Obama care EMS unit 1
Spotted in Austin, Texas.
Obama care EMS unit 1
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Bima (6 Apr, 2011) Reply
ugh, i'm sick of those kinds of americans.
btw, can't they just talk about their worldviews with their friends or something? do they REALLY have to annoy every fricken person out there?
Beth (7 May, 2011)
That's why I'm Australian.
retribution (14 Jul, 2011)
you can see from the outlook of the relic that it's not the brightest lightbulb over there
@Bima (19 Sep, 2012)
Same goes for you
Julia (1 Jul, 2012) Reply
This guy is an embarrassment!
Ray the Curmudgeon (18 May, 2013) Reply
Yes, Dubya, I've missed you. But my aim is improving ... trololololololol!
d (3 Jul, 2013) Reply
looking at the small pic , before reading, i thought you weant the route of brouse LOL
Real American (24 Nov, 2013) Reply
You are typical democrat idiots. You can say what ever you want, lies, whatever, but someone says their opinion, then their stupid people. If you voted for Obama, you're an idiot.
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