Age test
What's the connection between these two objects?
Age test
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Daniel (6 Oct, 2011) Reply
Lol, none of the kids knows it *ggg
1086 model M3 (7 Oct, 2011)
V1nn13z (25 Dec, 2011)
well, since i'm 14, and i've seen that the pen will go to that hole in the tape it's usually used if the tape is broken BOOM!
maximum troll (6 Oct, 2011) Reply
To write over the orange line in that rectangular thing
raaw (6 Oct, 2011)
nice try. you're funny when you have your hair like that
Tony (6 Oct, 2011)
BAAAR! Nooo!
The guy behind you (6 Oct, 2011)
Try again.
qwertz (7 Oct, 2011)
That rectangular thing is double end cigarette with filter in the middle.
JBieber (6 Oct, 2011) Reply
What's that thing under the pen?
Rewind (6 Oct, 2011) Reply
I dont get it... What the connection...
kicker (6 Oct, 2011) Reply
it is used for rotating the cassette reel
20 yr old (10 Oct, 2011)
MyCool (16 Mar, 2012)
Actually the pen in the picture is the wrong type of shape to use. It would not grab the reel properly.
M (27 Jun, 2012)
If you use a pen for that purpose, it tends to get caught in the cassette. Then, you don't have a properly functioning cassette OR pen.
aguagaga (6 Oct, 2011) Reply
or you could simply ask - what is the thingy on the bottom
MacGuyver (6 Oct, 2011) Reply
Rewind the tape, of course.
llort (7 Oct, 2011)
Nope, its FF.
val (11 May, 2012)
Not rewind or ff. It's when the tape came out of the cassette. Like if your player ate it. You would have to wind the tape to get it back in the cassette.. Sheesh.
Kid (9 Jun, 2013)
That is a ink pen with a cassette tape
LOL (6 Oct, 2011) Reply
hi :D (6 Oct, 2011) Reply
rewind it? lol
hi :D (6 Oct, 2011)
btw the rewind comment is from me and im only 17
mfli (10 Oct, 2011)
i only buy original music on cassette and i'm 8
Lalala (12 Oct, 2011)
I rec on tapes and I'm 3
16andOldSchool (28 Jun, 2012)
Haha that's funny. Rewinding the tape. Funny
But sadly incorrect
Old Guy (6 Oct, 2011) Reply
They'er both pictures of things.
Grammar Nazi (5 Nov, 2013)
I'll give you points for realising that there is an apostrophe in "they're", but I'm taking all of those points away and giving you a negative score for switching the "r" and "e" around. So, so close.
Old Man (6 Oct, 2011) Reply
Manual rewind... Good old days.
Deathgod (6 Oct, 2011) Reply
I feel like I am 100 years old
gnik (8 Oct, 2011)
adw (6 Oct, 2011) Reply
add some duct tape in there, cose often when you have to wind it back cose all the tapefell out, you end up having to tape some pieces backtogether cose its so damn fragile and gets tangled up like hell
flibsey (6 Oct, 2011) Reply
you listen to the tape after cleaning out your ears with the pen.
Captain Anti-Joke (6 Oct, 2011) Reply
You can use the pen to rewind the cassette. Seriously, this is common sense and has nothing to do with age.
Remador (6 Oct, 2011) Reply
Rewind!!! Shut up captain obvious!
J.S.Bach (6 Oct, 2011) Reply
The pen is used to write the notes to the paper. But what is this black thing?
LandLord (6 Oct, 2011)
You're too old to understand this, Johann.
W. A. Mozart (7 Oct, 2011)
Johann, if that's a pen where's the ink well?
Rusio (6 Oct, 2011) Reply
You can rewind the tape using the pen by inserting it into the reel
Huh (6 Oct, 2011)
Into the real what? Is there a fake thingee?
Justin Case (6 Oct, 2011) Reply
ahhh the good old days...
Justin Time (7 Oct, 2011)
Yes the days of wooden ships and iron men!
Bill (6 Oct, 2011) Reply
You use the pen to break the tab on top so you don`t accidentally erase what you recorded.
Public Schooler (6 Oct, 2011) Reply
Don't recognize neither o' dem.
