Going vegan
Stop breathing water, silly fish.
Going vegan
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2+1 (4 Feb, 2011) Reply
Her name is ...Logic?
3 (8 Feb, 2011)
her logic is flawless
12345 (4 Feb, 2011) Reply
the vegan way of thinking :)
eisofen (4 Feb, 2011) Reply
yeah, right, it's those people who look at my like i'm the devil when i'm eating a steak -.-
Ozhound (4 Feb, 2011) Reply
Her surname is "Lacking"
Actually (4 Feb, 2011) Reply
It is uncommon knowledge that the oceans have no life in them, only oil reserves.
Nemo (4 Feb, 2011) Reply
Like thats the first thing everybody says if you say you're going vegan "WHAT ABOUT SUSHI?" That Eastwood, what a guy.
Crayshack (4 Feb, 2011) Reply
This has to be a troll.
Mr sense (4 Feb, 2011) Reply
Pointless picking on a random human... move on
neener (4 Feb, 2011) Reply
She isn't going vegan. She's becoming a pescetarian...and with a start to a new life as a "vegan" like this- oh yeah- that'll last like a week. pfft
Clod (7 Feb, 2011)
We are not discussing religion here.
Todd Ingram (4 Feb, 2011) Reply
She will never become a member of the vegan university...
Wondersaurus Rex (7 Feb, 2011)
And, sadly, she will never graduate from Bovine University, either.
no such thing (4 Feb, 2011) Reply
as a fish
Shattered (4 Feb, 2011) Reply
Maybe she should take the time to learn that pescetarian isn't the same as vegan, and fish don't breathe water.
RWW (4 Feb, 2011)
Oh really? What do they breathe, then?
something (6 Feb, 2011)
RWW fish breathe oxygen
Bah (7 Feb, 2011)
Humans breathe air not oxygen. Fish breathe water not oxygen. We both remove oxygen from the mixture we happen to live in.
Just Sayin (4 Feb, 2011) Reply
Reeses are made of peanut butter not meat.
...or ARE they (4 Feb, 2011)
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Name (5 Feb, 2011)
No, but they contain milk chocolate, which vegans can't eat.
Hezzan (6 Feb, 2011)
...dairy isn't vegan...and guess what..
the chocolate that the peanut butter is wrapped in is DAIRY!
Go Away (4 Feb, 2011) Reply
She is a graduate of the American public school system.
lol (4 Feb, 2011) Reply
LOGIC! There is none.
triple troll (4 Feb, 2011) Reply
It's Superbowl weekend in US. You're argument is invalid. We will gorge ourselves on chicken wings and babyback ribs. Millions of chickens and pigs will be sacrificed to satiate our gluttony. Slaughtered. SLAUGHTERED.
Clod (7 Feb, 2011)
You can't say slaughter without laughter.
LOL (5 Feb, 2011) Reply
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JMAM (5 Feb, 2011) Reply
What vegetable has proteins?
Stinky (5 Feb, 2011)
Beans! Although officially they're a legume.
Mattia (5 Feb, 2011)
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Uhhh (5 Feb, 2011)
theres a lot of vegetables that have Protein. ex. Beans.
sheesh (6 Feb, 2011)
peanuts! like what they use to make, um, reeses!
Smithlao (5 Feb, 2011) Reply
I'm still trying to find the connection between breathing water and being an animal. She's dumb as in "dumb as a brick".
logic (5 Feb, 2011) Reply
me be veeeegan, but animulz u sooo tasty
J. (5 Feb, 2011) Reply
Every day I'm more and ore suprised of people stupidity.
sheesh (6 Feb, 2011) Reply
oh that makes perfect sense... since reeses dont breathe water, they must be animals, so she has to give em up... hmmm, i guess that means that vegetables must breathe water then! those darn vegans! when is someone gonna stand up for veggie rights? the poor little vegetables cant even fight back, since they dont have teeth or a brain or even locomotion! The poor veggies will be slaughtered! SLAUGHTERED! LOL! if we were not meant to eat animals, why are they made of meat? if we were not meant to eat meat, then why is it so tasty? if we were supposed to eat veggies, why are they green and nasty?
A-Nano-Mouse (11 Jul, 2011)
"if we were not meant to eat animals, why are they made of meat?"
With that line of reasoning, one would have no leg to stand on when it came to complaining about cannibalism. In fact, I saw that on a bumpersticker...lol, it came on a car my dad bought
Franky (6 Feb, 2011) Reply
That's actually pretty common, especially in cultures dependent on seafood. Besides that, just cutting out red meat makes a HUGE difference. It's one of the most exploitive and naturally devastating industries in the world. Also, whether fish feel pain is a fairly big debate (although recent evidence points towards that they don't). Kudos to you for your attempt to eat more responsibly... even if you don't know the name for what you're doing.
rs (9 Feb, 2011)
Over fishing is a HUGE problem in countries like Japan and over fishing is destroying the oceans, far more than farming and cattle is destroying the lands.
Enjoy your stay! (10 Feb, 2011)
Pearls before swine...
gus (6 Feb, 2011) Reply
oh maan she is gonna miss out on her vegan powers is she aint careful... girl better watch it...
guilty (6 Feb, 2011) Reply
Meat is murder... Tasty, tasty murder.
VEGABOND (20 Feb, 2011) Reply
how dumb is she?
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