Miracle money, divine transfer, debt cancelled!
Call now for your free miracle water!
Miracle money, divine transfer, debt cancelled!
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Aussie (15 Oct, 2011) Reply
I want my divine supernatural account transfer RIGHT NOW!
gfff (15 Oct, 2011) Reply
is that Uri Geller? I recall Uri was selling things like magic water recently. He restarted years after James Randi, the wizzard skeptic, proved him being a huge fraud - Uri was posing EVERYWHERE as a person who had telekynesis abilities. He was so good at fooling people, some researchers even started researching this "phenomenon"
fdf (15 Oct, 2011)
ah, no that dude is Peter Popoff. James Randi DESTROYED his fraud business as well earlier. People are idiots aparently.
Rook (15 Oct, 2011) Reply
Search YouTube for Peter Popov. Very troubling that these types of humans walk among us.
Name (10 Sep, 2012)
The Wikipedia article about him is rather blunt about his being a fraud, as well. Good reading.
Rufus (15 Oct, 2011) Reply
Dang, them telly-vangelists are almost as slimy as polly-ticians.
MoIchiDo (15 Oct, 2011) Reply
I actually applied for a job at this guys compound here in California before I knew what he was about, once inside and past security I knew I was in a cult place. It was pretty scary
Deathgod (15 Oct, 2011) Reply
It's not their fault if they are burglars... all these spot - believers are complete idiots
Fool For Christ (17 Oct, 2011)
If it were not so I would have told you.
It's just (15 Oct, 2011) Reply
Further proof that anybody can find a job...
Hobbson (15 Oct, 2011)
Oh yes, and his job should be making sand out of bolders using his teeth.
Sweet and Sour Bacon (15 Oct, 2011) Reply
Like God has nothing better to do than run the central branch of the Bank of America...
Publishers Clearing House (15 Oct, 2011) Reply
You may already be a winner!
Oscar Mayer (16 Oct, 2011)
You may already be a weiner!
FTW (15 Oct, 2011) Reply
Reminds me of Obama's speeches.
Devine Nothin (28 Mar, 2012)
I thought the same thing...
Reverend Truth (15 Oct, 2011) Reply
If you give me $10 I can not only predict the outcome, but I can gaurantee it!!! Its a sure thing, no risk, no gamble... I promise you will be amazed by the accuracy of this insight!!!
You will have 10 bucks less and I'll have 10 buck more...
How may tele evangelists would people give to if they were that honest? I wonder...
ALien (16 Oct, 2011) Reply
HUmans are stupid. Humans want to be fooled.
GOD (16 Oct, 2011) Reply
"Hi Pete, how's it going...that much! wow. Don't forget to send me my percentage.
Believer (16 Oct, 2011) Reply
Churches have been using religion to earn money from something that doesn't even exist for over 2000 years. I don't see how what he's doing is any different.
Huh? (17 Oct, 2011)
OK, so what do you believe in?
Mew (16 Oct, 2011) Reply
Yeah, that false prophet stuff? I sees it here.
Obama Marxist/Communist/Socialist (17 Oct, 2011) Reply
Juice. Buy one bottle and we'll Quadruple the order for FREE!
Puzzled (17 Oct, 2011)
Are you saying that Obama can't decide what kind of leftie he is, or that you can't decide? Or is it simply that you don't know the difference?
-No Government=Right. Is Obama a BIG Government Fanboy? Then yes He's a Violent Lefty. Doesn't matter which flavor, left is left...
Look Closely (17 Oct, 2011) Reply
It's "Super Natural"
Popacap in Popoff (24 Oct, 2011) Reply
James Randi already took this cretin out, I thought. Sigh.
In definte need of a mircle..i believe in god and mircles.. (21 May, 2012) Reply
So..you telling me that everyone on Peter Popoff broadcast is agreeing with selling hope or he's paying them to sell hope with him..can anyone tell me how old these broadcast are?
Matthew Abikoye (9 Sep, 2012) Reply
I want to be freed from debts of $40,000 this month.Please,pray for me and my family.We are suffering.
Ebony (6 Jun, 2013) Reply
I really need a miracle money blessing in my life an I really need 2 be debt canceled free by the grace of God
Ntuthu (19 Sep, 2013) Reply
I want miracle money to me now,debts to be cancelled
jagadish (9 Oct, 2013) Reply
I need US $ 50,000 right now in to my bank a/c
Abraham (19 Nov, 2013) Reply
Please i want us$300 000 in my bed room in 30 minutes time,thank u in advance.
Abraham koraeib (20 Nov, 2013) Reply
Oops,i want a us$1000000 divine transfer in my bed room within a hour plz,god bless u in advance!
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