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Riddler (31 Jul, 2011) Reply
Catfood. Mmmmm, Sounds tasty. :)
Hispanic Latino (31 Jul, 2011) Reply
I actually had to try several times to wink and stick out my tongue in the opposite direction.
Burt (31 Jul, 2011)
Thanks for sharing, I guess.
Breaking News (31 Jul, 2011) Reply
I held my head at 90o and tried this. The cop asked me to say my ABC's.
OZ (1 Aug, 2011)
Hold down ALT and press 0176 release ALT key and ° will magically appear!
Merle Hagrid (1 Aug, 2011)
@OZ: Yoore a wizard, Ozzy! Got any other tricks...? :)
Hannibal (1 Aug, 2011)
Top internetting OZ ± ² ³´µ¶·¸¬­­ « you have created a monster
Breaking News (1 Aug, 2011)
OZ..that cool..now press ALT+CONTROL+DELETE...bye Oz..
Mr.Amazing (17 Aug, 2011)
Search System32 on your PC
All your problems coming from there
(1)select the System32 folder
aliki (10 Aug, 2012)
@Oz, actually thanks for that, i didn't know it :)
J.J. McClure (31 Jul, 2011) Reply
still laughing
dada (31 Jul, 2011) Reply
OMG her hair are sweating!
Lady GaGa (2 Aug, 2011)
Oh yes!..I've always loved girls with sweaty hair!
... (1 Aug, 2011) Reply
Anime characters do it all the time and it looks rather cute :)
thatstrue (2 Aug, 2011) Reply
to me ;P is often a :P that turned bad
SCF (16 Aug, 2011) Reply
your drawings seem to improve with each next picture
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