So lifelike!
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Allie (18 Jul, 2011) Reply
Those things are going to give me nightmares....
Local Furry (18 Jul, 2011)
Nightmares? Top and middle right are making me laugh with their derptastic faces.
dropit (18 Jul, 2011) Reply
that racoon with sandals and eating bacon are the best. props for simba too.
notyours (18 Jul, 2011)
i think it's a woodchuck...
Acoustichuman (18 Jul, 2011) Reply
Exekutive (18 Jul, 2011) Reply
Si...Simba??? I will never watch Lion King the same way :(
Francy (18 Jul, 2011) Reply
I love you.
Nahhh (18 Jul, 2011) Reply
Roadkill. All of it!
hippy (18 Jul, 2011) Reply
I love the sandals on the first one!
dd (18 Jul, 2011) Reply
They captured the cat just as the 40 pit bulls attacked.
krelnarb (18 Jul, 2011) Reply
I can't stop looking or laughing!
Skipweasel (18 Jul, 2011) Reply
Bottom left - is that what happens after an alien probes you? On second thoughts, they all look a bit - er - clenched.
smoochie (18 Jul, 2011) Reply
Cat is my favourite!
t(-_-t) (19 Jul, 2011)
I like the mongoose. That is a mongoose, right?
Old Guy (18 Jul, 2011) Reply
I once dated a girl who sorta looked like the coyote.
qwertz (19 Jul, 2011) Reply
Somebody help me. I cannot stop laugh!
relative (19 Jul, 2011) Reply
is one of these the Linux I keep hearing about?
Ugly Joe (19 Jul, 2011)
Don't be silly! Linux is Charlie Brown's best friend from the Peanut's comic strip!
Smoochie (19 Jul, 2011) Reply
The first one looks like it should be holding a beer
Demented Simba (19 Jul, 2011) Reply
Hey, that's me!
Get ready for the punchline. (20 Jul, 2011) Reply
Hey, did anybody notice: that dog's got no nose?
Oh, all right...(sigh) (20 Jul, 2011)
Well, then - how does he smell? (...waits...)
Duh (22 Jul, 2011)
Bad of course ...
full of life (22 Jul, 2011)
hahahaha, it's so funny I just might, I just might...
LuckyL (21 Jul, 2011) Reply
The wolf looks like it has the Down syndrome.
K1T (2 Aug, 2011) Reply
"You mad bro?" - Dog
Furkan (29 Aug, 2011) Reply
In the right middle looks like Roger Waters :)
Chuck (6 Oct, 2011) Reply
Not Chuck Testa.
Herpy (10 Oct, 2011) Reply
Nope, Chuck Testa
Choke Testu (26 Oct, 2011)
Definitely not Chuck Testa!
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