Slouch trousers for men
Australian designer sells these for $117.00 (complimented by a pair of hideous Oxford shoes).
Slouch trousers for men
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brb (22 Nov, 2009) Reply
poor guy..
DouglasUrantia (11 Dec, 2009) Reply
I feel sorry for the model....was he sober?
Maxx (14 Dec, 2009) Reply
how much did they pay that guy to wear those funny lookin things
dz (16 Dec, 2009) Reply
the average-joe just doesn't know what looks cool and how to recognize it. This IS cool. Go to Asia (India for example), look around you and by my guest, tell them they look crazy? They don't.
I'm a designer, and yes, root for this style as well as ANY ambition that's aiming for styles that aren't the traditional obvious boring ones. Come on people, expand your mind and don't be so narrowminded & childish...
lol (7 Mar, 2014)
India is the joke of the fashion world.
dante (20 Dec, 2009) Reply
i blame the French
John R. Carlisle (10 Jan, 2010) Reply
Did this guy take a dump in his pants? It looks like he is wearing pants to accommodate some sort of diaper. I asked a few people here at the John R. Carlisle Institute and no one could imagine why anyone would wear pants like this by choice.
Rob (14 Jan, 2010) Reply
I worked in the photo studio where these photos were taken. The model, photographer, stylists, and us editors all had a laugh that these were actual pants that our company wanted people to buy.
Dee (28 Dec, 2010) Reply
GRIFF (11 Aug, 2012) Reply
Plenty of room for the incontinence pads then!!
Darrell (3 Nov, 2012) Reply
can't wait for these to catch on
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