Son (6 Oct, 2011) Reply
Nothing, that Bic is way too young to have even been on a cassette in his life!
krelnarb (6 Oct, 2011) Reply
Both in land fill.
SourApple (6 Oct, 2011) Reply
It's pretty obvious. In face, more people will probably think "rewind" than "write on label." Even kids. It's how the human brain thinks. They see the pen, the holes, and the brain does that "peg in the hole" stuff. Test FAIL.
Chaotic Ambition (20 Jun, 2012)'s really more of a joke than it is a test. get over yourself and go make some real friends
Junior (6 Oct, 2011) Reply
What's a cassette, Gramps?
go 8track (6 Oct, 2011) Reply
and never rewind again
Actually, (6 Oct, 2011) Reply
They're both made of hard plastic. ;D
Old Man (6 Oct, 2011) Reply
Damn, I knew the answer.
Youngster (6 Oct, 2011) Reply
Why you didnt use the "rewind" button on cassette decks?
Well, sonny... (6 Oct, 2011)
Sometimes the tape accidentally got pulled out a bit when there was no cassette deck around.
Greybeard (7 Oct, 2011)
Because cassette deck was playing another tape at that time.
Mark L. (6 Oct, 2011) Reply
The answer is "both have become obsolete". Between texting and emails, writing is becoming a thing of the past, jsut like cassette tapes.
d (6 Oct, 2011) Reply
Tape gets loose and falls out sometimes. you have to wind it up by puching the pen in one of the holes and turning counter clockwise. If too much tape came out or if the tape got twisted....just buy a new one.
Blah (6 Oct, 2011) Reply
I used a finger to rewind blaaah
Oh you are so clever, (7 Oct, 2011)
You skinny-fingered devil, you... ;)
RAWR! (6 Oct, 2011) Reply
or... you can write the name of what you recorded with the pen. thats more than one answer.
ralf wiggum (6 Oct, 2011) Reply
I was eating the tape from the cassette and my teacher used the pen to fish it out of my throat when I was choking. Then I put the pen in my nose. That was fun.
MacGyver (7 Oct, 2011) Reply
Hmm... I'd make an armored verolicaptor shooting lasers from it that could timetravel AND still be back in time to win the winter olypmics of 2010.
Aaron (7 Oct, 2011) Reply
It's either meant to rewind the tape or label it.
Garrett (7 Oct, 2011) Reply
im only 14 and i know... you stick the pen in on of the 2 holes and spin it when all the tape comes out.
J.J.McClure (7 Oct, 2011)
Maaan.. wish I knew that when I was 14
ThA-B (7 Oct, 2011) Reply
That thing on the top is to spit paper balls in classroom, but bottom thing was to store games for ZXSpectrum. Whats the connection? They are both made out of pastic. Rewinding is clearly not ht eright answer because if you wanted to rewind tape manualy, then all pens and pencils in home were either round or thinner. Nails rock! And stand for mixing as well.
NinjAva (7 Oct, 2011) Reply
Thanks for bringing back some memories!!
Tourique (7 Oct, 2011) Reply
Using pen to rewind the cassette
Old enough (7 Oct, 2011) Reply
OH! I always just used my pinky to rewind them..
Martins (7 Oct, 2011) Reply
You can rewind the tape with pen
Bogdan Munteanu (8 Oct, 2011) Reply
You can use the pen to rewind the tape.
Lily (9 Oct, 2011)
Exactly! That is.... I´m not a teenager
Dexia (8 Oct, 2011) Reply
The rectangular object was a lower class object used to pirate music. Richer people could afford to buy records. That long thingy was used in the same time period to write your resignation letters when I felt I didn't make profits on your backs.
Now, start working again peasants or I will ruin your 401Ks for you all.
Mr.Miejaggie (8 Oct, 2011) Reply
You use the bic to rewind the tape in case it gets out of the cassette by putting it in one of the wheels. It works since the bic has six equal sides (pardon my bad english) ... geezzz i feel old now :-S
wow (8 Oct, 2011) Reply
Most. Comments. Ever.
LandLord (8 Oct, 2011)
How about this one? (visit link)
Deathgod (18 Oct, 2011)
@Landlord: what the... all those comments are a book on their own...
n (8 Oct, 2011) Reply
This made me think of Hotel Dusk.
