Facebook vs. reality
Nah, I'm much more pathetic than that! Made by comicalconcept.com
Facebook vs. reality
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dude (18 Mar, 2011) Reply
id rather have cheese puffs and beer than a skate board and guitar anyhow, less work to have a good time. ib4 diet and obesity hate responses, ha.
Kenseiden (18 Mar, 2011) Reply
story of my life.
Doc Vacation (18 Mar, 2011) Reply
Why are his intestines falling out?
Yup (18 Mar, 2011) Reply
that's me
Clod (18 Mar, 2011) Reply
im the guy on the right in both versions
MrJones (19 Mar, 2011) Reply
I dont even own a book?
yay (19 Mar, 2011) Reply
me in tha foochur
Damn It (19 Mar, 2011) Reply
Facebook is the work of the Devil. Damn It!
ffs (21 Mar, 2011) Reply
I don't have a beard ... all the rest is true though
Robert van der Horst (2 Apr, 2011) Reply
I can't skate nor play guitar nor sit in a chair ripping my guts out while tranquilise myself by drinkin beer
ZomBie (2 Apr, 2011) Reply
the beard is still awesome
Male (4 Jul, 2011) Reply
You scrolled all the way down here? Good job! Proceed to Next >> picture?