IT helpdesk in Pakistan
Hello! How can I help you, good Sir?
IT helpdesk in Pakistan
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beware (15 May, 2009) Reply
Conflictiva (16 May, 2009) Reply
Thank you! come again!
NSAIS's (16 May, 2009) Reply
Morroco or Algeria
Ahmed (16 May, 2009) Reply
Terrorist call center ;)
Nezz (16 May, 2009) Reply
Tobotron (16 May, 2009) Reply
Hello your through to Al Qaeda switch board how may I help you...?
Yammy (17 May, 2009) Reply
Dell helpdesk
Jeoff (18 May, 2009) Reply
Good try...but cannot be Pakistan!
Mischa (19 May, 2009) Reply
sadworker (21 May, 2009) Reply
Finally, the truth about outsourcing.
waqas (25 May, 2009) Reply
haha !! not pakistan !! could be Afghanistan though !
John (27 May, 2009) Reply
At least they've got some room to walk around - better than a damn cubicle
gsks (1 Jun, 2009) Reply
ha ha, I can see how Pakistan's IT industry is booming!
thebigbadwolf (7 Sep, 2010) Reply
looks more like a cybercafe
D331 (9 Oct, 2011) Reply
COBRA (5 Jul, 2012) Reply
Say again? You are feeling suicidal? Can you driving a truck please?
JoshuaXiong (18 Jul, 2013) Reply
Lol. The FAQ lead me here.
euroCRACK (1 Nov, 2013)
You scrolled all the way down here? Good job! Proceed to Next >> picture?