German nationalism on the rise
Experts worried that lots of Germanz still are nazi.
German nationalism on the rise
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Recaro (25 May, 2011) Reply
Bescherelle (25 May, 2011) Reply
Mhh in french we say "Vive LA France" and not 'LE'.
Buck Ofama (25 May, 2011)
in english we say "vive LE france"!
Google translate (25 May, 2011)
Yes but sometimes it's good to learn other language, discover other culture.. You know there is a world outside of your basement..
Sanity (26 May, 2011)
Yes but things do NOT have genders!
djiock (26 May, 2011)
Oh yes they do.
Frenchified (29 May, 2011)
ofc they do... in French, brain is masculine and mouth is feminine
USA (8 Aug, 2011)
Hey Frenchy, shut it.
observer (25 May, 2011) Reply
Accurate depiction of what passes for journalism these days.
JFK (25 May, 2011) Reply
ich bin ein berliner. In fairness the Kraut looks dodgy though
TheGerman (25 May, 2011) Reply
So True :(
Another German (25 May, 2011) Reply
True indeed
german girl (25 May, 2011) Reply
even some of my own people think so, especially the "punk"-teenies... so sad
Basil (25 May, 2011) Reply
Don't mention the war.
eftalanquest (25 May, 2011)
You have been war...ned.
Clod (1 Jun, 2011)
I mentioned the war, but I think I got away with it.
Churchill (25 May, 2011) Reply
Fourth time's the charm.
dumpster (25 May, 2011)
With apologies to Tom Lehrer (25 May, 2011) Reply
Well, there WAS that little unpleasantness in 1914-18, but they've hardly bothered us since then... ;D
Karah (31 Jul, 2012)
Missing out the period between 1933-1945 ...
Arthur Schopenhauer (25 May, 2011) Reply
The cheapest form of pride however is national pride. For it betrays in the one thus afflicted the lack of individual qualities of which he could be proud, while he would not otherwise reach for what he shares with so many millions. He who possesses significant personal merits will rather recognise the defects of his own nation, as he has them constantly before his eyes, most clearly. But that poor beggar who has nothing in the world of which he can be proud, latches onto the last means of being proud, the nation to which he belongs to. Thus he recovers and is now in gratitude ready to defend with hands and feet all errors and follies which are its own.
Albert Einstein (25 May, 2011)
Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind.
random less-stupid guy (25 May, 2011)
He who has never seen the war finds it easy to preach nonsense.
makr (25 May, 2011)
So true. Never understood why people are so easily being drawn into such a cheap scheme, what a bunch of tools. The reason why nationalism was invented was as a great source for cheap and loyal soldiers.
Insolitus (26 May, 2011)
One can simultaneously have both personal and national pride, and the latter doesn't automatically mean you are blind to your nation's flaws. Unless you are an idiot, of course, which many are, but not all.
LogiC (26 May, 2011)
I am Earth-nationalist. I believe we should accept other people for what they are. We should respect this Earth because it is our only home. We should respect ourselves, and actively support ideas that help all people, rather than because someone said so. Sadly even if we all did that wars would still occur, for resources, for unequal ideas of fair across cultures, for honest and sincere beliefs (like religion) that just cannot coexist without rewriting themselves. Lastly we were doomed from the start, our human selves are slaves to instinct and desire and emotion even if we abstract it through social etiquette and pretend it isn't there. Depressingly cynicism is required because more than likely that person that seems nice has an agenda, or is trying to rip you off, because nobody does kind things because you get used or ripped off. The best you can do is try your best. Try to be nice but be wary of the bad, you don't need to be a saint but at least die such that your parents and children don't regret you. Dying with regrets is normal but having an empty funeral and being forgotten as the dregs is far worse. I believe this is some sort of existentialist view.
Bulis (26 May, 2011)
Well then using your logic we can conclude that people are fans of a sports team because they are complete weaklings and losers. Otherwise they would not go around cheering for the actions of other people.
Samuel Johnson (25 May, 2011) Reply
The last refuge of the scoundrel is patriotism
Clod (1 Jun, 2011)
So, that's why all the illegal immigrants in the United States are so proud to be Mexican - because they are scoundrels.
Scooby (25 May, 2011) Reply
The problem is that the Germans don't say "Yay Deutschland," they say "Deutschland uber alles" and that's what scares the Frogs since they're the alles that Deutschland likes to uber most often...
Kraut (25 May, 2011)
You are über-retarded.
Isabelle (25 May, 2011)
@ Scooby: haha I am French and I found that funny! But we have a bit of the same problem in France, we can't wave flaggs unless it is the 14th of July or we won a football match (which doesn't happen anymore), otherwise we are called racists...
qwertz (25 May, 2011)
Because you, Frenchies, invited too much lazy immigrants to your own contry. You're no longer a host in your own home! Same goes to Brits and Swedes.
