Insane body mod
Why? Why do people do stuff like this?
Insane body mod
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James (5 Apr, 2011) Reply
Well, now he cant hide when he has something stuck in his teeth..
Yvonne (13 Apr, 2011) Reply
It's just a sticker/piercing stuck to her chin, you can tell! XD
todd (21 Apr, 2011)
no, its actually a glass stretcher, you can tell by the lil redness around the outside and that the lip has been pushed up
Jem (30 Apr, 2011)
todds right
doom (5 May, 2011) Reply
nope, it is edited. he has a real piercing, but the teeth are just edited (it is not placed properly) but nice pic anyways
seth (21 Jun, 2011) Reply
this is seriously absolutely the stupidest most moronic decision i've ever had the displeasure of seeing someone make. anyone make in my entire life short of suicide. its so dumb it actually irritated me
carley (22 Jun, 2011) Reply
even if it is fake its still gross!!!
Aleeyah (29 Jun, 2011) Reply
it's not fake..if u look @ it good u can see that the ring is really in her lip and around the ring it's red...and i know people that do all kinds of things 2 there body's...
pzh (6 Jul, 2011) Reply
is this a male or a female?
hf (8 Jul, 2011) Reply
is that a guy or girl?
dopeii (12 Jul, 2011) Reply
ewww people are so crazy and sick
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