Learning English can be fun
I love how they underlined the important part.
Learning English can be fun
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mydge (20 Feb, 2011) Reply
dear japan, sex and the city is not a representative sample of our language. yours, everyone else.
Notmyrealname (20 Feb, 2011)
dood (21 Feb, 2011)
looking at the hair colour and hairstyles of the students she's teaching, it's highly unlikely any of them are japanese, nor is this class happening in japan.
Deathgod (7 Oct, 2011)
What about a fish called wanda...
Russian27 (20 Feb, 2011) Reply
I'm so usin it now.
josh (20 Feb, 2011) Reply
looks more like a course on linguistics, not English.
Vogel (20 Feb, 2011) Reply
legen-wait for it-dary?
george (20 Feb, 2011) Reply
studentses is englisher
rocktex (20 Feb, 2011) Reply
yeah... we ALWAYS put a question mark in the middle of a statement
mydge (20 Feb, 2011)
if you're in the medical profession, this is EXTREMELY commonplace. so shush, your opinion is invalid.
Frank (20 Feb, 2011) Reply
My linguistics professor used this exact example. It's probably common, since it's the only English infix conjugate.
Ozhound (20 Feb, 2011) Reply
linguistdude (22 Feb, 2011)
No, it's not fake. I teach it all the time. Infixation, that is.
Teach (14 Dec, 2013) Reply
You think this is hard to teach? Try teaching what slurs are to a culture that doesn't have a problem with rascism. Try explaining to Japanese teens why they shouldn't sing all the lyrics to their favorite American rap songs.
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