13 and still breastfeed
She's not any different than you. She also likes Lady Gaga and Glee.
13 and still breastfeed
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hoon (8 Jul, 2011) Reply
There's nothing like a fresh milk in the morning.
Lt. Col. Bill Kilgore (8 Jul, 2011)
"...Tastes like VICTORY!"
What? (8 Jul, 2011) Reply
Liquidd (8 Jul, 2011)
That is gross, but do you think this is some type of tabloid to make others think Americans are Nuts? It is obviously from Brittan. it mentions "Nevada,USA" refers to her "mum" and most Americans do not have a clue who "Tinie Tempah" is.
FM (12 Jul, 2011)
Americans don't even know where and what Britain is. But yeah..you're right - this is just to make other think Americans are Nuts :D
Cambrius (12 Jul, 2011)
This is one of those generic 'Mom Monthly' magazines that you find at supermarket checkouts. Their articles are syndicated, so you'd probably find this article in the U.S. versions as well. Not a conspiracy to make Americans look weird since they run similar stories about British people too. Though rarely so gross... (I should probably add that I work in retail, ahem.)
s (15 Jul, 2011)
HM (5 Jan, 2013)
I'm sorry, it says in the title that she is from Nevada, USA, on what planet does that mean Britain..
unignorant person (6 Jan, 2013)
Yep, American's don't know who Britain is...I mean, we didn't win our independence from the red coats or anything...
raaw (8 Jul, 2011) Reply
F! (8 Jul, 2011) Reply
So do her brother and dad. To de-stress him. LOL
Nice family event :D:D:D
Isabelle (8 Jul, 2011) Reply
Indeed Caroline, the first words coming to my minds are "gross" and "freak"
Colorado (8 Jul, 2011) Reply
A family that breasfeeds together...
Confused Bystander (6 Jan, 2013)
Stays together???..maybe
Notmyrealname. (8 Jul, 2011) Reply
Who the heck is "Tinie Tempah"!?
TinieTempah (8 Jul, 2011)
I never heard of you neither. Damn, is hot in here?
Momo (8 Jul, 2011)
A fool masquerading as a rapper. British magazine.
- (8 Jul, 2011) Reply
Redneck are so fascinating !
granazi (8 Jul, 2011)
yes, redneck are fascinatings.
might wanna fix your subject-verb agreement there!
(visit link)
NikkiC (31 May, 2012)
@granazi- There is no subject to your sentence "might wanna..." YOU 'might wanna' work on your sentence structure
J. Smithlao (8 Jul, 2011) Reply
Politically Incorrect (8 Jul, 2011) Reply
What is GLEE?
Get a life (8 Jun, 2012)
Dude, u dont know what glee is???
Cambrius (8 Jul, 2011) Reply
Wish I'd made a BLACK coffee before looking at this. Revolting. What the fact is the matter with the parents?
nocnoc (8 Jul, 2011) Reply
serious malady, where's Doc. House ...
Mum (8 Jul, 2011) Reply
No biting now, kids.
df (8 Jul, 2011) Reply
TL;DR I think drinking cow's milk is disgusting. Think about it: you're drinking a greasy, fatty fluid that has been squeezed from an animal who spends it's days crapping all over the place and nights living in its own filth. Spending my childhood summers at the countryside and seeing how the things happen there had an effect to me. I can only eat dairy products that have been processed so much, there isn't much left from the original milk. So while many people complain about additives in milk and how it's watered down, I'm actually happy about it, and while many people love fresh, warm cow's milk, just looking at it and smelling it makes me sick. Literally.
LandLord (8 Jul, 2011)
I agree 100%
truthe (8 Jul, 2011)
I agree 99.5%
Jesus (8 Jul, 2011)
Either you're easily grossed out or you're just a silly vegan.
chucklepants (8 Jul, 2011)
I agree 2%
df (8 Jul, 2011)
@LandLord and @truthe: Good to see I'm not the only one.
@Jesus: I'm not really that easily grossed out, I think I can handle some nasty stuff, neither am I a vegan or vegetarian for that matter, I love meat. There's just something particularly disgusting about cow's milk to me. And don't get me started on goat's or other animal's milk. Well it's just psychological.
So true (9 Jul, 2011)
Mmmm. Body-temperature liquid fat. What's not to love? Humans are the only animal that consumes milk beyond infancy. Why? Ever hear of a little thing called the American Dairy Association? **Because money.** Disgusting. Okay - maybe a little for baking is justified. But just a big glass of icy-cold milk on a hot summer day? Barf-o-matic.
LogiC (10 Jul, 2011)
Lactose intolerance in humans is a "natural" thing, I guess all people would be lactose intolerant as adults. However due to consumption of dairy products from a long time ago and over a very long time becoming lactose intolerant is a bit of a disadvantage, evolutionarily speaking. Think butter, as well as cheese and other fermented milk products. Milk does taste nice (I mean it is full of fat and proteins, both of which taste nice, also why junk food is popular- fat and protein). Also cheese has been around for a hell of a lot longer than America existed, maybe even before money existed, it isn't about money for sure. For all that though, psychological factors play a big role, and this just seems too gross, even if there is nothing really "wrong" with it.
