World War II
...according to Poland.
World War II
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Fan (23 Feb, 2010) Reply
mimi (23 Feb, 2010) Reply
boooo!!! not funny
Qk. (23 Feb, 2010) Reply
Wow. I seriously thought that was supposed to be an electrode.
FHM (24 Feb, 2010) Reply
why Japan looks like Macedonia?
baksuz (24 Feb, 2010)
My friend, that's not Vergina Sun flag, but the Rising Sun Flag. I can see why you asked, but there's no white in FYROM flag, only gold (yellow if you prefer). And Vergina Sun flag is originally blue with gold sun from Greece, not red with gold sun as the FYROM made it.
trewor (24 Feb, 2010)
that's actually Japanese flag from WWII (Kamikaze) So learn a little ;)
Poland (26 Feb, 2010) Reply
I am a Polish myself and I think this stuff is just hilarious, we just cant accept that other nations do also make fun of us, just as everyone else is making fun of France, Germany, Russia, Britain or the USA... Poland Rules, at least in our imagination!!!
pe0n (1 Mar, 2010) Reply
I'm Polish and find this humerous.
Ready (5 Oct, 2012)
do you know what POLISH is? :D try google translator :-P
pewpew (18 Apr, 2010) Reply
all this time i thought it was about pokemon..
Germany (26 May, 2010) Reply
Not realistic. Poland should be selling some Cigs
Miya (8 Nov, 2010) Reply
True! :]
L (14 Apr, 2011) Reply
Try Hetalia next time.
anon (2 Jun, 2011) Reply
Poland just looks like a pokeball
Wait... (13 Oct, 2011) Reply
Poland is Electrode.
Mind is blown.
Huh... (29 Apr, 2013) Reply
Not a single Hetalia-related comment on this page? Interesting...and slightly disappointing.
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