Gigi (8 Oct, 2011) Reply
I am 12 and what is this?
Juliet collins (8 Oct, 2011) Reply
Use the pen to wind the tape forward and back
N!D (8 Oct, 2011) Reply
To write on the label. Oh wait, scratch that, rewind...
pat (8 Oct, 2011) Reply
You use the pen to wind the tape after you've pulled it out of the cassette player that tried to eat it.
aredsdh (9 Oct, 2011) Reply
both record things and are made of plastic
me (9 Oct, 2011) Reply
ball pen - that usually leaked and turned everything the color of the ink - to rewind the cassette that usually got stuck in the player and you had to put the band in again manually.
clueless (9 Oct, 2011) Reply
izzit an iPod?
nevrbenrite (9 Oct, 2011) Reply
i know i used to rewind my tapes with ink is that the connection...
Mokuba (9 Oct, 2011) Reply
You use the pen to wide the tape.
correction (10 Oct, 2011) Reply
it is not used to rewind the tape. it is used to take up slack in the tape so the player wouldn't eat it.
anoop0085 (10 Oct, 2011) Reply
we can use pen to correct the tape which traped in walkman
destroyer858 (10 Oct, 2011) Reply
Manual rewind ._.
legshot (11 Oct, 2011) Reply
lol, I used a regular pencil for that... Don't you just hate it when the tape comes out of there...
me (11 Oct, 2011) Reply
so you can rewind the tape XD
crank (12 Oct, 2011) Reply
more like skinny finger test.
shoplifter (14 Oct, 2011) Reply
"they are both free"
Seth (15 Oct, 2011) Reply
I use to use my pinky... I'm surprised I never thought of that...
Ed (16 Oct, 2011) Reply
You use the pen to wind up the tape
boomyakasha (16 Oct, 2011) Reply
I'm only 18, cassettes are before my time and even I could work out that the pen's used to rotate the cassette reel. I don't know why I'm still surprised by the amount of retards on the internet.
Alberto (16 Oct, 2011) Reply
easy, use the pen to wind up the analog ribbon when the deck eats it.
Johnny (19 Oct, 2011) Reply
Both are analog devices
burgervan (19 Oct, 2011) Reply
were both items invented in the same year or day?
uftu (20 Oct, 2011) Reply
AA battery
Iulia (20 Oct, 2011) Reply
is using for rotate the casette...
Dr Tran (20 Oct, 2011) Reply
i used it for writing down the name of the tap ;l
Achmanan Soerjanatamihardja (23 Oct, 2011) Reply
used to rewind the tape with a pen, it has been 35 years ago
Oldoldman (25 Oct, 2011) Reply
Kat (28 Oct, 2011) Reply
They were both popular in the 1980's?
Little P (28 Oct, 2011) Reply
hmmm...I used it to wind the tape back into the cassette when the tape recorder ate it...Tape recorder, what's that?!? LOL
Cars Boyd (29 Oct, 2011) Reply
Wind the tape back in if it came out
N (30 Oct, 2011) Reply
k (30 Oct, 2011) Reply
You can wind up the cassette with the pen.
Summit (30 Oct, 2011) Reply
You use the pen to re-spool the tape back into the case after the player eats it.
lolita (31 Oct, 2011) Reply
pen is used to write what has been recorded...also, (P)en... (C)assette... for Personal computer... which is what most of us have...which of course makes all of us old and young related...hehe
sben (31 Oct, 2011) Reply
The pen is used to rewind the cassette tape... and for those who don't know, the cassette tape preceded compact discs as a means to record and listen to music.
cover72 (1 Nov, 2011) Reply
Not only rotate. Alsooo... Crush the little plastic piece in the bottom, thus making the cassette write-protected.
rencix (2 Nov, 2011) Reply
both are products of oil
k_fast (5 Nov, 2011) Reply
To wind the tape with the pen
Trololol (6 Nov, 2011) Reply
One object can fill either of the two holes on the other object
Helen (6 Nov, 2011) Reply
Use the pen to rotate the cassette wheel--rewind it and such
Stephanie (8 Nov, 2011) Reply
To rewind of course!
