Vampires vs. The One Percent
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Cynical sam (24 Oct, 2011) Reply
What I got from this comic = A strong desire to make it in to the 1% club.
winnie the pooh (25 Oct, 2011)
Might be easier to become a vampire
@Winnie (27 Oct, 2011)
Pah-lease (24 Oct, 2011) Reply
Oh goodie. More class warfare wrapped in lies and sold off to pave the way for another four years of Obama ruining our country. We can't get rid of that guy fast enough!
sigh... (24 Oct, 2011)
Go away. Just leave.
ergh. (24 Oct, 2011)
Yes yes, the liberal pro-democracy people against the mass economic inequality are the ones selling lies. Sure, Obama has ruined the US, he didn't kill 4500 of our soldiers, whata bastard.
Billionaire (25 Oct, 2011)
I agree with Pah-lease. Obama has destroyed our country. Bring back George W. Bush!
skreem (25 Oct, 2011)
Kill the government, start an anarchy.
@Pah-lease (25 Oct, 2011)
yes you are right, obama ruined the us and the the useless wars nor the bubble. Damn you are so right
SourApple (25 Oct, 2011)
Probabilistically speaking, Pah-lease is just a 99%'er trolling other 99%'ers. If he's serious, he's still a 99%'er, just a dumb one who is probably siding with big corps because he sits around all day dreaming of becoming a 1%'er one day. Ahhh, dumb Libertarians and their fantasies. Same old story.
Drill (25 Oct, 2011)
Most of the Rich support socialism. Look up who gets their campaign cash. They own the Media to push the opposite story. All the sheep enthusiastically support their masters. Propaganda works well when taught to the young.
123456 (24 Oct, 2011) Reply
i still want to be a vampire.
test1 (25 Oct, 2011)
ddd (24 Oct, 2011) Reply
When I get into the 1% I will take alias "The Monopoly Man"...
pfff (24 Oct, 2011) Reply
for those who actually believe the 1% dont pay taxes, stick your head in a vice for the rest of us...
Piffle (25 Oct, 2011)
Sell your computer, give the proceeds to some poor rich person, then stick your head in a vise.
PfffToYou (25 Oct, 2011)
No one said they don't. But when a person making 30k a year pays 27%, when a self-employed entrepreneur making 60k a year pays 30% or higher, then some gazillionaire pays 17%, something is worth complaining about.
Angrist (24 Oct, 2011) Reply
Lol! Probably helps if you don't know that the extravagantly-dressed member of the 1% is really a game-show host picking up an award...
CC (24 Oct, 2011) Reply
Pretty lame. Eat liver seems to be confusing political propaganda with humor these days.
Say, (24 Oct, 2011)
Haven't you noticed? Eatliver got occupied by smelly OWS protesters. Move along, folks - nothing funny to see here...
What? (24 Oct, 2011)
@Say,: "smelly OWS" -- that's redundant!
Laughing (24 Oct, 2011)
Good work eatliver, I love the sound of right-wing loosers in the morning...ahhhh
Laughing Seagull (25 Oct, 2011)
@Laughing: How do you "loose" a right wing? Unscrew the right wing nut? Sounds like you could be a left wingnut... ;D
Droogans (25 Oct, 2011)
@CC: Didn't you see the picture of the King and Queen of England? How was that not funny?
Actually (25 Oct, 2011)
@Droogans: The picture was not funny. Your calling it a picture of "the King and Queen of England", on the other hand, was! Bwaahaha...! ;D
If you're American (24 Oct, 2011) Reply
YOU are the 1%. Just ask the people that live on less than a dollar a day around the world. Stop complaining idiots, people would and have killed to live in America.
Trollolol (25 Oct, 2011)
North America + Europe = 1 billion people. That is 16% of world population. And it is not as if everyone everywhere else was poorer.
Zelda (24 Oct, 2011) Reply
More vampires! less 1%ers!
Fran (24 Oct, 2011) Reply
Yeah, they're doing a hell of a job destroying the 1% by making me late for work in the morning.
Paying Taxes is U.N.-American (25 Oct, 2011) Reply
The Greedy Bastards ARE the OWS people that know NOTHING of their own World. Just watch here where these OWS Violent Socialist types claim that people living in cages and resulting to Cannibalism is "Paradise" (visit link)
Enter code here: (25 Oct, 2011)
Awesome vid.
Voice of (t)reason (25 Oct, 2011) Reply
As it always happens, people gathered to protest for good reason but as soon as they did, they forgot it... The problem is not that there ARE millionaires. There always are and always will be people more powerful than the majority. The outragous part is that they got bailed out! However, the real problem is that in recent years the role of responsibility in shaping people's thoughts and deeds is failing. People are outraged, because the bankers did not have to face the consequences of their actions. But you can see it everywhere - people filing ridiculous lawsuits about geting burnt by hot coffee or falling downstairs, etc, etc - it is all the same. They simply won't accept responsibility and try to make innocent people pay for their stupidity or even clumsiness. The bailouts have harmed America and the whole western world much more psychologically than they did economically - because they told us "hey, act as a jerk, the gov. will make others pay for you". A spectacular failure and a few bankers jumping out of their top-floor windows would be much, much healthier. Both to the 99% and to the 1%.
George (25 Oct, 2011)
The bankers paid back the bailouts, with interest. I notice none of the 99tards are complaining about the President taking bribes (so-called campaign contributions) from wall st. at record amounts.
winterhog (25 Oct, 2011)
And you know what is funny? Many protesters protest against _capitalism_ even if the process you wrote about contradicts pretty every single tenet of capitalism (virtual money instead of actual capital, lack of responsibility in lieu of reasonable decisions, using state protection replacing of free market forces etc.). They miscalculated risk by giving loans to people they knew they will default? They made mistakes while playing one currency against the other? How sad. Normal entrepreneurs go bankrupt in such situations. And the nature doesn't like vacuum - they will be replaced by more responsible competition.
@George (25 Oct, 2011)
If you heard Erin Brunett say that (and she did) then it MUST be true...and of course RepubliCONS never take $ for campaign no no..Get Real, ROBOT!
winterhog (25 Oct, 2011) Reply
Vampires don't pay taxes, it is quite the opposite. It is common knowledge that they are being employed by the IRS.
Sceptic (25 Oct, 2011) Reply
I think the funiest part is that they think stakes will kill either.
-Vampires have to be beheaded, or burned. I blame Buffy for the idea that a stake is good enough (for the record I don't believe in vampires)
-A sign has never changed anyones opinion or life style. Ever. Like, ever ever. No picketer has ever succeeded at changing anything.
Egyptian (26 Oct, 2011)
Picketing then occupying Tahrir Square last February got rid of Hosni Mubarak.
Joker (26 Oct, 2011) Reply
Why so serious people? Relax... take a breath.... & go out into the world with open hearts making positive changes where you can. Laugh at the comparison pleated jeans provided, knowing it was made for this...laughing at. Simply fictional social economic satire my darlings... breath people...
Mr3 (26 Oct, 2011) Reply
I'm getting a wooden stake!!
RealityCheck (26 Oct, 2011) Reply
Beeeep wrong answer.
From the IRS--- the top 1% of earners in this country pay make 18% of the money... and pay 40% of total tax revenue.
The bottom 50% (any household earning less than $32,000 a year) pay 2% of all tax revenue.
Just for the record.
IKR (2 Jan, 2012) Reply
I don't think turning into a bad is flying in style lol
Frankie (21 Feb, 2014) Reply
Uh, the top 1% pay more in taxes than the next 10% (which pay around 50% of all federal taxes).
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