@So true (11 Jul, 2011)
Wrong. Adult cats will drink cow's milk.
vegan (13 Nov, 2011)
@So true and @logiC
You two sound like vegans. sorry, I'm a vegan and those are the kind of points I make to people when they ask me why milk isn't vegan.
Liam (1 Jan, 2013)
Milk is actually considered a super food because of its high amount of vitamins. Also, milk is no more disgusting than apples. Cows live in filth, but the also cannot reason do so otherwise (I know in farms they're confined but even before they were domestic they were stupid as hell) trees, however, literally grow off of feces, dead bugs, and other decaying particles that are found in the dirt. So the filth part is null. Another point I can make is that without being milked, the cows are in EXTREME pain, and have a shorter length of life when wild because of this. Oh yea, and cheese was being made back before the settlements were established; (visit link)
Bernd (8 Jul, 2011) Reply
Can I has the full article? pleaze
and moar pics of this happy family
dd (8 Jul, 2011) Reply
Mom's in the freezer, we're having Ice Cream.
Dr Freud (10 Jul, 2011)
pml literally
Waterfreak123lolz (30 May, 2013)
sweet lolz
111 (8 Jul, 2011) Reply
There's a typo. It should be "13 and still breastfEd". "13 yrs old still breastfEEd" means that 13y/o girl breastfeeds others. Which is more weird.
If so, (8 Jul, 2011)
Then whose breasts would she feed them? Not hers, I hope. Hey, I got it - she could feed them chicken breasts. Then nobody would get hurt that way... ;)
relative (10 Jul, 2011)
i could be wrong but with all the growth hormones and crap the live stock and processes are infused with it's quite possible the youths of today are developing faster, making it plausible the 13 year old could breastfeed, but I'm sure you're right it's a typo. that mother should have some markings on her breasts like a nascar! and sponsors! that's no easy feat. how many gallons per month you figure?
cambrius (12 Jul, 2011)
The people who read this sort of stuff are not big on spelling or grammar. See above.
That guy from that place (2 Jun, 2012)
The 'I' is carried forward. It's the equivalent of 'I'm 13 and I still breastfeed'. It's just a matter of emphasis.
Mr. K (8 Jul, 2011) Reply
"... let's Dad breastfeed to de-stress him."
Seems normal.
Juju (8 Jul, 2011) Reply
mom makes an amazing cappuccino.
Uncle Slappy (8 Jul, 2011) Reply
The milk DOES taste good. No arguing with that. Haven't any of you clowns ever tasted your wife's breast milk even out of nothing more than curiosity?
Totally wrong (9 Jul, 2011) Reply
WTF guys? Srsly... how can you dare to post this and not giving SOURCE
wanna read the whole article
DJ (9 Jul, 2011) Reply
Was this mag published in China?
Olaoluwa (9 Jul, 2011) Reply
Wow! That is so lovely still feeding her with love and healthy life.. But .. she got to Stop Please... My Spiritual Father told me this is BAD.
grm (10 Jul, 2011) Reply
Well I actually don't see, where this is more gross than drinking milk from a cow...
Skipweasel (10 Jul, 2011)
Well, it's certainly unusual, but compared to lots of other things people do, it's fairly harmless.
you (17 Jul, 2011) Reply
Eww, that's gross, she's a freak.
hyakubi (7 Aug, 2011)
gross and freak? dont compliment yourself
I don't like Lady Gaga (18 Jul, 2011) Reply
"But I'm not any different to you. I like Lady Gaga and Glee..." Yes but the problem is the drinking of the mum's milk; that makes us different.
why... (5 Aug, 2011) Reply
so that girl is 13 she dont look like it! she looks 11 or 12
-.- (5 Sep, 2011)
Yeah, still too old to be breastfeeding...
Eh (19 Apr, 2012)
Maybe the breast milk is a magic age-reducer.
LMK (5 Aug, 2011) Reply
(visit link) should be the source I suppose
PIE (8 Aug, 2011) Reply
Someone please upload the full article if you find it. That is messed up.
ewww (27 Aug, 2011) Reply
just drink NORMAL milk like the rest of us please.
Delicious (8 Sep, 2011) Reply
She thinks its delicious
LH (14 Sep, 2011) Reply
this is from sugar magazine which is british, I remember reading it and thinking 'ew'
... (14 Oct, 2011) Reply
i think its not right...u should stop while shes at this age and her brother and dad? come on!!! dont thats gross u think it tastes good? blahhh think about it would u want ppl drinking liquids that came from u??? i kno i wouldnt!!
Claudia (20 Oct, 2011) Reply
How are they still producing milk
Ummm (23 Oct, 2011) Reply
America Girl (11 Nov, 2011) Reply
This can't be from the States. Who the hell is "Tinie Tempah"? Sounds like somebody trying to write out "Tiny Temper" in an English accent. Not only this, we call them "Moms" not "Mums". They aren't FLOWERS.
