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monkeytown (31 Oct, 2011) Reply
This is perfect.
Oniönhead (9 Nov, 2012)
... Until some genius comes around and makes a totally original and clever remark about "sammiches".
Peter Griffin (31 Oct, 2011) Reply
Mr3 (31 Oct, 2011) Reply
I love motorcycles
Pee Wee Herman (2 Nov, 2011)
Then why don't you marry them!
@Pee Wee (6 Nov, 2011)
totally read in his voice
eyah (31 Oct, 2011) Reply
This is awesome
Butter (31 Oct, 2011) Reply
Take note here ladies, it is not the end of the world when a guy doesn't do EXACTLY what expect.
Toast (31 Dec, 2013)
Take note here men. Instead of "nothing" a simple "nothing, my motorcycle won't start... can't figure out why" would have solved EVERYTHING
JollyRoger (31 Oct, 2011) Reply
That's exactly the difference between men and women! :)
lololol (31 Oct, 2011) Reply
old joke is old
Old Guy (31 Oct, 2011)
It's even older than that.
beezle (31 Oct, 2011)
Saying old thing is old is old.
LowlDog (1 Nov, 2011)
Old meme is old, stupid and transparent.
Amen the Shaman (2 Nov, 2011)
Old thing still around probably good. Better than lololol empty remark. I just say.
copier (31 Oct, 2011) Reply
That's exactly the difference between men and women! :)
notsure (31 Oct, 2011) Reply
not sure how much of a man he actually is if he cannot figure out why his motorcycle doenst start
Mr3 (1 Nov, 2011)
+1 , haha only flaw with this joke...
retardo (31 Oct, 2011) Reply
Kenseiden (31 Oct, 2011) Reply
then she dumps him and he has no idea why...
FraiserMaxis (1 Nov, 2011)
She then goes on to date dozens of other men, dumping all of them for similarly obtuse reasons, and then wonders why she can't find a "man that'll last," never realizing the one consistent variable in all of her failed relationships is HER.
Knowing (31 Oct, 2011) Reply
Old diary is old.
Blokeman (31 Oct, 2011) Reply
What is she doing writing she should be making sammwichs
old chinese guy in diaper (31 Oct, 2011) Reply
I make you very happy woman.
Shiny Things (31 Oct, 2011) Reply
Here's an idea, when we ask 'what's wrong?' how about you just say that you're having problems with the motorcycle. Yeah women are so crazy with their concern for their husband's happiness. Gees
chickinlickin (31 Oct, 2011)
If you say that your having an issue with ANYTHING that they aren't concerned with, then you "Aren't paying attention to the relationship." That is worth another page. Lose Lose
Woman (1 Nov, 2011)
Oh Em Gee! Our relationship is in the biggest crisis EVAR! And all you can think about is your stupid motorcycle???
George (31 Oct, 2011) Reply
Perfect. Where's the "Like" button?
Smitty (31 Oct, 2011) Reply
This is nonsense. Men don't keep diaries.
hunter (31 Oct, 2011) Reply
The man writes a diary..???
The man your man could smell like (1 Nov, 2011)
Only about things that are very important to him
wth (1 Nov, 2011) Reply
Just dropping my thoughts here - real men don't keep diary. Real men don't sit brooding about motorcycle that doesn't start, real men take wrench, multimeter and/or oscilloscope and make the stupid piece of hardware work again. But then again, as jokes go, this is good if somewhat old, yes.
SourApple (1 Nov, 2011)
I can build a motherboard, fix a server, code an algorithm, solve a differential equation, and I can fix a leaky pipe. I cannot fix a motorcycle. Why? I have no interest in them. I'd rather learn something else. I'd drag on worrying about mine, too. I'd then take it to a mechanic and let him deal with it. I'm a prissy girl in the eyes of many "men." I can't live with that.
@wth (2 Nov, 2011)
If you're troubleshooting core digital components in an engine, you've obviously bought a Harley.
LogiC (3 Nov, 2011)
I don't know anything about motorcycles, cars or that crap. I don't think I could care less even if I tried. I am content knowing about computers, knowing how to cook and not caring about what other people think.
@wth- real men don't all fix the bike them self. Real men would get the bike fixed, regardless of how. Guy in the picture is a girl, sulking because he doesn't get it fixed.
J. Smithlao (1 Nov, 2011) Reply
This is a classic!
American Pyscho (1 Nov, 2011) Reply
Substitute chainsaw for motorcycle.
obvioustoenail (2 Nov, 2011) Reply
um. he could just say his bike doesn't start, instead of saying 'nothing'. or is that just too simple for him?
Son (2 Nov, 2011) Reply
The dude has a diary... say whu?
endrjuberland (4 Nov, 2011) Reply
OU so true:D
abcINDIA (12 Nov, 2011) Reply
The woman worries about the (her) man and the man worries about the (his) motorbike. They do not have concern for anything and also for each other, thus unable to appreciate, address and solve their 'problem'. I would suggest the woman to have, in the beginning, concern for her man's motorbike and help get it REPAIRED/REFUELED/KICKED and STARTED. Once the motorbike starts the man too will 'start' and in a couple of days both will find themselves 'running fast', nay, ‘flying high’...lol
lady (13 Dec, 2011) Reply
One sentence from him could have solved this.
"sorry honey, i am distracted because my motorcycle wont start"
and then males wonder why they get dumped...
JaneDoe (20 Dec, 2011) Reply
Pretty common. Also a sign she's with a shallow, immature, emotionally unavailable guy. Poor girl will be miserable soon if she isn't already.
Man (29 Jan, 2012) Reply
wiz (14 Apr, 2012) Reply
Exactly...women just can't accept what's said. They claim to trust, but when you tell them something, they *don't* trust what you say as true. Over-think, put words in your mouth, won't stfu and leave well enough alone.
Big Ski (28 Sep, 2012) Reply
By far, one of the truest things i've read!
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