Lady Gaga: jealous much?
Those brilliant Egyptian bastards...
Lady Gaga: jealous much?
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What? (13 Feb, 2011) Reply
She looks like the Fortress of Solitude
Notmyrealname (14 Feb, 2011)
ROFL! Like!
Drake (13 Feb, 2011) Reply
Looks like she either sucked the life out of the dude behind her or he's just contributing to the whiteness of the suit.
Be careful... (13 Feb, 2011) Reply
The guy behind her looks like he just got an eye poked out...
bob (13 Feb, 2011) Reply
i can relate to the pot head
Fashion (13 Feb, 2011) Reply
I am not sure I would have accessorised that ensemble with a cup of tea...
Scooby (13 Feb, 2011) Reply
I *still* think that Mr. BreadHead needs dreds...
dsa (13 Feb, 2011) Reply
She looks like Emory, that green alien from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.
Cynical Sam (13 Feb, 2011) Reply
Pot on the head is a brilliant solution. We used steel Pot helmets when playing army as kids. I don't know why more people have not done this in past conflicts.
Egyptians??? (13 Feb, 2011) Reply
How strange those Egyptians... holding "strange Hats" contenst in the middle of a national revolution. How Strange...
sheesh (14 Feb, 2011) Reply
the guy on her left looks like he's gonna knock that thing right off her head. look really close and there's another guy between them that looks like he's taking a dump. then there's the guy in the band uniform behind her... looks like he smelled a fart and passed out
Gypo Workplace (14 Feb, 2011) Reply
Funny hat day on Friday.
viper (14 Feb, 2011) Reply
Egyptians are better on recycling house hold items
Megazord (14 Feb, 2011) Reply
The guy behind Lady Gaga looks incredibly drunk
sarcastic jester (15 Feb, 2011)
No, he doesn't look anymore at all. Lady Gaga just moved and poked his eyes out. He didn't see it coming, because he was blinded by the glitter in the first place.
Captain obvious III (15 Feb, 2011)
sarcastic jester posts sarcastic jests
inquiring minds (15 Feb, 2011) Reply
Are Lady GaGa and Marilyn Manson really the same person?
Toby (16 Feb, 2011)
No, he is a much prettier woman... IMHO.
thebigbadwolf (16 Feb, 2011) Reply
for a nation that built the pyramids this is just... pathetic...
oh wait... the arabs rule egypt now...
Reggie Kray (16 Feb, 2011) Reply
Oh she's so sophistaced drinking tea from a china cup. I'd love to slap her with the back of my hand.
... (20 Mar, 2011) Reply
What you don't get: Lady Gagas hat is stealth, as in stealth aircraft. It can't be detected by radar... win! ;)
ding (13 Feb, 2012) Reply
Which one is Lady Gaga?
theStonesAndBeatles (24 Dec, 2013) Reply
Remember when pop stars actually had talent?
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