Facebook prank
Instead of usual "I'm so gaaay lol", try this...
Facebook prank
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troll god (11 Jul, 2011) Reply
Rated 7/10 in the trolling types.Its better to set it to only you and the victim can see this...
LogiC (11 Jul, 2011) Reply
I don't use facebook so I am not sure, but it looks like it is setting *everything* they ever write in their status page so that only they can see it. If they aren't smart that could be weeks or months to figure out why no one replies to anything they write.
Captain Obvious (11 Jul, 2011)
Strikes Again!!!
and again (12 Jul, 2011)
and again, and again etc etc
Append (11 Jul, 2011) Reply
...and if there is already an alternative setting, switch it back to everyone, except himself! ;)
Above me (11 Jul, 2011) Reply
glad (11 Jul, 2011) Reply
I don't use facebook
Poor Guy (12 Jul, 2011)
and we don't care
Daaggg (13 Sep, 2011) Reply
Unlikely to work with the new layout =(
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