It was a rough beginning
The first year was very tough.
It was a rough beginning
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Deathgod (22 Oct, 2011) Reply
Damn Hipsters
Me (22 Oct, 2011) Reply
Yes. He "must of".
Peggy (22 Oct, 2011)
I know! What is it with "must of"?
Al Bundy (23 Oct, 2011)
@Peg what are you doing get off the internet and get into the kitchen and make some sammwichs
Droogans (24 Oct, 2011)
@Me; @Peggy: Notice the leading quotes behind 'High' and the trailing quotes after 'Five'. It's "High Five". Now, if you made fun of the inclusion of the comma within the quotes, that's a whole different story.
Grammarismygame (22 Oct, 2011) Reply
Must have, must have, must have!
Peggy (22 Oct, 2011)
Thank you!!
@Peggy (23 Oct, 2011)
Do you think a woman could of?
stepmotherofgod (22 Oct, 2011) Reply
902 of the time?
Wow, that's a lot.
KRYPTO (3 Nov, 2011)
@stepmotherofgod I think he meant "90%" not "902"
Clod (22 Oct, 2011) Reply
Are you certain it was a guy?
Peter G (22 Oct, 2011)
Well a women could not have
Das Kapitan (24 Oct, 2011) Reply
You "must of" not been paying attention in school, illiterate schweinhund.
You scrolled all the way down here? Good job! Proceed to Next >> picture?