Drunk yoga
The easy way to do all the hard yoga postures.
Drunk yoga
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3plus2EqualsFive (20 Jul, 2009) Reply
Humph...any my mates still don't believe that I practice Yoga after an all day session at the pub!
bobborama (21 Jul, 2009)
the fact that you say mates makes me realize that you dont sleep in the dolphin state for relaxation.
Neex (22 Jul, 2009)
Steve Irwin said mates.
He was like a irl chuck norris
Ozhound (29 Jul, 2009)
you seem to be insinuating that chuck norris isnt real?
Yogi (17 Sep, 2009)
Yoga Rocks!
@Neex (22 Mar, 2012)
Steve Irwin was one of the most unintelligent in his approach to animals with his loud manor of speaking. I told people for years he'd die in the field because he is animal stupid, just got lucky for years.
Yoga Bear (20 Jul, 2009) Reply
Clever pic, but I can't help wondering who named "the bride pose"...
Yar (20 Jul, 2009)
Not the bride, that's for damn sure :)
Dudu (20 Jul, 2009)
I think it's supposed to be called bridGe pose, not bride pose.
Yoga Bear (23 Jul, 2009)
Confirmed that it's supposed to be "Bridge" (visit link)
But man, "bride pose" is hilarious.
Jeers (20 Jul, 2009) Reply
Now I know who I am - I am The Yoga Guru.
last name first (20 Jul, 2009) Reply
Or, how I spent my summer vacation.
unnamed (20 Jul, 2009) Reply
some people devote their entire lives to yoga and perform incredible poses, russians only need a bottle of vodka :D
HailToTheAle (20 Jul, 2009) Reply
I also practice Drunken-kung-fu alot ..
George (20 Jul, 2009) Reply
Mans greatest achievement = blissfull ignorance. amazing to see how desensitized people actually are
123 (21 Jul, 2009) Reply
All of them russians?
LandLord (21 Jul, 2009)
ogoboso (21 Jul, 2009)
...probably all the same Russian.
Jesus (21 Jul, 2009) Reply
Haha, the good old "Irish Yoga" joke.
N!D (21 Jul, 2009)
Ah but! This is real-world irish yoga. I just wonder where yoga gets its names from, Halasana, sounds like a tiolet roll.
Alice (21 Jul, 2009) Reply
the first pic is definately taken in Poland
123 (1 Oct, 2009)
russians are starting to visit poland :D or its all just some kind of slavic yoga maybe. btw did you know that ''slavic'' comes from english slave?
Vladamir Putin (21 Jul, 2009) Reply
Oh those Russians...
Irony (21 Jul, 2009) Reply
I have failed to make the leap from Yoga to Pass-out-drunkenness.
Moon (21 Jul, 2009) Reply
Getting stupid drunk is a LOT cheaper than yoga, too!!!
Schwabra (21 Jul, 2009) Reply
Haven't seen so many Russians in an Eatliver picture for quite a while.
lal (21 Jul, 2009) Reply
vodka best workout ever
ROFLMAO! (21 Jul, 2009) Reply
this is just perfect!
darbu (25 Jul, 2009) Reply
It would be funny if it wasn't so sad.... :-(
ProjectH (26 Jul, 2009)
I agree..
charliepl0x (26 Jul, 2009) Reply
hf (26 Jul, 2009) Reply
Gumby (26 Jul, 2009) Reply
Thanks for the visuals. I think I can now do yoga.
aeasr (27 Jul, 2009) Reply
FreakenAwesome (27 Jul, 2009) Reply
That's great!
propagandhi (27 Jul, 2009) Reply
Only through the constant application of inebriants can one truly become aware of our deepest nature.
Grateful (29 Jul, 2009) Reply
Nice to know that all the years I was drinking I was getting a lot of yoga exercise.
xD (30 Jul, 2009) Reply
the first picture was made in poland warsaw i recognize the bus heheh im from warsaw..u can c smth like that veeery often :)
Well (31 Jul, 2009) Reply
"Ananda Balasana" - "This pose gently [or sternly] brings a greater awareness to the hip joints."
MrCrab (1 Aug, 2009) Reply
In soviet Russia everyone knows how to relax real good.
justshowup (2 Aug, 2009) Reply
DMV Clerk (14 Aug, 2009) Reply
I was already laughing and then I saw the LAST picture! OMG! How Funny!
Jen (26 Aug, 2009) Reply
Doesn't anyone else find these pics of people in states of "drunkeness" incredibly sad? I think it's remarkably insensitive to "poke fun" at the people in these conditions...pairing their sad and desperate situations with yoga poses. Isn't yoga supposed to promote compassion among other things?
