Rapture Day prank
A fun response to Rapture Day.
Rapture Day prank
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Jehova's Witness (19 May, 2011) Reply
But on May 21st there will be the apocalypse :(
that guy (19 May, 2011)
How are YOU so sure. God hasn't told me anything.
oesllc (21 May, 2011)
Um, still here.
no socks (19 May, 2011) Reply
Were are the socks!?
that guy (19 May, 2011)
Actually, (19 May, 2011)
You know that place where all the missing socks go from your laundry? Well, that's where they went. Kinda like Heaven for socks, y'know...?
Jumpin Jupiter (20 May, 2011)
Who says you cant em with you?
hippie (22 May, 2011)
pff who's wearing socks these days?
Excited guy (19 May, 2011) Reply
OH YEAH!!!free clothes day
Typewriter Hipster (19 May, 2011) Reply
Those are some sick fades on those jeans.
Vince (19 May, 2011) Reply
may i remind everyone that the apocalypse was on the new millenium in 2000...oh wait...
David Blaine (19 May, 2011) Reply
Done it.
Free Converse (19 May, 2011) Reply
Those Chucks look new?!? I'll have them... Thanks!
Funky Aligator (19 May, 2011) Reply
Wooleater (19 May, 2011) Reply
.. since noone outside USA and probably most USA as well have never heard about this 21 may nonsense, I guess noone would understand.
However if you do this in that rpiechers hometown - oh boy, you are one son-of-a-troll
Vertigo (20 May, 2011)
you must be American, to assume that anyone who isn't from there doesn't know about this story. Get it straight the World Mocks you daily, we KNOW about this story lol
Douchery (21 May, 2011)
In case you havent noticed Vertigo, we mock ourselves... so your burn is irrelevent. Try again.
test1 (22 May, 2011)
well, cry and you cry alone, laugh and the world laughs with you.
Grandalf (19 May, 2011) Reply
Better, find your local rapturists and put the clothes and shoes in THEIR yards.
3rd times a charm (20 May, 2011) Reply
or 4th time or 5th lets see it was back in i think 1988? then 1994, 2000, 2011. 2012... come on people even I know (whom does not proclaim a religion) it says in the bible even the angels won't know so tell me how does everyone else know more than them? SMH oh well
Squeak (20 May, 2011) Reply
Why the hell would I?!
Tim (20 May, 2011) Reply
Why would you lay them down flat? Does everyone who get raptured have time to take a nap before they go?
1234 (20 May, 2011) Reply
I like how he faceplanted the curb before ascending to heaven.
Philthy (20 May, 2011) Reply
Does this mean we won't have Fred Phelps to kick around anymore?
Liberterius (20 May, 2011) Reply
I seriously doubt anyone wearing low cut Chuck T's will be allowed into Heaven...
tekno (20 May, 2011)
That's why god undresses them first.
Hannah (21 May, 2011) Reply
Matthew 24:36 #FAIL
cheddar (22 May, 2011) Reply
Well, Rapture day has passed. Anyone pulled this prank off in their neighborhood?
Well, it's now the 22nd... (22 May, 2011) Reply
Anybody besides me get left behind...? ;}
smoochie (23 May, 2011) Reply
Make sure to leave some soiled underwear in there for realism!
Honey (1 Jan, 2012) Reply
There's a secert about your post. ICTYBTIHTKY
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