8789kcal of awesomeness
7.08 lbs pizza with 4.5 inches of topping.
8789kcal of awesomeness
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Chef Ramsi (17 Jul, 2011) Reply
Ugh... I would trade that ugly, probably undercooked on the inside piece of crap for a normal leveled bacon pizza
Sei (18 Mar, 2012) Reply
Asparagus? Why?
ewww (22 Mar, 2012) Reply
WTF is wrong with you people, mayonnaise? COOKED? $100 bucks this was thrown out and if tried the person barfed...
Ksss (10 Jun, 2012) Reply
it's not a pizza then
Rawfoodie (28 Oct, 2012) Reply
Yeah except for RAW IN MIDDLE! To cook that all the way through, you'd have to cook it so long that the cheese on the outside would be completely dried brown crispyness. I bet the raw bacon is tasty.
Pizza Lover (13 May, 2013) Reply
Shrimps and pineapples?! WTF!!!!
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