The only man standing... is the man in a wheelchair
Photo by Raymond Malkiewicz.
The only man standing... is the man in a wheelchair
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dkm (23 May, 2011) Reply
you can always tell the Marine. Semper Fi!
dmeril (23 May, 2011) Reply
Semper Fi Marine, semper fi. Looks like the trolley tracks in Salt Lake.
Chris Wible (31 May, 2011) Reply
It's not just the flag, the parade and holiday are meant to honor the fallen; the ones whose lives were given in service to all of us; whether the action in which they fell was 'right', 'just', and 'honorable' or not, whether they volunteer...ed or were drafted, and whether their lives were sacrificed for tactical or strategic gain or utterly wasted under incompetent command are ALL irrelevant. They went forth under our flag and died fighting for US. The least a citizen should do is stand in respectful silence and contemplate the price they paid as the flag they fought for passes in review on 'Memorial' day. Salute the flag or not, but show some respect for those who laid down their lives in our service. It's unconscionable to simply sit on the curb, it's a slap in the face of the dead which is felt keenly by their surviving comrades in arms, those who survive to march the flag in their honor see the disrespect shown their fallen fellows and are reminded that with notable exceptions, their families and fellows are all that will mourn their passing.
Gravdigr (4 Jul, 2013)
Bravo, sir. Well said, and seconded. Thank you!
Realist (11 Jul, 2011) Reply
Oh come on! The dead are DEAD. No more no less. The more time spent on parades and the likes, the less time spent on improving the world, inventing stuff, helping the poor and needy.
Also a Realist (6 Aug, 2011)
And it was those DEAD that guaranteed you the right to disrespect them. Or do you even know the definition of the word respect?
Proud to be an American (7 Oct, 2011)
WoW! It is sad that we harbor people who think like that. Paying respects should have to be asked, it should be respected! I bet "Realist" you burn flags as well. I find it sad that the Twin Towers wasn't filled with people like you. I have family and friends who have served our country, what have you done other then be disrespectful?
A true realist (9 Oct, 2011)
To the fake realist, if it weren't for those men in uniform, you wouldn't have a country to disrespect. Think about that! You obviously have no honor for your own country and those who protect your right to be a disgrace.
Tim (6 Nov, 2011) Reply
This picture is cropped. There are others standing there.
Joe Mama (17 Dec, 2011)
Maybe, but there are plenty that aren't ...
TrueSpeaker (19 Dec, 2011) Reply
I don't need to stand up to show my respect. Instead of meaningless minutes of silence or standing in silly poses I'd rather show my respect in words and deeds. I buy a poppy every rememberance day but I never wear or display it, not out of shame but because I believe that the point is what's in your heart and on your mind and not how you think it makes you look to others. The people who lived and died to defend my country or others don't need my respect, but they have it. I feel no need to make a spectacle out of it though
Almost (4 Jul, 2013)
Some of that sounds good. Some of it sounds stupid, too.
sienor (3 Apr, 2012) Reply
hes my true hero <3
Regina (22 Jan, 2013)
If you don't feel like you need to stand up as our Grand Flag passes by, or put your hand over you heart when the Pledge of Allegiance is said or when our Nation Anthem is played, then YOU are NOT a Respected American in my opinion. If you can't give respect to those that have died, or came home with limbs missing, that gladly stood up to fight for his/her country, and OUR freedoms of this country... that you and I get to enjoy each and everyday...I think you are a disgrace to the human American race. My dad is a WWII Veteran, & when someone walks up to him shakes his hand or salutes him...the tears swell up in my eyes with SO MUCH PRIDE...with love and respect for that person, that took just one moment out of this busy life to say Thank You. How dare people be so selfish not to stand and show their RESPECT!!! If you are one of those kind of people ....YOU ARE A DISGRACE to your fellow country man. "Just Sayin"
Uhhh (22 Feb, 2014)
Regina, some see holding the hand to their heart as violating the "false idol" parts of the Bible. Simply standing to how respect is perfectly fine. One does not need to recite the Pledge or hold their hand over their heart if they feel it goes against their beliefs, which are more important than a patriotic ritual.
Pro-American (1 Jul, 2012) Reply
To all you guys out there saying 'dead is dead' or 'I don't to stand up' or 'it doesn't matter's, screw you! These brave men, whether drafted or vollunteered, fought and died so that you could sit there and complain and whine, and say what you want. This country is free because of those very men that YOU refuse to stand for. The LEAST you could do is stand and salute the flag that they fought and died under. The flag that you live under. The flag that is the symbol for freedom, and the flag that is the flag of the best country in the world!
COBRA (5 Jul, 2012) Reply
The Americans were the last ones into WW I and WW II. They brag like they are the best humans in the world. Canada is a much better country but you have to be smart to know that.
Austin (27 May, 2013)
Canada is best. lulz. Thanks for the smile.
A Vet (18 Jul, 2012) Reply
One 4th of July, I was at a parade. Wearing my BDU jacket with the sleeves cut off so it was more like a vest. When the flag at the head of the parade came by, I stood and removed my hat. Someone behind me tapped my shoulder and told me to sit down. After the flag passed, I placed my hat back on my head and turned. The guy behind me just stared, bug eyed, as he read Air Force Veteran on the front of my hat as I told him I had friends die serving under that flag. If he didn't like me showing respect for my friends, that was just too bad for him. He left. To those who respect, thank you. For those who don't, shut up.
Lisa (7 Aug, 2012)
Wow your story says it all, just like the picture does here. I am amazed if anything, wheres the pride in our country at, our lives, our fellow Americans. Its just shame full. I am awaiting the day that to Salute our flag will be an action some court rooms will be debating if its legal to or not politically correct too do so. Good Grief.
LIsa (7 Aug, 2012) Reply
It makes me wonder if without the title of this picture, would others even noticed when asked whats the problem with this picture. TO me it got my heart instantly with pride in the man standing, pride in our flag, and shame in all the others just watching the parade. Also pride in the military there marching. I actually was just sitting here thinking of a picture to put on my Facebook for the first time and thought of this one I have always had saved on my computer, couldn't find it but did right away in a search. Then, I started reading some of the comments...I had to stop. This picture says it all, explain some of the men of our country and how they are filled with emotion. SOME of the comments below explain the others in this picture and the others in our country are the way they are.
Proud Son (6 Mar, 2013) Reply
The man is my father. He was a dedcorated 4th Division Marine in WWII. Two of his great grand children are seated to his left. The lady in blue is my mother and next to her is their granddaugther, mother of the two kids. I believe this was in Scottsdale or Mesa AZ. Semper FI
BrendaJA (30 Dec, 2013)
The man in this picture looks so much like my uncle that his grandchildren spent days trying to track it down and prove it was him. I don't believe his hairline is like my uncle's, but his clothing, his stance, his wheelchair, his patriotism all had us wondering. Do you have a date this picture was taken? My uncle has passed on, but his wife would be thrilled to hear from someone who knows the man in the picture. I can be reached at if you are interested in contacting us.
Motorhed (10 Jul, 2013) Reply
Those aren't the Colors, it is another flag in the parade. If the flag is trimmed with gold fringe (and there will only be one of those at any event), THEN you are supposed to stand and/or salute.
TheDerek (22 Feb, 2014)
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Second Comment. You. Are. Wrong.
Leo Smith (11 Jul, 2013) Reply
Our so called Commander in chief couldn't make me as proud to be an American as I am of this man.
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