Bread helmet
Have you ever wanted freedom so bad, that you strapped bread to your head?
Bread helmet
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yup (4 Feb, 2011) Reply
lol, there's a statement there ;p
wow (4 Feb, 2011) Reply
there goes the bread redneck
nab (4 Feb, 2011)
catlover (4 Feb, 2011)
Bread Pitt
elvis... (4 Feb, 2011)
Cynical Sam (4 Feb, 2011)
That's Jack Daniels; he snuck in with that disguise.
LogiC (5 Feb, 2011)
what a wierdough...
or wait, is this picture a slice of life?
I think I'm on a roll!
I need to get a loaf :(
ogoboso (5 Feb, 2011)
CynicalSam FTW
3 (4 Feb, 2011) Reply
id do that if i had nothing but bread in a city full of flying rocks.
@3 (4 Feb, 2011)
That's a good point.
European (4 Feb, 2011) Reply
Is he one of those Breadnecks?
frodits (4 Feb, 2011) Reply
Damn bread activists
12345 (4 Feb, 2011)
they ruin everything !
muuuhhhbraaak! (4 Feb, 2011)
ready for war!!
winnie the pooh (4 Feb, 2011) Reply
not as effective as bacon I am afraid
Al K Hall (4 Feb, 2011) Reply
Uses his helmet to stash his bottle of Jacks
Eeyore (4 Feb, 2011) Reply
where's the beer
Schoolboy (4 Feb, 2011) Reply
He told his wife to make him a sammich, so...
Sandra (4 Feb, 2011)
Hahahaha that was a real good one!
Meathead (4 Feb, 2011)
Cynical Sam (4 Feb, 2011)
Well Played, Schoolboy!
hmm (4 Feb, 2011) Reply
so did he stick the bread on the cling film and then put it on his head or did he get someone to hold the bread on his head while he wrapped the cling film around it? Discuss.
Smart Man (4 Feb, 2011) Reply
While running with the angry mob, street vendors can be hard to find. It's always smart to bring your own snacks. We suggest bread and saran wrap. alternate use - can be used to slow the flow of blood from head wounds delivered by the angry police.
Jesus (4 Feb, 2011)
Thanks, that was actually pretty useful.
Westerner (4 Feb, 2011) Reply
Haha... arabs are like apes.
Monkeyman (4 Feb, 2011)
How many apes do you know can clingfilm a farmhouse loaf to their forehead?
Whatever (4 Feb, 2011) Reply
Must be a member of the fondue party.
Walt Disneys Frozen Head (4 Feb, 2011) Reply
If he was south african that bread would be hiding minature bottles of JD
ralph (4 Feb, 2011)
what makes you think that it isn't?
Peter (4 Feb, 2011) Reply
Open up your mind
Open up your purse
Never, never, never gonna lose it
Take it all away
Never give an inch
Gotta make a mint
Gotta make a million
2 + 1 equals (4 Feb, 2011) Reply
He's protecting himself from the Breadgunner.
Ref (4 Feb, 2011) Reply
UK (4 Feb, 2011) Reply
Typical, only showing the upper crusts!
NEWS PERSON (4 Feb, 2011) Reply
The Egyptians already have freedom. Protesting nao=?
ag (6 Feb, 2011)
you are not that into information, are you?
das (4 Feb, 2011) Reply
It's Lembas, the elven bread from Lord of The Rings. Now this guy is ready to war.
wrong country (4 Feb, 2011) Reply
Dubya (4 Feb, 2011) Reply
We kin beat that! Show 'em boyz! (visit link)
Bunny (4 Feb, 2011) Reply
He is om-nom-noming on a giant invisible bun there
Well, (4 Feb, 2011) Reply
With all that dough and yeast, it's no WONDER those Egyptians rose up... :}
A-Nano-Mouse (11 Jul, 2011)
Lol, i c wut u did thar :)
looks like (4 Feb, 2011) Reply
an urgent business proposal
Kenseiden (5 Feb, 2011) Reply
there must be a perfect captioning... somewhere.
meself (5 Feb, 2011) Reply
use your loaf
Sinbad (5 Feb, 2011) Reply
is that a David Adkins? (visit link)
lolololo (5 Feb, 2011) Reply
My helmet is a bread. Your argument is invalid!
Jeff (5 Feb, 2011) Reply
well, if someone threw a rock?
grey (5 Feb, 2011) Reply
seriously guys, are you not aware of bread's bullet stopping properties?
CNNN (6 Feb, 2011) Reply
Egypts new President at his inauguration.
Anonymous (6 Feb, 2011) Reply
Many have resorted to makeshift helmets to protect themselves from thrown rocks and other debris. These guys are protesting for the removal of longtime Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak, and strictly mean srs bzns: (visit link)
Sadly, (6 Feb, 2011)
A bad translation of "cheesehead" confuses another Egyptian Packers fan... :)
CallmeSchlemeil (7 Feb, 2011) Reply
His Name is translated into English as "Jack Daniels"
NightOwl yaknow (7 Feb, 2011) Reply
New slogan for egyptian bread: When you're outta helmets, our bread is so hard it'll stop a brick!
Sayin (8 Feb, 2011) Reply
He's sayin " WHERE'S THE BEEF " (*in caps he's yelling*)
Hummm (8 Feb, 2011) Reply
"They may take our bread but they will never take our freedom!!!"
rock (8 Feb, 2011) Reply
Guy behind "At every pro-democracy rally there is always one guy at the front blocking your view with his over large bread helmet - typical...down in front!"
Anonymous (8 Feb, 2011) Reply
Have you ever been so mad you donned a bread helmet and entered battle?
tastic (8 Feb, 2011) Reply
His kids were all doughy eyed when they saw their dad in the news.
RS (9 Feb, 2011) Reply
They have Little Ceaser's Crazy bread in Egypt? And here I thought it was a local Detroit thing. Others around him seem utterly non-plussed at the bread helmet, so I'm assuming its something many are doing to protect themselves from flying rocks.
eyelovetivo (10 Feb, 2011) Reply
plenty of good breadguy photoshop going on... (visit link)
a. (15 Feb, 2011) Reply
You scrolled all the way down here? Good job! Proceed to Next >> picture?