Famous movie quotes as if spoken by a proper englishman
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Famous movie quotes as if spoken by a proper englishman
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Lovable Chimney Sweep (15 Aug, 2011) Reply
blimey, guv'nor, those are the most poshest spoken folks in the land, they are, 'pon my word!
Rocket (15 Aug, 2011)
Stop sesquipedalian loquaciousness henceforth
@Rocket (16 Aug, 2011)
Please eschew obfuscation, yourself.
Logopeds (15 Aug, 2011) Reply
which language is that ?
Cenaculum (15 Aug, 2011) Reply
what about that there 'pool, what d'ya reckon that?
J. Smithlao (15 Aug, 2011) Reply
QUE? :)
Oh (15 Aug, 2011) Reply
No no, my good man. The meaning is still the same in the quotes. My advice to you is: "Try not to speak".
Real Englishman (15 Aug, 2011) Reply
Steal, steal! Burn, burn! Kill, kill!
Movie Critic (15 Aug, 2011) Reply
Say, I've seen many English movies, visited England extensivly, and I've never heard any english person speak like that. This is made up. Struth!
Clod (16 Aug, 2011)
Cambrius (18 Aug, 2011)
@M.C: Quite right. Nobody has spoken like this in decades. 'Thee' and 'thou' died out even further back, but why spoil a joke based on crude national stereotypes with truth? E.g: a wealthy Englishman would have excellent teeth; it's only the poor who can't afford dentistry.
@Clod: Lol; nearly there, mate!
indubitably (15 Aug, 2011) Reply
Such a rare word, I love it
makr (15 Aug, 2011) Reply
Jokes about British English beyond pointing out fags being cigarettes? How shall the Internet be able to comprehend that?
Jeff (15 Aug, 2011)
"British English" only exists in Microsoft. There is only one English language. There is English, and then there are wrong versions of English e.g "hola, coma insta felafel?" Do you like my Spanish? No, its not wrong, its just a different version.
@Jeff (15 Aug, 2011)
Not sure where in the world you have learned that "spanish", but you fail at it.
Second, there are many dialects and ways they use the language i.e. Color = Colour, one is used in US, the other in England.
Jeff (15 Aug, 2011)
"Not sure where in the world you have learned that "spanish", but you fail at it." Exactly...exactly.
Cambrius (18 Aug, 2011)
@Jeff: I'm baffled. The way English is spoken varies widely even within England. Put a Cockney, a Brummie, a Geordie and a Scouser in the same room and see how easily they communicate. (See also Dude, at foot of page.) And, are you saying that Serbo-Croat is just a "different version" of Chinese? Or that Hindi is just a "different version" of French? Well, they're not.
makr (16 Aug, 2011) Reply
Definitions of words change over time, English is merely a denomination for the subsets of concrete interpretations of the language. Has actually been like that long before MS had any influence on public opinion.
tutu (16 Aug, 2011) Reply
2 top hats, 2 pipes, 2 mustaches? Why? BLOODY WHY???
Desmond (16 Aug, 2011)
Why not...?
Eemnee (17 Aug, 2011)
To be sure, to be sure
Bruv (4 Jul, 2013)
He also has two monacles, you either didn't notice or didn't know what they're called. Lol bruv it's just a comic no need to spill your tea and crumpets over it
Netherland (16 Aug, 2011) Reply
At first I was like "..." but then I LOL'd
Dude (17 Aug, 2011) Reply
Last 4 (from bottom up) translated into Scottish:
Ah'm no awa' tae bide awa'
It isnae right
Och, awa' wa' ye
Ah'm seein' deid yins
maybe... (18 Aug, 2011) Reply
they should do a whole movie spoken like that. I love it!
Cambrius (19 Aug, 2011)
Nearly happened: Trainspotting was based on a novel by Irvine Welsh which is written entirely like this. A tough read if you're not a Scot!
nice english (19 Aug, 2011) Reply
I thought it's supposed to be "..referred to as.."
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