Giuliano Stroe
5-year-old bodybuilder from Italy. He has been training since the age of two.
Giuliano Stroe
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Anonymouse (21 May, 2011) Reply
That's gonna suck for him when he's older
Hey (19 Nov, 2011)
Yeah, he'll get all the girls he wants. Sucks.
daniel (22 Jul, 2011) Reply
-=LaurryG=- (29 Jul, 2011) Reply
Guess what happens when his parents short-change him with his pocket money !?
numbsain (1 Aug, 2011) Reply
This child actually has a rare congenital abnormality and has no control over this. It's misleading to say that he is a body builder because he is not, he's this way naturally.
anonymous (23 Aug, 2011)
Mumbsain, how can you say that? There's dozens of videos on YouTube of this kid working out better and harder than anyone I've ever seen.
popopopopop (13 Jan, 2013)
You are actually retarded
poppo (24 Sep, 2011) Reply
he is strong i would be scared to fight him
ua_bull (19 Nov, 2011) Reply
I's not good to be so strong in young years
me (8 Mar, 2012) Reply
Giuliano isn't from Italy, he's from Romania...
tom (17 Mar, 2012) Reply
he'll be fine
brom (30 May, 2012) Reply
his life span is going to be short mark my word
dgnashvi (6 Jun, 2012) Reply
yep :D what a silly thing ... sucks man like him won't grow any more his max haight will be 1m 30cm hey parent look after him he is just a baby :((
Olivia (8 Jun, 2012) Reply
OMG'That is a kid w/ a fake 6 or is it???
Lala (28 Jun, 2012) Reply
OMG! haha and yeah, im goin to make my son get a 6 pack before his 10 ahaha :)
slim (2 Oct, 2012) Reply
that's crazy
asper (21 Oct, 2012) Reply
its got to be some type of joke or something because there is no way a little kid can have this much muscle mass
Nadie (19 Nov, 2012) Reply
His going to be build but a midgit no girls like that
aswin (29 Nov, 2012)
this is not so good it may affect his coming years this is because of his rare congential abnormality it CANNOT BE CONTROLLED BY HIM this may affect his increase of hight so take care
uallridiots (31 Dec, 2012) Reply
It is called mystatin related muscle-hypertrophy which is characterized by reduced body fat and increased muscle mass and tone. Also look up Liam Hoekstra.
Cdog (15 Feb, 2013)
Look up Giuliano Stroe on YouTube dipshits
GoogleExpert (5 Mar, 2013) Reply
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