Heather (17 Nov, 2011) Reply
Most Americans don't know who tinie timpah is!? Fool, please!
Anna (19 Nov, 2011)
Hey, I'm American and I know who Tinie Tempah is! And he is hot.
LIES (23 Nov, 2011) Reply
when your a mother you eventtually run out of breast milk you cant just keep drinking out of your moms breasts for 13 years!!!
Liam (1 Jan, 2013)
It says in the picture, far left, that it doesn't dry up because of constant use.
LaLaLa Miracle (3 Dec, 2011) Reply
This is just wrong. The mother should have realized this is wrong and shouldnt be happening any more!
Oh Snap! (5 Dec, 2011) Reply
Awwhhh! You Americans are adorable, thinking that ABSOLUTELY NOTHING happens ANYWHERE else! Seriously, its like the whole continent thinks that the only country in the world is the USA (and occasionally Canada, but Americans as I have found don't like Canada. Don't know why, its awesome there!). This is really not that uncommon, and not remotely gross. It is unusual, but if you consider the chemical structure of human milk, it makes a lot of sense. It is an excellent source of protein and fats, it contains vital vitamins and minerals and its has very little bad cholestrol.
daz (4 Jan, 2012) Reply
So do her brother and dad " it's does " - imbeciles!
Lucy from Argentina (25 Jan, 2012)
umm, I'm pretty sure that when you are talking about THEY you have to say DO not DOES, because DOES would be used for HE SHE OR IT. You idiot.
DANIELLE (10 Feb, 2012) Reply
"So does her brother and dad." Mother of BREASTFEED!
your mom (2 Mar, 2012) Reply
Got milk? (23 Apr, 2012) Reply
How I wish this was not a real thing. Unfortunately, a lot of parents are "extreme breastfeeding". For more interesting parenting fads, look up "extended rear facing" (car seats).
"fad follower" (28 May, 2012)
"For more interesting parenting fads, look up extended rear facing"
Why don't you look up a youtube video of a 2 or 3 yr old sized crash test dummy in a forward facing car seat during a crash. Then tell everyone how smart you are for turning your 1 year old forward facing.
Andreas (31 May, 2012) Reply
Sorry guys, i have a question. I´m from Germany and my english is realy bad. I read in this articel: "So do her brother an dad". Means it, that her brother und her father are also breastfeeded by the Mother??!!! I hope i its only a translation mistake from my side.
Thank you
To Andreas (24 Jul, 2013)
Yes her brother and dad are breastfed too
What?! (31 May, 2012) Reply
If you read one of the bullets it says her DAD and brother do too...really her dad!?
Josh (1 Jun, 2012) Reply
"I'm not any different to you. I like Lady Gaga and Glee..." I'd say you and me are worlds apart.
Rhino (5 Jul, 2012) Reply
Ha !! It most be nice ... I woundn't no because its GROSS !!!
Me (5 Jul, 2012) Reply
Tinie tempah is an English rapper
Mrs. Nicholas Jerry Jonas (13 Jul, 2012) Reply
Corbinsor (20 Jul, 2012) Reply
Girl From Nevada (23 Jul, 2012) Reply
I love Tinie Tempah . (:
nevadan (8 Sep, 2012) Reply
whats worse is they live in my state
Imaperson (8 Nov, 2012) Reply
NaqiUž (24 Dec, 2012) Reply
Ireland colson (25 Dec, 2012) Reply
Hey seriously
Jzzz (2 Jan, 2013) Reply
So... First of all, how does the mom lactate that long...?
Second of all.... HUH?
Frey (5 Jan, 2013) Reply
any1 notice it says her dad and bro do too????
Major Confusion (6 Jan, 2013) Reply
Apparently...her dad and brother do it too.... That poor woman...and I mean...how sanitary can that be! Do they just like line up or something...so confused..
Dinosaur (6 Jan, 2013) Reply
Rawr dinosaurs
Dinosaur (6 Jan, 2013) Reply
Still a dinosaur
Uhh? (6 Jan, 2013) Reply
I think this whole family is trolling us...
EMOxx (16 Feb, 2013) Reply
african (19 Aug, 2013)
really??? 4 weeks? lactose intolerance? or? if not, i don't think you should brag about it coz you should breastfeed at least until 6 months....
hahah (28 Apr, 2013) Reply
wish i was in that family!!!!
Z3RO (12 Jul, 2013) Reply
SO is it pleasure now?!
Torie (15 Jul, 2013) Reply
no one (13 Oct, 2013) Reply
I believe people have their own free choice to do as they please. You may think it's disgusting but it is this girl's choice so keep your opinion to yourself. Im not saying you cant have an opinion just that it doesnt need to be voiced
Curiouse (24 Nov, 2013) Reply
Ware do I fund the damn article
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