Dave (25 May, 2011)
There's no German saying "Deutschland uber alles". BTW: It is prohibited. Only thing they say is "'dschland" or "Deutschland, Deutschland (a.s.o.)".
Except the Neo-Nazis, but these you have in USA and Finland and Britain and... as well.
A Finn (26 May, 2011)
@qwertz: So true, sad and happening all over Europe! "EU= Turning Europe into Somalia since 1993"
S (26 May, 2011)
It originally meant "I love Germany ueber alles", like in "I love=prefer my girlfriend=mother over everything else". The author was misunderstood many years later by people who rarely think about words.
Answer-Man (27 Jul, 2011)
No question has been posed, yet I am here once again to save the daymn. I'm simply adding that the German anthem's line "Deutschland, Deutschland über alles" as described in the previous post is said to have been mistaken for "... über allen" which means "above everybody else". Germans usually don't use that line, especially since it's no longer part of the national anthem. Scooby, don't kid yourself, no nationalist German would ever define France as "all" and uber it. The original line basically said, like S mentioned so damn well: I love French wine, Spanish culture and Nigerian art but the only place my heart belongs to is the country I was born in. Anyway, enough of that gibberish, about half of the Germans are nazis whatsoever, some are hiding it, some don't even bother, some slowly get dragged towards that kraken, driven by governmental failure. And it doesn't actually matter what exactly they say. "Sieg Heil" can be funny, yet a simple statement of homeland pride can be shockingly creepy, depending on how it is expressed. German nationalism IS on the rise, it's only sad it remains hidden behind an anti-nationalist facade. The issue is built up similarly to the US gun debate where, rather than banning guns, people abusing guns should be banned. Here it's not the colours that matter, it's the fascist ideology nesting inside a fundamentalist brain. Blah, stupid topic. I'm being called for elsewhere. Woosh.
@S (18 Dec, 2013)
Thats not a very accurate translation. The literal translation of "over smth" would be "über ...", but to love smth "über alles" just means "very very much" (or "it is my favorite") and not in a sense, that I prefer one over the other.
catlover (25 May, 2011) Reply
Ebay description of a french riffle: Never used, only dropped once.
Skipweasel (25 May, 2011)
A French short length of shallow stream is different from anyone elses?
re-again (25 May, 2011)
Meh, that was funny the first 100 times.
sheesh (26 May, 2011) Reply
they spelled doucheland wrong! also, they forgot the last panel where the chinese guy is selling all those flags.
Jimmy (26 May, 2011) Reply
nice fail here, it's VIVE LA France and VIVA España
Letroll (26 May, 2011)
Le problem ? El problem ?
yeah (26 May, 2011) Reply
usa has 2 tumors on his head
ahhh (26 May, 2011)
That explains a lot
Actually, (26 May, 2011)
Those aren't tumors - they're the guts and brains of the country. Without them, the USA probably would have been taken over by the Nazis, too, like those other countries were... ;)
nice (30 May, 2011)
So you're saying the USA wasn't corrupted by Nazis thanks to Canada and the UK. Fair dinkum mate.
PunchLine Spoiler (26 May, 2011) Reply
we knew the end since the beggining =/
HaveGermanFrends (27 May, 2011) Reply
not a french guy (27 May, 2011) Reply
it's actually vive la France not vive le France
Grammar nazi (28 May, 2011) Reply
Vive LA France!
realityteacher (28 May, 2011) Reply
The sad truth is: Patriotism is for dumb in general. It's sympathizing with some unknown masses. In reality, you don't even like big parts of the people you present. Psychological, patriotism is the little brother of nationalism is the little brother of racism is the reason for genocide. (Google is your friend here) You might also ask why someone searches in something so irrational to indentify him with. Could be an indicator for being pathetic.
REALITY (8 Aug, 2011)
If you're saying patriotism is racism then you're a frickin idiot lol. Just because dumb people don't know how to think for themselves doesn't me that smart people can't love where they live without hating on other people. Stop trying to sound smart on the internet kid.
RealityCheck (31 May, 2011) Reply
Hey, you don't want this to happen, don't build deathcamps and try to conquer europe. simple enough
HEY (8 Aug, 2011)
Everyone has built death camps and tried to take over Europe, you're just being a jerk cause you know Germans pwned French :P
Bima (12 Jun, 2011) Reply
yea... that's exactly what it is.
if you say "oh, you're from [country]? cool :] i'm from germany"
it's about 80% of the time either the answer "omg hitler!" or "are you nazi?!?!"
about the only time didn't scream either when we held the world championship for soccer 2006 here.
pl (29 Jun, 2011) Reply
so true!
o'ahu14 (21 Jul, 2012) Reply
aloha deutschland!!!
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