When you see it...
...you'll point and giggle.
When you see it...
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Ruudis (20 Feb, 2011) Reply
hey, that`s Tracy Morgan!
wassup (14 Mar, 2011)
Jibbo (20 Feb, 2011) Reply
Dang, he licked their beauty away...
Jesus (20 Feb, 2011) Reply
AAH! A black man!
derp (20 Feb, 2011) Reply
By the way, a woman is doing the hoverhand thing to another woman
herp (20 Feb, 2011)
and she got sausage fingers
Castillion (20 Feb, 2011) Reply
LOL at the ginger girl with two friends!
3 (20 Feb, 2011) Reply
Dont get it... 3 ugly girls and a shopped black man licking one, eatliver has been funnier before...
Myleftarm (21 Feb, 2011) Reply
Dear God, EatLiver, you predicted the future!
Hey (21 Feb, 2011) Reply
I know that guy. He works at a nearby grocery store. His name is Ninjah ...
Is it... (21 Feb, 2011) Reply
POTUS during his college days?
MyFairLadyboy (22 Feb, 2011) Reply
Tiger Woods is at it again
Pointing (23 Feb, 2011) Reply
Haha, ha! Their teeth are all yellow!
gin (26 Mar, 2011) Reply
omg thats epic lol
Kids room? (22 Jul, 2011) Reply
Those are some bad drawings if its one of theirs
K (24 Sep, 2011) Reply
very discreet
rxretxythfc (9 Aug, 2012) Reply
dont get it
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