Being in friend zone
It's like going to a job interview and...
Being in friend zone
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Friend (26 Sep, 2011) Reply
So true!
Bro (26 Sep, 2011)
Enjoy being a beta guy and blaming it on girl's not being able to see how good a boyfriend you'd be. Betas gone beta
Anonymous (26 Sep, 2011) Reply
Man up and do something about it.
t(-_-t) (26 Sep, 2011)
You mean punch her?
Beta (26 Sep, 2011) Reply
Respect her. Respect yourself. Tell her what you want. Rejection is better than beta-hood.
shd (28 Sep, 2011)
done that, end up being without friends.
not sure if its better.
@shd (20 Dec, 2013)
You now possess uncanny decisiveness and self-worth. How is that worse than being girl's doormat?
Also - go find some male friends.
unemployed (26 Sep, 2011) Reply
"But we will call you from time to time to complain about the person that we hired."
In short -- wut? I see how this might reflect to friend zone joke but... the idea of something like the comic happening in real life is just retarded!
mank hoody (26 Sep, 2011)
You are right brohiems. But everything in our perception is created by mirroring , empathy and our actions. So also a stupid shallow joke, if repeated enough times becomes partly true.
H (26 Sep, 2011) Reply
He simply doens't get the job because he wears his watch around his right wrist! Everybody knows there's so much wrong with people who do that.
I (26 Sep, 2011)
Umm... Like being lefthanded?
E (26 Sep, 2011)
^ exactly ! lefthanded people have no soul !
Ahhh (26 Sep, 2011)
Agree.BTW..isn't Obama left-handed???
@Ahhh (26 Sep, 2011)
So's Morgan Freeman. Well...was, actually. When his left hand still worked... :}
Isabelle (27 Sep, 2011)
I am lefthanded and wear my watch on the left wrist. What am I? An undercover lefthanded?
TheSweetLife (26 Sep, 2011) Reply
No job. No girlfriend. No problem. *smugface*
Ele Teotwawki (26 Sep, 2011) Reply
It says EATLIVER on the window, hiring at eat liver?
Lost On Me (26 Sep, 2011) Reply
Sorry, if I were in this interview, i wouldn't hear a word she was saying. I would be asking myself the whole time: What is with her eyebrows?
(y-_-)y (26 Sep, 2011) Reply
Bring it!
Deathgod (26 Sep, 2011) Reply
Story of my life...
Jeff (26 Sep, 2011) Reply
Women dream about the handsome prince that treats them like princesses but when it comes down to it, they want an alpha male that isnt all about writing love poems. Women dont know what the hell they want, dont listen to them.
Real Girl (28 Sep, 2011)
Actually, most normal women do know what they want, a lot of men just aren't it (the ones that go complain on the internet). My BF is very strong and capable, similar to an alpha, but he is also very caring, intelligent and sweet. HHMmm, guess women just want a good guy worthy of her time?? I laughed at this one, but I've been the woman on the other side of that situation and the TRUTH is, a lot of women just enjoy male friendship. Simple as that. But just because we like being your friend doesn't mean there is chemistry or attraction (mental, physical, emotional). Deal with it! And if you don't want to be our friend, then stop doing so. MAN UP, buddy!
@Real Girl (28 Sep, 2011)
>guess women just want a good guy worthy of her time??
Yeah, because you're time is worth sooo much.
J.J. McClure (28 Sep, 2011)
I gotta agree with you Jeff. All my experiences with girls has lead to the conclusion that they do not know what they want. Sorry Real Girl, but you're wrong. Rule #1 when it comes to attracting girls: Listen to the boys's tips, NEVER EVER to the girls!!
Blondie (26 Sep, 2011) Reply
It's because he gels only the side of his head
BeyondWisdom (27 Sep, 2011) Reply
Yeah, emotional litterbox.
adi (27 Sep, 2011) Reply
that means i will be hired
unemployed (27 Sep, 2011) Reply
less qualified n alcoholic??? That's my job...
shd (28 Sep, 2011) Reply
Hmm, from a regular beta, i become an unqualified alcoholic, sort of. does it mean, my chances are increased?
Shorty (29 Sep, 2011) Reply
Thats pretty much how I see it.
hitler moustache (29 Sep, 2011) Reply
She thinks you're ugly.
Random_Dude (4 Jan, 2012) Reply
Havent I seen this on bash dot org before?
flacker (17 Apr, 2012) Reply
HR departments in companies are totally worthless. 99.9% of the time they are totally ineffectual, have no clue how to help you (assuming you're stupid enough to go to them for help), do nothing for the workers benefit, and post ridiculous and obvious signs all over the place --- wash your hands, tie your shoes, blah blah blah. Idiots
anon (8 Aug, 2012) Reply
This isn't true. I friend zone when I have no interest in you at all. If I put you there you are in there for a reason.
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