How to troll the media
Just 7 simple steps.
How to troll the media
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Promedia (17 Oct, 2011) Reply
Did not get it. What about audio editing software?
Rez (9 Nov, 2011)
Promedia: Unless you plan on breaking and entering multiple news agencies' offices, this is the best way. The idea is to play those swear words to the other reporters mikes so they get some weird stuff in their tapes.
Jeff (17 Oct, 2011) Reply
You know what would really be trolling the media?.. Not being a left wing douchebag and actually be openly proud of being white. That drives them crazy!
Fg (18 Oct, 2011)
A person's color is about the least interesting thing you could know about them. That said, I was born white, I'm still white, and I'm unrepentant.
Jeff is poo (18 Oct, 2011)
You must have no achievements in life if you're proud of being white... that's like proud of being tall or something, you didn't work for it.
George Carlin (18 Oct, 2011)
how are you proud for being white? You didn't work for it, you didn't achieve it, you just happen to be like that. Well.. except Jackson. He had rights to be proud to be white.
Andrew Jackson (18 Oct, 2011)
@George Carlin: What do you mean, "rights to be white"? Is that some sort of roguish insult? If so, by God, Sir, you'll apologise or I'll have satsfaction of you here and now!
Daaggg (17 Oct, 2011) Reply
What's step 3?
LandLord (17 Oct, 2011)
That's the step where you're being trolled.
uhm (18 Oct, 2011)
And (19 Oct, 2011)
step seven too
troll (17 Oct, 2011) Reply
The real problem is that 3 is missing.
con cac (17 Oct, 2011) Reply
step 3: profit
Dream Breaker (18 Oct, 2011) Reply
You know that these mics are directionnal so they take only the sounds that come in front of them.. Just saying..
Trolling a troll? Yeeaaahhh
Should be titled: (18 Oct, 2011) Reply
"How to Troll the Commenters: Leave out step 3."
Problem Solved (18 Oct, 2011) Reply
Its the dutch media, thats nothing BUT last words.
Jeff (18 Oct, 2011) Reply
claire bennet (19 Oct, 2011) Reply
How is it an important press conference with a table full of BNR / KRO mics?
gee (23 Oct, 2011)
why would they let you in anywhere important?
AMANDAGOOD (26 Oct, 2011) Reply
YOU GUYS are freaking hilarious, where is this stuff from, I love that after every picture there are the same people commenting, this is the best idea ever its SO funny to me
Die Meme Face (15 Dec, 2011) Reply
No more stupid meme face please. Oh, did I just blaspheme?
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