Problem, Death?
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Skip Waldo (26 Oct, 2011) Reply
Go for Justin, leave Waldo for the end
Justin Bieber (9 Nov, 2012)
Barely saved!
Deathgod (26 Oct, 2011) Reply
oh come on... just go to the next one... would you? It is a order!
Grammar Nazi (26 Oct, 2011)
An (26 Oct, 2011)
Yes dear?
yes dear (26 Oct, 2011)
Grammar Nazi> (26 Oct, 2011)
An's in the attic with the rest of them.
Deathgod (27 Oct, 2011)
you guys just don't have a life...
Irony (27 Oct, 2011)
Hi, I'm Deathgod. I'm one of the first posters on every single picture on Eatliver but when people correct me I make fun of them for having no life
@Deathgod (27 Oct, 2011)
With a name like "Deathgod", it sounds like you don't have one either... ;D
Deathgod (28 Oct, 2011)
I do have a life... but I get bored easily... And I hate grammar nazis. English isn't my native language. Try writing in italian with all those irregular verbs... Then you can start correcting me...
Linguistic Nazi (28 Oct, 2011)
If Italian is so tough, why do you FAIL at English?
Deathgod (29 Oct, 2011)
Because it is NOT my native language. And I usually FAIL for lack of attenction... I'll try to fail less... what can I say... I can still improve...
Bet you didnt know u were learning right now (2 Mar, 2012)
Italian is actually a relatively easy language to learn; besides the irregular verbs, EVERYTHING follows the same rules, and everything is phonetic. On the other hand, English is one of the hardest; arbitrary grammar rules and more importantly, spelling and pronunciation (who decided that ph makes the f sound?)
briedis (26 Oct, 2011) Reply
They forgot the Internet Explorer!
ThA-B (26 Oct, 2011) Reply
np. (visit link)
Flavio (26 Oct, 2011)
@ ThA-B
HAHAHh thats humor
Godzilla (26 Oct, 2011)
I see what you did there.
Enter OB1 here: (26 Oct, 2011) Reply
These are not the Waldos you are looking for.
Death (28 Oct, 2011)
These are not the Waldos we are looking for.
truth (26 Oct, 2011) Reply
No,it's not death,it's U.S.A
-=LaurryG=- (28 Oct, 2011) Reply
In Australia, its actually called "Where's Wally"
I wonder why the change? I wonder what was original?
You have entered the wrong security code, please try again. (29 Oct, 2011) Reply
What kind of witchcraft is this
Damnsecuritycode (29 Oct, 2011) Reply
Do Biebler first, save planet.
Abu (5 Nov, 2011) Reply
go for both justin and woldo and kill them together
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