Bacon candle
The manliest candle in the world.
Bacon candle
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Stupid question (12 Jan, 2011) Reply
Does it smell of bacon?
Clever answer (22 Jan, 2011)
No it smells like roses ... SCNR ...
Droolworthy (12 Jan, 2011) Reply
I'd go insane from the smell. Just like the dog in the commercial. BACON BACON BACON!! I SMELL BACON!!
Montahe (12 Jan, 2011) Reply
We have to expand on this idea, bacon soup, lotion, soap, dental floss, everything i demand bacon flavored bacon by 2012!!! who's with me?
Bacon? Crispy bacon! (12 Jan, 2011)
They make it already. Google is your friend.
-insert name here- (12 Jan, 2011)
(visit link)
8 Gague (12 Jan, 2011) Reply
You are : THE MAN!
Johhny drama (12 Jan, 2011) Reply
You guys are obviously not getting the joke. 9/11 - Twin Towers. Muslims do not eat pork. It's condemned by Islam. Get it?
dsa (12 Jan, 2011)
Sure, because it really does read 9/11 on the card.
you sir (12 Jan, 2011)
Umm.... no. you sir, are an idiot.
SadPartIs (12 Jan, 2011)
Considering some other things on the card, that may very well be true.
s (16 Jan, 2011)
it's not a card, it's a post-it, moron.
Passerby (23 Jan, 2011)
In the United States, it is common to write a date with the month first. So either the picture was taken on January 9, 2011, or they are pre-dating the picture about 8 months in advance of September 1, 2011. Which is more likely?
Twelve Gauge (12 Jan, 2011) Reply
Someone should make bacon out of bacon. And cheddar.
Sixteen Gauge (12 Jan, 2011) Reply
but what happens to all that lovely crispy bacon?
da man (12 Jan, 2011) Reply
well THIS I can relate to
me (12 Jan, 2011) Reply
Just wait until the bacon grease becomes rancid. Then it WILL be a treat.
M. Rioux (12 Jan, 2011) Reply
should have drank it, what a waste
@M.Rioux (13 Jan, 2011)
Or... used to fry eggs, hashbrowns, and bread. Use it to smooth hair, treat sunburn, treat mosquite bites and many other things.
Tember (12 Jan, 2011) Reply
who the hell needs a DRILL to poke a hole in bacon grease?
observant (12 Jan, 2011)
While wearing flannel pajama pants.
RWW (12 Jan, 2011)
Man, I was gonna say that. Also, I made a butter candle the other day.
ahaha (12 Jan, 2011)
I bet it's the middle of the day and he's just got up.
meems (23 Jan, 2011)
I was under the impression that the drill was to blend the bacon grease and (what I assumed to be) candle wax that was already in the jar before the bacon grease was poured in... Followed by the wick most likely being put into the jar before the bacon grease/candle wax mixture hardened. I'm about 98% sure this was the case...
redneck (12 Jan, 2011) Reply
a manly candle for a manly attack... this picture is why millions of fellow americans died that die, and time stopped for a while...
oh, and they took our jobs
Amazing... (13 Jan, 2011)
You're the second person who has confused 01/09/2011 with 09/11/2001. What's up with that - numerical dyslexia?
redneck (14 Jan, 2011)
mr. amazing, you just missed the point... big time... congratulations on your attempt, better luck next time...
Amazing... (14 Jan, 2011)
And your point would be...?
Oniönhead (24 Oct, 2012)
There is no point other than that inherent in very obvious trolling
manly men men men (13 Jan, 2011) Reply
Hopefully it provides enough light for you to read your welfare cheque.
bobbus77 (13 Jan, 2011) Reply
We did this last year with the grease from a bacon explosion (google it). Sadly, the burning grease candle never smelled like anything, bacon or otherwise. :(
W (13 Jan, 2011) Reply
One question. Do you always cook it?
EBBrown (16 Jan, 2011) Reply
This is great. A total guy thing.
Plate-o-meat (18 Jan, 2011) Reply
Pork Fat RULES!
Dirtbutton (19 Jan, 2011) Reply
You could just put the wick in the jar before pouring the bacon grease, but it's a manlier candle if power tools are involved in its making.
Shemar (20 Jan, 2011)
Have you made this before, and if so, does it go rancid?
Fooz (16 Mar, 2011) Reply
He has no point. Even if if were September in the date, it would be September 1st, 2011, not September 11th.
Klaviatury (26 Dec, 2011) Reply
What kind of wierdo bakes bacon? You are doing it wrong dear..
Hedda (22 May, 2013) Reply
No it doesnt
#hashtag (30 Nov, 2013) Reply
#tastiestcandleintheworld ... tight.
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