Cindy (8 Nov, 2011) Reply
Use the pen to wind the tape back up when it comes out.
T Brown (11 Nov, 2011) Reply
When the tape player causes the tape to get loose you got to tighten it back up with the pen...kinda like rewinding it
not retarded (14 Nov, 2011) Reply
the pen is used to rewind the cassette
Blaaah (15 Nov, 2011) Reply
used for rotating the cassette reel
Deb (15 Nov, 2011) Reply
You can use the pen to rewind the tape.
Sonya (17 Nov, 2011) Reply
to rewind when you dont have a tape recorder or when the tape recorder eats the tape and it pulls out...
kazuma (18 Nov, 2011) Reply
wait people used pens to rewind/fastfoward the cassette tapes? I just used my finger >_>
Geezer (21 Nov, 2011) Reply
Where's the drill? Put pen in drill for superfast ff/rwnd. Kinda an art form to learn to stop before tape snapped at the end. Had one of those nifty tape splicer things. Metal Oxide, now with Dolby, make sure your white noise button in pushed in.
Cristina (21 Nov, 2011) Reply
use the pen to wind the tape
Mick Rak (21 Nov, 2011) Reply
Wind the cassette with the pen!
wiggy (22 Nov, 2011) Reply
Its for winding the cassete
dude (25 Nov, 2011) Reply
I'm old as the hills...I know what the connect is...every time that sucker comes unwound, you take that pen there and roll 'er back up...there ya go.
Derek (30 Nov, 2011) Reply
Wow, you really had me wound up there for a second. My first thought was "They're both magnetic?" and then it struck me a few moments later.
Jennifer (30 Nov, 2011) Reply
To rewind the tape thru either one of the holes.
Laura (1 Dec, 2011) Reply
You need it to reel the tape back in the cassette after it got stuck in your Acer's cruddy tape deck!
peb (1 Dec, 2011) Reply
Manual rewind
Dipankar Paul (16 Jan, 2012) Reply
To spin the cassette with the pencil
Becky (24 Jan, 2012) Reply
use pen to rewind tape
Prof. J. Bavin (26 Jan, 2012) Reply
you use the pen to wind back the tape
nother troll (27 Jan, 2012) Reply
The pen is to stab yourself in the ear when the music on it is something horrible like Justin Beiber
naomi (27 Jan, 2012) Reply
To rewind the tape
guest (6 Feb, 2012) Reply
yep the pen goes in the hole to wind the cassette when the player malfunctions or drags (which was alot if you didn't clean the head on the player)... argh...cassettes were such a pain
nick (12 Feb, 2012) Reply
you use the pen to rewind the tape in
shoobie doo (12 Feb, 2012) Reply
The pen is used to write on the tape so you know whats on it, im 12
Pattie (18 Feb, 2012) Reply
The connection is communication of language.
Dudes really? (21 Feb, 2012) Reply
Dudes. Really? It's a mix tape. You write the mix name on the tape.
Deborah (15 Mar, 2012) Reply
Yep, the only thing we had to rewind the sucka when it came unraveled outside the case
I think??? (3 Apr, 2012) Reply
none of the 21st century kids know about tapes and pens... they know only of laptops and... that practically replaces the functions of pens and tapes.
Jaylah (3 Apr, 2012) Reply
You use the pencil to twist the recording tape haha
Maddy (11 Apr, 2012) Reply
Manual rewind...
pj (15 Apr, 2012) Reply
the pen sticks in the tape hole to tighten the tape
Amber Black (18 Apr, 2012) Reply
nothing ?
Noreene (23 Apr, 2012) Reply
The pen was used to wind the cassette when the tape came out.
cfalco (24 Apr, 2012) Reply
This picture
marlena (24 Apr, 2012) Reply
To turn the tape from one side to the other reel by inserting the pen through the hole and rotating
Pat (3 May, 2012) Reply
They can both record important information.
