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graduidiot (9 Aug, 2011) Reply
And that's how I got my degree from Michigan!
SourApple (9 Aug, 2011)
Yup, a whole degree in Programming IT Management from University of Phoenix Online. Now you're working at Burger King. Bravo.
Butter (10 Aug, 2011)
He said he got his degree from Michigan. Apparently SourApple you slept during your Engrish class.
guru (9 Aug, 2011) Reply
There are available resources in internet and dedicated brains! Why not to exploit them?
Actually, it's (9 Aug, 2011)
More like infinite testosterone... ;}
MenRpigs (9 Aug, 2011) Reply
Disgusting... women have brains
TruthSpeaker (9 Aug, 2011)
Yeah, just really tiny ones.
Clod (10 Aug, 2011)
To make sammiches.
Susan19 (9 Aug, 2011) Reply
It really works.
Do you live in Seattle?
Clod (10 Aug, 2011)
You forgot the "I".
Nyet (14 Aug, 2011)
In Soviet Russia, Pikachuchooseyou.
111 (9 Aug, 2011) Reply
You underestimate programmers. They will ignore your gender and will tell you to do your own homework yourself.
SourApple (9 Aug, 2011)
Nothing more timeless than the dreaded Programmer's Ego.
So true! (10 Aug, 2011)
Programmers have no capacity for genders.
Girlpower (9 Aug, 2011) Reply
Excellent. Girls rule. Boys are so dumb. We can get them to do anhything.
TruthSpeaker (9 Aug, 2011)
Yeah, but in the end of the day you women love to be humiliated by jerks, so nothing changes.
rocktex (9 Aug, 2011)
Except make YOU a sammich...
Even (9 Aug, 2011)
teach spelling???
Loo Ten Ant Obvious (10 Aug, 2011)
"Girlpower" is a male troll serving 8 to 20 at Pelican Bay.
And how about you? Seattle?
Clod (10 Aug, 2011)
You forgot the "I" again.
RWW (10 Aug, 2011) Reply
What's a "girly sounding"?
Clod (10 Aug, 2011)
What isn't?
888 (10 Aug, 2011)
It means your nickname makes you look like a spambot pretending to be a girl.
ILuvPoodles&Unicorns (11 Aug, 2011) Reply
Oh Pooh! I'm having trouble with this commenting thing. I can't think of anything really witty. Could I get some help?
shd (14 Aug, 2011) Reply
true story. I used it once i got rejected by a programer when asked for a feature. Made my female coworker ask him again, it was ready after 2 days.
MrCrab (27 Aug, 2011) Reply
Or make a short/normal username and browse forums to learn something ?
You scrolled all the way down here? Good job! Proceed to Next >> picture?