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-=LaurryG=- (21 Jun, 2011) Reply
You'd expect a guy who was so down with books to be literate enough to spell 'life'..
Surruh (5 Jun, 2013)
Maybe he only reads gangsters' dictionaries.
Althir (21 Jun, 2011) Reply
Impressive how he still can't spell, though...
poser (21 Jun, 2011)
It's what you claim that matters.
YouMuppet (21 Jun, 2011)
Hence the humour.
Keepin' it Reel! (21 Jun, 2011) Reply
Books are 4 olde peepole!
oldbum (21 Jun, 2011)
Wow, I did not know that. I am 80 years old and have read EBOOKS for many years.
Keepin' it WEARD (21 Jun, 2011)
Really? Well, tell that to my 7yo cousins
Different Geezer (22 Jun, 2011)
Hey 7 year-olds! All your books are belong to us!
Booklover (21 Jun, 2011) Reply
Hang on the battery on my real book has run out. NOT!
Jeff (21 Jun, 2011) Reply
That collar couldnt possibly fit over his head. It just doesnt make sense.
Bam (22 Jun, 2011)
Hey. Two words. "Stretchy fabrics."
@Bam (22 Jun, 2011)
I assume you know a lot about "stretchy fabrics" then.
Jeff (22 Jun, 2011)
Tell me one "strechy fabric" that can stretch that much and then return to normal size.
Bam (22 Jun, 2011)
cartoon strechy fabrics can do ANYTHING
@Jeff (28 Jun, 2011)
well, you have IMA FIRIN MAH LAZAR fabric!
Mr.Amazing (21 Jun, 2011) Reply
Zis guy sur not a hipstr. It tok tres to produs paprs.
CurMudgeon (22 Jun, 2011) Reply
Newsflash: Self-righteous ***, a.k.a. "protester", breaks other people's stuff to "express himself". I can't wait for e-reader boy to brain him with a chair. KEEP IT GORY!
Word UP all in yo face! (22 Jun, 2011) Reply
look out for my peeps, y'all! We'zm gots the BOOKS 4 LYFE, dawgs!
Malisa (23 Jun, 2011) Reply
I love books
Pee Wee Herman (23 Jun, 2011)
Then why doen'cha marry them?
zeeshan merchant (23 Jun, 2011) Reply
Very good 8 out of 10
Cram (23 Jun, 2011) Reply
ok so books
Peter (24 Jun, 2011) Reply
Nice to know he can read. Now he needs to learn how to spell and maybe write
Not really (24 Jun, 2011)
How can you be sure he can read?
West Side Bookworms (27 Jun, 2011) Reply
Wes siiide
WSB in the librizary
We holdin it down
With a book marker
flacker (21 Apr, 2012) Reply
You scrolled all the way down here? Good job! Proceed to Next >> picture?