Holden (5 May, 2012) Reply
You write the name of the mixtape on the front?
right on. (7 May, 2012) Reply
This is great. It's not a rewind tool...tape decks had that ability. Many times, tape decks would eat the'd open the the deck, pull out the cassette and along with it came tons of tape. The pen would draw it back into the cassette
Garry (9 May, 2012) Reply
Many a night spinning the buggers back lol
Cossette (9 May, 2012) Reply
You put the pen in either of the two white holes to rewind the Cassette tape. c:
will (14 May, 2012) Reply
Both were invented in France!
NAdia (21 May, 2012) Reply
they have a different shape
Rodney (27 May, 2012) Reply
Thay both record ?
Davie (27 May, 2012) Reply
there both pointless
Baldan (28 May, 2012) Reply
Wind it by pen
Sammy (29 May, 2012) Reply
Communication devices.
Rachel (29 May, 2012) Reply
Its used to rewind the tape manually
Ashanti (7 Jun, 2012) Reply
They have both been around for some time.
stu0340 (12 Jun, 2012) Reply
its obvious ... The pen is used to write on the label !!!
Gina. (14 Jun, 2012) Reply
I am too young to know what a pen is. :(
50something (14 Jun, 2012)
remove ink cartridge,use hollow tube as a "roach" holder while listening to tunes..Ahh thats the one!!!!..
Eightiesgal (16 Jun, 2012) Reply
To wind the tape when it comes loose
child of the 80's (16 Jun, 2012) Reply
all cassette tape players had a "rewind" button. its when the player "ate" your tape. you used the pen to wind it back (BIC worked best) if you were fortunate enough to still HAVE a salvageable tape. :( most of the time, it wasn't for me..... i lost my favorite GENESIS tape to the damn thing.
Wendy (18 Jun, 2012) Reply
Fix the tape by rotating the wheel
elizabeth (19 Jun, 2012) Reply
They are both 3-D objects
Mike (19 Jun, 2012) Reply
The pen is to stab the cassette to death because it keeps jamming up your player and you don't have a pencil to wind the tape back in the case.
claudia (20 Jun, 2012) Reply
they document/ are documents/ they are objects
jack (21 Jun, 2012) Reply
you use the pen to wind up the tape if the tape go all funny
Amy (21 Jun, 2012) Reply
rewind or fix broken tape
KaraBeara (21 Jun, 2012) Reply
Hahaha the pen winds up the tape.. WHAT NOW??? I'm Younge and I know it!!! Age 18
Serena (21 Jun, 2012) Reply
I'm 15 but I think you use the pen to rewind the tape back to the begining.
nick (22 Jun, 2012) Reply
you must use the pen to right the title of the tape on the label
Mike (22 Jun, 2012) Reply
Use pen to turn it back
Beth (23 Jun, 2012) Reply
You can sort the tape out with the pen!
kconway (23 Jun, 2012) Reply
You sometimes used a pen to rewind a cassette.
Conny (24 Jun, 2012) Reply
They both notes information
Ron (25 Jun, 2012) Reply
Both are used for information, and the pen can be inserted into the cassette tape and wind it
Metal (26 Jun, 2012) Reply
What the hell? Nothing. I'm only 15. Kids can't be THAT stupid...
M (26 Jun, 2012) Reply
Both can be used as recording devices; the cassette to record sound, and the pen to write with.
Shizno (27 Jun, 2012) Reply
you can rewind the tape back with the pen
miguel (27 Jun, 2012) Reply
to write the name of the cassete on it
gavin (27 Jun, 2012) Reply
wind up the tape with the pen
Steve (27 Jun, 2012) Reply
You use the barrel of the pen to rewind the tape if it gets stuck.
Jeremy (28 Jun, 2012) Reply
Pen is used to alter how far back the tape is.
Amber (28 Jun, 2012) Reply
The pen is used to wind the tape cassette.
Billy Jim (29 Jun, 2012) Reply
Use the pen to rewind the tape if it gets messed up!
Kid (29 Jun, 2012) Reply
i dunno
Kate (30 Jun, 2012) Reply
The pen is used for rotating the cassette wheel (well...not the pen in the picture)
amazing person (1 Jul, 2012) Reply
use the pen to wind the tape back up
yo mama (3 Jul, 2012) Reply
you roll the pen inside dese holes when its tangled
bigjim (5 Jul, 2012) Reply
It's way to obvious, they are both obsolete.