Rick MG (26 Aug, 2009)
My sentiments exactly, Jen. I didn't know what I was getting into when clicking the link from Free Will Astrology, and I'm a little disappointed in Rob Breszny. Thought he was more compassionate than this, laughing at other people's misfortune.
yrotter (26 Aug, 2009)
I agree. Was hard to look at
KrakGHL (26 Aug, 2009)
I arrived here from Rob's horoscope column as well. Though I see and empathize with your point that the "yoga" practitioners in the photos surely have some tough circumstances, I also see and appreciate Rob's point as well. It is the paradox of always being able to find meaning, inspiration, humor, and divine consequence from any situation... even if there is additional (and often serious) baggage as well...
yoga mommy (27 Aug, 2009)
I agree. These are some pretty disturbing photos. A more proper title might be...Those who love themselves and those who don't. Sad.
Moms (27 Aug, 2009)
To quote a basic Buddhist precept, things are what they are. These people are drunk. They are also in compromising, and humorous, positions. Doesn't mean you can't be compassionate and find humor both. Like scolding a child for doing something very wrong, but funny. Sounds contradictory, but isn't.
Amber (27 Aug, 2009)
These people practicing Drunk Yoga are not asking us to feel sorry for them. What will you do with the uncomfortable feelings they bring up in you? Feel bad? Change yourself? Change the world? Accept that life is...
Redragonsfire (28 Aug, 2009)
You know I did infact find that funny. I don't do yuga but I do drink and from time to time probable have been in 1 or 2 of those possisions. The compairacen between the two if situationally funny and compair and contrast kind of thing. Don't read too much into it, just laugh and if you have n=been there laugh at you self as I have.
yourasana (15 Sep, 2010)
as a practicing yogini and recovering addict... i think the pictures are hysterical. thanks but most of us would rather not have your pity. most of us laugh with the people who are laughing... because it's funny. it would be sad indeed if i couldn't laugh at the things i've done while drunk, or in any other state.
bohica (26 Aug, 2009) Reply
funny stuff, yoga must be natural afterall, as must be getting hammerd
bankstongary (26 Aug, 2009) Reply
Finally! A way to disguise my drunk stunts!
yogadude (26 Aug, 2009) Reply
too funny!
LaPoeta CV (27 Aug, 2009) Reply
These are Hillarious and Scary. If only I could be so limber, or that drunk!
Groover (27 Aug, 2009) Reply
Others tell me I've done all those poses, but I wouldn't know because I wasn't paying attention. I'm glad to know I was doing something worthwhile.
Little Tomato (27 Aug, 2009) Reply
Thanks Rob! I needed that. Yoga really is for everyone!
humorality (28 Aug, 2009) Reply
In Communist Russia yoga does you!
beefhaze (28 Aug, 2009) Reply
"Know your limits." This is sound advice, and is appropriately applied to yoga and to strong drink, both. Unfortunately, an accurate understanding of one's own limits can usually be gained only by pushing beyond said limits. Often, this can be a difficult and painful process, and especially so for yoga and/or alcohol... Therefore, I posit that these photographs do not simply depict perfectly executed yoga postures juxtaposed with some humorously positioned and awkwardly sprawling alcoholics, drunks and dipsomaniacs - intoxicated unto the very depths of unconsciousness. I suggest, rather, that the above photographs show just a very few of the many multitudes who continue to struggle through an arduous process of learning one of life's more difficult yet invaluable lessons... to whit: "Know your limits."
lala palooza (28 Aug, 2009)
sooo... those of us checking in from Free Will Astrology are all Cancers then... :D
Lorna Woolley (28 Aug, 2009) Reply
If he's the same guy, I must say he's very agile!! Do his looks change or does he change with every swig I take?! Haha!
michelle (28 Aug, 2009) Reply
wow!Thats great....
monk eli (29 Aug, 2009)
what's for breakfast?
Frannie (29 Aug, 2009) Reply
I am going to a wine festival next weekend. Are you suggesting that I not behave myself???
LOL Rob~
bumbabumba (29 Aug, 2009) Reply
cancerism is the future
bobi (29 Aug, 2009) Reply
spirina (31 Aug, 2009) Reply
Grazieee Robbb! It it works! The mess of my chakras loops danyavad
Queenie (1 Sep, 2009) Reply
This is hilarious.. i shld send this to all yoga teachers.. hehe
Carina (15 Sep, 2009) Reply
Very funny LOL!
guy (3 Dec, 2009) Reply
awsome :D
smellyolddrunkeygoingburpburp (16 Jun, 2010) Reply
Jesus, I can't believe you got my stag do pics.
2plus1equals3 (24 Jun, 2010) Reply
OMFG so funny!!!
Deprince. (14 Feb, 2011) Reply
When 2 has been added to 1,d answer always been zero
Tracy G (30 May, 2012) Reply
I have been killing myself laughing at these pictures, and i mean fpmsl. Think its me in a couple of them, the drunk. lol
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