a try!
Hey kids! It's learning time!
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Too early in the morning (3 Nov, 2011) Reply
Made me laugh.
Amagad (3 Nov, 2011) Reply
WoW! That was easy! +1 for this guide
Too Long (3 Nov, 2011) Reply
They should have combined steps 2 and 3.
T.J. Pickles (3 Nov, 2011) Reply
Where does Photoshop come in?
ArtIsntAlwaysEasyKids (4 Nov, 2011) Reply
...and the jerks saying people with art degrees are all jobless whiners on Wall Street eat their feet.
Leonardo (4 Nov, 2011) Reply
I'm having trouble drawing the oval...
Son (4 Nov, 2011) Reply
How din't I see that coming? 0_o
Bub (5 Nov, 2011) Reply
"Its poles", not "it's poles"... grrr
Duh! (12 Nov, 2011)
Actually, if you really knew grammar, the apostrophe in it's not only means it is, but also shows possession. It's poles:the oval's poles. The cartoon is correct.
blarg (16 Nov, 2011)
...no it should be its' poles...
Wrong! (26 Nov, 2011)
It's is either "it is" or "it has" and absolutely nothing else. "its" is the correct posessive form. Go read some books.
krestan (5 Nov, 2011) Reply
I love the painting a lá Albrech Durer with oval too.
Clod (6 Nov, 2011) Reply
wiz (14 Apr, 2012) Reply
I like these...lol There's one about an owl...way funny.
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