Joe Coon (9 Jul, 2012) Reply
Manually rewinding the cassette tape
J (11 Jul, 2012) Reply
manual winding
Kenady (13 Jul, 2012) Reply
To rewind the tape !! I'm 12 and i know that !!
Ellz Bellz (14 Jul, 2012) Reply
You put the pen in the holes in the tape
josh (16 Jul, 2012) Reply
winding the tape back up
qwerty (17 Jul, 2012) Reply
u use the pen 2 wind forward or backward the tape.
Mark (17 Jul, 2012) Reply
I've used to stick the pen into the hole in order to stretch back the film back to it's place
armagan (18 Jul, 2012) Reply
they are both plastic
David (19 Jul, 2012) Reply
Anybody over the age of 25 knows this. lol
kayla jefferson (19 Jul, 2012) Reply
they're both old.
Matt (21 Jul, 2012) Reply
When the tape would come out of the cassette you would use the pen to get it back in the cassette, you can also use it to ff or rewind if the control on the tape deck didn't work. Let's get with it people.
im ten (23 Jul, 2012) Reply
the pen is used to fix the broken tape who doesnt know that
ezjay (25 Jul, 2012) Reply
to wind or rewind the tape
person (27 Jul, 2012) Reply
The biro is all modern and is used alot now but the tape is really old.
hdsb (27 Jul, 2012) Reply
To wind/Rewind
Sammy (28 Jul, 2012) Reply
winde the tape up with the pen :)
Steve66 (30 Jul, 2012) Reply
meme (30 Jul, 2012) Reply
Use the pen to wind/rewind the cassette tape
Rick (3 Aug, 2012) Reply
Use the pen to tighten tape
emily (10 Aug, 2012) Reply
i dont know rewind the tape maybe
Rufus (17 Aug, 2012) Reply
They are both devices that allow one to communicate his thoughts to toher people
fadi (23 Aug, 2012) Reply
TO rewind one side insert pen in the hole
mauri (1 Sep, 2012) Reply
When the tape film comes out we use a pen to turn the inside wheel to put the film back in place
Sarah (9 Sep, 2012) Reply
Im 12. You use the pen to rewind the tape by putting it in the holes and turning it
Jacquelynn (11 Sep, 2012) Reply
you use the pen to write the name on strip
koala (17 Sep, 2012) Reply
So you can turn the tape back if your stereo is broken
Nikki (18 Sep, 2012) Reply
You use the ink pen to rewind the casette tape
pat (18 Sep, 2012) Reply
first ones a pen other one i have no idea
Michael (26 Sep, 2012) Reply
Am I really that old?
Stephanie (4 Oct, 2012) Reply
Use the pen to tighten then tape in side.
LunaLuv (4 Oct, 2012) Reply
The pen records your thoughts on a paper and the tape records your thoughts mechanically. You can use both to remember what you needed or what you need to remember something for a later date.
mon (12 Oct, 2012) Reply
when you unravel thetape, you can use a pen to help put it all back together
Julie (19 Oct, 2012) Reply
Cigarette and usb stick
bob (20 Oct, 2012) Reply
Monica (21 Oct, 2012) Reply
You use the pen and put it into the hole in the music cassette to wind it either backwards, forwards, or when the tape comes out and you need to wind it back in.
Carolyn (24 Oct, 2012) Reply
Used a pen to wind the tape on or back
Rachel (25 Oct, 2012) Reply
They both record
Dextr (25 Oct, 2012) Reply
Fix the casset
Sankalp (28 Oct, 2012) Reply
marya (6 Nov, 2012) Reply
the pen goes into the holl to spin the tape!
jerry Goodwin (9 Nov, 2012) Reply
use the pen to rewind the cassette
taya (9 Nov, 2012) Reply
This is hard
dioajo (21 Nov, 2012) Reply
Use the pen to wined up the tape.
Carl (24 Nov, 2012) Reply
BAHAHAHA! When I was a kid we used to use our finger...not a pen.
rr (26 Dec, 2012) Reply
ritchy ritchy rewind
Ebony (3 Jan, 2013) Reply
U have to write on the tape to. Know what the tape has on it
Melissa (17 Jan, 2013) Reply
You use the pen to turn the things when the tape unravels.
