Hollywood, why u think me stupid?
Why u try make me pay twice for same movie?
Hollywood, why u think me stupid?
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Sirius666 (18 Apr, 2011) Reply
Seems the random plot generator simply created the same output twice. The last 15-20 years I have seen nothing new (new like unseen not newly produced).
nab (18 Apr, 2011)
hm (18 Apr, 2011) Reply
It's all messed up! Why is Jacky in one movie, and Kelso in the other?
mh (18 Apr, 2011)
how do you *like* a comment.. damn you fb..
Marigold (21 Apr, 2011)
70s Dude (23 May, 2011)
Oh my god, you're right, you sir, are a genius, hey you wanna be my dad?
brr (18 Apr, 2011) Reply
I'm going for the second one cuz of Mila ;)
sheesh (20 Apr, 2011)
bad choice. never ever ever EVER watch a movie with justin timberlake in it. or a video. *cringes* (mila is cute tho. but so is natalie)
Canadian (18 Apr, 2011) Reply
I won't spend my precious bandwidth downloading the same movie twice
bob (18 Apr, 2011) Reply
this happens all the time
armageddon/deep impact,antz/a bugs life,volcano/dante's peak
myriad (18 Apr, 2011) Reply
forgot "Love and Other Drugs"
click (18 Apr, 2011) Reply
I'm tired of Meg's whining. Think I'll choose Natalie.
Elaine (18 Apr, 2011) Reply
stolen from Seinfeld, who stole it from somebody else. prolly that Shakespeare guy, he gets ripped off alla time.
Caedmon (18 Apr, 2011)
Yeah but shakespeare stole it all from me
Lurker (18 Apr, 2011) Reply
That's why I watch the Cartoon Channel. SpongeBob forever!
Clod (19 Apr, 2011)
SpongeBob RULES! I'm watching him even now. True story.
i81u812 (1 May, 2011)
Pics or GTFO
bite (18 Apr, 2011) Reply
NSA with Natalie Portman , no coment
wu (19 Apr, 2011) Reply
Thump up
COmmentator (19 Apr, 2011) Reply
There are shots in Battle LA exactly like those in Blackhawk down.
senseless_guy (19 Apr, 2011) Reply
People actually pay for movies?
hoorweeneck (19 Apr, 2011) Reply
Noted that the two female rivals in the Black Swan (both in the story and real life) - Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis - continue competing for our attention in those two flicks?
Conspiracy theorist (19 Apr, 2011)
Not only that. Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher worked together in That 70' show, while both Natalie Portman and Justin Timberlake have made songs with Andy Samberg. Also, both Kevin Kline and Patricia Clarkson have worked with Keanu Reeves AND Sir Ben Kinglsey. Coincidence? Does the sun revolves around the Earth?
Fury (19 Apr, 2011) Reply
Thank God I'm divorced so I can't be forced to watch this anymore. DISREGARD FEMALES ACQUIRE CURRENCY
hell-o (23 Apr, 2011) Reply
First one was crap, the other one seems to be a little better :)
WhyIsBushStillBreathing (1 May, 2011) Reply
In the old days, they used to release the same movie under different titles in different areas, then let the titles drift into other markets and let people buy the same movie twice. Apparently it's become cheaper or more profitable to remake it with the latest starlet.
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