Loosen up, you think about it too much
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Loosen up, you think about it too much
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Jeff (17 Oct, 2011) Reply
Please dont feed the Emos.
Captain Obvious (18 Oct, 2011)
Being depressed does not mean being emo. Being emo does not mean being depressed.
Sad boy is sad (17 Oct, 2011) Reply
So after his smashed hand exploded off his arm, he grew another perfect one but he became depressed. Don't trifle with nature, it's too complicated. (is the message I'm getting here)
Obivously (17 Oct, 2011)
They are comparing depression to a bloody hand, you can't just Snap out of it. This isn't emo, depression is a real disease.
Aussie (17 Oct, 2011)
The artist just can't draw hands?
Jeff (17 Oct, 2011)
Depression is not a disease. When have you ever heard a doctor say "the tests have come back.. you're positive for depression.. you have about 6 months" hmmm? when!?
U,R.Wrong (18 Oct, 2011)
I think you will find that Depression is a disease as defined by the dictionary "any harmful, depraved, or morbid condition, as of the mind or society" there is tests for depression ..just because there is not a test in the conventional sense that you are using as an example. i.e a blood sample or something doesnt mean its not a disease.
@jeff (18 Oct, 2011)
Actually it is. And it´s chemical. That´s why drugs works more than "going out and having fun" to cure it.
Jeff (18 Oct, 2011)
I guess you guys think being fat is also a disease eh
BarfAndCheese (19 Oct, 2011)
Ignore Jess, people. He's just hurt that he failed all his psych classes back in junior college.
Repressed (19 Oct, 2011)
State of mind, depression is a state of mind! The fact that you can make it go away with drugs doesn't automatically make it a disease. If you follow this mode of logic, happiness is a high and should be made illegal and indifference is the only true healthy state (which it is, according to buddhism). But that makes it a philosophical question, not a medical one, ergo no disease.
derp (19 Oct, 2011)
Repressed, you are wrong. It is a disease, and you have some screwed up logic.
LogiC (20 Oct, 2011)
KK for the people that just can't understand this. Depression is ba because left untreated it usually ends very bad (homelessness, withdrawaing from life, isolation, suicide). The state of mind is what is wrong. Imagine going to a party and some person said right at the start your ow change the reason to some abstract thought that life isn't fair or something, and no matter what you can't just let it go. You realise you can't just let it go and you can't help but dwell on that too. That is sort of what despression is like. It's being stuck in that negative mindset and not being able to escape.
The voice of experience (17 Oct, 2011) Reply
Massive consumption of alcholic beverages will get you through those rough patches.
Droogans (18 Oct, 2011)
Alcohol - The cause...*and the solution*...to all of life's problems.
Deathgod (17 Oct, 2011) Reply
too much lithium?
MyCleavageKills (17 Oct, 2011) Reply
Typical BS scribble. Parents need to spank their kids. Depression isnt a disease - weak pansies are the disease. Buck up, kids. Your grandparents were stronger then you Wal-Mart socialist.
amy (21 Oct, 2011)
Depression is a disease caused by a brain malfunction so maybe just shut up and learn something before you spit out your lame thoughts.
Me (21 Oct, 2011)
Deppression is a medical condition due to a failure in neurotransmitters (just to mention one of the biological causes). Thiking that is "just in your mind" is a true afirmation. Just you have to add that "your mind" is made of neuorons, neurotransmitters, brain, etc. Acting as if nothing happens is actually very dangerous and devasting for people who suffer from depression and for close friends or family. Thinking that "you have to be possitive about life" is a very common mistake could be dangerous too. Just think a person without legs cannot walk, no matter how possitive he or she is. A person with depression can't be possitive about life. His or her brain just can't process that information at a neuro-chemical level.
mr boofuu (17 Oct, 2011) Reply
Dude is more screwed up than the hand...no pupils and a Voldemort nose!
RWW (17 Oct, 2011) Reply
Please tell me that whoever wrote this isn't a native English speaker.
EleTeotwawki (17 Oct, 2011) Reply
He needs an art degree.
Clod (17 Oct, 2011) Reply
Why can't I just stay depressed?
Bi-Polar (18 Oct, 2011) Reply
What about those people with an actual medical condition? Should we drink ourselves to death because there never seems to be a smooth patch?
reply button (18 Oct, 2011)
learn how to use it
Daaggg (18 Oct, 2011) Reply
Depression is kind of the opposite of ADHD. To cure depression: get your stuff together and solve the problems in your live.
To cure a child with ADHD: Slap them hard across the face.
Repression (20 Oct, 2011) Reply
My hand is starting to hurt.
Pile of Pooh (4 Nov, 2011) Reply
Depression is quite real; it's the sign of a weak mind.
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