Jessica (23 Jan, 2013) Reply
To wind the tape
Seamus (26 Jan, 2013) Reply
Both used to record information :)
i know (12 Feb, 2013) Reply
you use the pen to rotate the tape
Johnny (17 Feb, 2013) Reply
Use the pen to rewind the tape.
yyy (20 Feb, 2013) Reply
you wind the tape with the pen if it is broken
Nick (5 Mar, 2013) Reply
They both allow you to record a thought, idea, etc.
Jaide (8 Mar, 2013) Reply
use the pen to wind up the tape lol
Gina (24 Mar, 2013) Reply
potato cake (12 Apr, 2013) Reply
to whined the tape.... usually the string/wire thingy goes out so we move the circular wheel in the tape to take it bk in (usually) (17)
Put (23 Apr, 2013) Reply
Put the pen inside the circle and twist either clockwise or anti clockwise to rewind/fast forward! 80s baby
jenkmaster (24 Apr, 2013) Reply
I'm 16 and that's incredibly easy the pen was used to rewind cassette tapes
90s (25 Apr, 2013) Reply
The rewinder!!! Lol
Shawty (25 Apr, 2013) Reply
When the film falls out...use it to tighten things up
Juneaumac (17 May, 2013) Reply
I use to stick the pen in the hole turn to tighten the tape when it got loose.
Cortney (18 May, 2013) Reply
They both have circles
anonymous (26 May, 2013) Reply
It can be used for multipple purposes. You can rewind, fast forwards, or if the tape gets caught and the player pulls it out of the cassette you can use it to respool it.
P.s. I am 16 and got this on pinterest without these comments. This is an invalid age test. Some of us weren't spoiled. We watched vhs. Played outside. Listened to tapes. Etc..
Jeffrey Barnes (28 May, 2013) Reply
you can use the pen to manually rewind or fast forward the tape
kelsie (29 May, 2013) Reply
to whined the tape back up. lol
Donna Price (30 May, 2013) Reply
They are both used for words. Pencil for writing words and cassette for recording words. That's my answer, and I'm sticking to it.
Kim (31 May, 2013) Reply
Is anyone going to say they both write and erase. Because they do.
Kim (31 May, 2013) Reply
Crap. They both write. (Thought it was a pencil at first.)
Agatha (3 Jun, 2013) Reply
God knows...
Lizzy (10 Jun, 2013) Reply
The pen rewinds or fixes the broken tape
Duh and I'm 13
Katz 123 (20 Jun, 2013) Reply
To wind the tape back if its broke! #90's kid!
A.Krishna Isley (28 Jun, 2013) Reply
you wind the casset with the pin if the tape brakes , or you can write the track list on the paper
lilly Hope, 12 (28 Jun, 2013) Reply
They take notes. The tape can be put in a recorder and record somones notes, and the pen is used to write with. so you can conclude that they take notes.
Cass (5 Jul, 2013) Reply
You put the pen in the hole and twist it to rewind or fast forward the tape
Tchs (5 Jul, 2013) Reply
Both were presented to the public the same year
Reem (8 Jul, 2013) Reply
The tape is for radios and the pen is for paper lol idk
Julia (10 Jul, 2013) Reply
Put the pin in the hole to rewind the tape an I'm on 13 I didnt half to look for help or anything. Haha grown ups!
Sammiiee (11 Jul, 2013) Reply
the pen is used to rewind or fast forward the tape by sticking the pen in the hole and turning left or right.
Muan (12 Jul, 2013) Reply
Rewind or fast forward the tape :)
Gone Overdone (21 Aug, 2013) Reply
People on the bus had no idea what I was doing when I did that on the bus. Stupid walkman ate my tape. PITA to find them anymore... The pen can either pull the film out to un-flip it or to reel the spool to get the film back in.
NOman (4 Oct, 2013) Reply
OMG... Im old!!
che (30 Jan, 2014) Reply
Who uses them now???
Smart Girl (22 Mar, 2014) Reply
Justin Bieber owns both.
You scrolled all the way down here? Good job! Proceed to Next >> picture?