How to properly hide booze in your Facebook photos
How to properly hide booze in your Facebook photos
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What? (20 Aug, 2011) Reply
Is the guy in the first photo eating cat brains?
Mr.Mackey (20 Aug, 2011) Reply
Seems like they're all cheesed out... Drugs are bad, mkay?
bob (20 Aug, 2011) Reply
Duh (20 Aug, 2011) Reply
"Mame, your cat just blew a 12.9 on my meter. Have the kitty step out of the vehicle."
Hey (21 Aug, 2011)
'Mame"? The only thing funny about your 'jokes' is the poor spelling.
Duh (22 Aug, 2011)
we have to keep you spelling cops working...DUH
Rosalind Russell (22 Aug, 2011)
Did someone call me...? :)
Breaking News (20 Aug, 2011) Reply
"Police raided a cat house last night, 22 cats were arrested for being drunk and disorderly. No humans were charged."
krelnarb (21 Aug, 2011) Reply
3rd down on the right; Cat should be rotated 180. Funnier.
Garamond (21 Aug, 2011) Reply
purr awesomeness.
sigh (21 Aug, 2011) Reply
okkk, but why would you want to hide booze in your facebook photos in the first place ?
(on a unrelated note : it look like drinking booze make you look stupid on facebook photos)
LandLord (21 Aug, 2011)
Because not everyone likes drunks, but kittens are adorable.
Drunk (22 Aug, 2011)
Oops - I accidentally sat on your kitten. S'OK, though - it's still adorable. Jus' a little flatter now...
Duff (21 Aug, 2011) Reply
Hey guys, give me one more cat!
Bartender (24 Aug, 2011)
I think you've had enough.
Duffman (21 Aug, 2011) Reply
*awesome hip thrust* "What is that bottom right pic with no swhirt on? Shoot it now!"
Jc (21 Aug, 2011) Reply
Weird americans, not letting their adults drink.
me again (22 Aug, 2011) Reply
I'll have a Persian light please
xd (17 Jun, 2012) Reply
hy cat guys
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