If you lick it, you buy it
I've heard this is a serious issue in bookstores all over Australia.
If you lick it, you buy it
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joker (15 Aug, 2011) Reply
why so serious?
ok (18 Aug, 2011)
We're still doing this?
Page (15 Aug, 2011) Reply
"Paging Miss Serious" business is 'brisk'.
Juju (15 Aug, 2011) Reply
I had a cd-rom drive on my 486 that only worked properly if I licked the entire top of the CD. And the saliva had to be thick, so I ate a bit of marmelade to make it work. I'm serious.
Old Guy (15 Aug, 2011) Reply
Why would anyone lick a picture of a tongue? I wouldn't, would you?
Australian Jeff (15 Aug, 2011) Reply
I cant read it, its upside down.
drool bucket (15 Aug, 2011) Reply
I lick doorknobs.
Roland (1 Oct, 2013)
Women should endorse this saying.
Define (15 Aug, 2011) Reply
Define "IT"
OK (17 Aug, 2011)
IT: Information Technology
-=LaurryG=- (15 Aug, 2011) Reply
This is not an issue in Australia. Trust me. Infact, there is a book underneath it that says 'America's...'
Anyway, if it was Australia, that book would have to be upside down - right!?
relative (16 Aug, 2011)
the book is "upside-down" as not to ecourage licking :~P
-=LaurryG=- (16 Aug, 2011)
Yes, but to whom is the book upside-down to? Two different observers (An Australian and an American) would see two different things. If its upside-down to an Australian, it would stop the Aussie from licking it - but not the American, because they would see it rightside-up.
Me for reals (16 Aug, 2011) Reply
By the Nigella Lawson cook books
Al Gore (16 Aug, 2011) Reply
I'm super cereal!
Froggy went-a-courtin' (16 Aug, 2011) Reply
Is this in the amphibian section?
hmm... (18 Aug, 2011) Reply
Am I the only person who thought kissing it would be free?
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