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Jeff (24 Oct, 2011) Reply
not funny
Real Jeff (24 Oct, 2011)
Damn funny!
Mr3 (26 Oct, 2011)
ogoboso (27 Oct, 2011)
Oh yes it is! It's very funny! And smart, too! C'Mon, Jeff - lighten up.
ogoboso (27 Oct, 2011)
Sorry - I meant to say, "you mad bro?"
Cynical Sam (24 Oct, 2011) Reply
Oh no! What kind of man would want to have a job and be a productive member of society?
Billionaire (25 Oct, 2011)
Are you Pah-lease?
Skeptical Steve (25 Oct, 2011)
So you really believe that wearing a suit automatically makes you productive? Good luck with that next lottery ticket.
Spooner (25 Oct, 2011)
I sure don't!
Blokeman (24 Oct, 2011) Reply
His a Lawyer
cthulhu (24 Oct, 2011)
More like bank employee
nervous (24 Oct, 2011)
He's the vice president of HR.
Sphinx (24 Oct, 2011)
The answer is MAN!
Blokeman (25 Oct, 2011)
I'm talking about my ex's lawyer
Warped (24 Oct, 2011) Reply
Obvious troll is obvious.
TEASER (24 Oct, 2011) Reply
NEXT SUMMER IN YOUR THEATER!! Banking, the ultrahorrifying thriller from... *sighs* Steven Spielberg? Imma outta here
tacotaco (24 Oct, 2011) Reply
its lloyd blankfein
lolwut? (24 Oct, 2011) Reply
So the worlds worst enemy is a Mormon? I guess that makes sense, we are rather scary.
Homer (25 Oct, 2011)
@lolwut (25 Oct, 2011)
Do you wear magic underwear?
Actually, (25 Oct, 2011)
I never see Mormons wearing suit coats. Guess their Magic Underwear keeps them warm enough... ;)
somechick (25 Oct, 2011) Reply
ted bundy
T.J. Pickles (25 Oct, 2011) Reply
Hey, that looks like my old boss! Only he was fat.
A Mormon Missionary? (25 Oct, 2011) Reply
Or a guy who actually cares about his Job and appearances?
Italia (25 Oct, 2011) Reply
It's all wrong... Berlusconi got a lot less hairs!!
Trollolol (25 Oct, 2011) Reply
He'll knonck at your door and sell you a water filter or some other stuff you never needed.
Red Delicious (25 Oct, 2011) Reply
I think he's supposed to represent a capitalist.
Limmy Tangham (25 Oct, 2011) Reply
A white guy with blankets infested with small pox? Sounds about right.
winterhog (25 Oct, 2011) Reply
Yes. Fear me.
111 (25 Oct, 2011) Reply
Okay. Kill all guys with suitcases.
Anon (25 Oct, 2011) Reply
interdasting, that last one doesnt look like obama.
Huh (25 Oct, 2011) Reply
Who photoshopped the pic of Obama?
Chipp (25 Oct, 2011) Reply
Clearly you've never played Half-Life 2.
Borat (26 Oct, 2011) Reply
How to get rid of an evil banker in US&A:
1. Shout: There's a bomb in the suitcase!
2. The anti-terrorists will shoot him without trial.
Wow. (26 Oct, 2011) Reply
He STILL isn't a 1%er. If he's carrying a briefcase, he's still a working stiff.
Trollolol (26 Oct, 2011)
Unless the briefcase is actually a counterweight for solid gold watch on the left wrist.
Realist (26 Oct, 2011) Reply
It's Paul Singer.
RealityCheck (26 Oct, 2011) Reply
You need a photograph of an "Occupy Wall Street" fleabagger at the end, there. If you think you're cleaning up wall street by taking a dump in the middle of it... you might be a fleabagger. If you rail against "the rich" on your IPHONE... you might be a fleabagger. If you think the people who pay most of the taxes are responsible for our economic woes, but not the ones who RAISE them... you're definitely a fleabagger.
cover72 (1 Nov, 2011) Reply
Nothing new. The "Club of Rome" decided that, just before saying we need to "reduce world population" to 2bil., effectively killing 4bil people. Yummy.
flare (14 Apr, 2012) Reply
Too true.
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