Pixar vs. Dreamworks
The differences between the two animation studios approaches to film making.
Pixar vs. Dreamworks
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Whoa (1 Apr, 2009) Reply
I can't unsee it!!
shrek (1 Apr, 2009) Reply
so true
Yaotl (1 Apr, 2009) Reply
race (25 May, 2012)
you lol
Galkatokk (1 Apr, 2009) Reply
killR (1 Apr, 2009) Reply
Brilliant ! It's hard to say which one is less wacky.
ddd (1 Apr, 2009) Reply
"This face" is patented with US-265-3334 and also EU-33444-c34
AnonAnon (2 Apr, 2009) Reply
I am more amazed at the fact that someone actually noticed it and went through the trouble of making the picture.
LOL (2 Apr, 2009) Reply
wow, never thought of it like that. hehehe
bugs (2 Apr, 2009) Reply
its scarily true!! they think of concepts first them faces and the trivial stuff dream works catch a wake up!!
magirk (2 Apr, 2009) Reply
totally true :D
profmonkey (2 Apr, 2009) Reply
lol ! thats the best
Pixar sucks (2 Apr, 2009) Reply
Pixar sucks
Spidercega (21 Aug, 2009)
Rodney (29 Oct, 2010)
It's true. I hate pixa because they're movies are so sad. Dreamworks is hilarious, even if this is how they come up with they're ideas
Spud (26 Dec, 2010)
Rodney: if that's your grasp on the English language, maybe Pixar's movies are just too complicated for you?
bart9h (6 May, 2011)
Rodney: "_their_ ideas", that was your only error. "pixa" was clearly a typo.
Spud: you're a douchebag.
And, both Pixar and DW make good and bad movies.
MattyMO (25 Jun, 2012)
@ Rodney - aw, Pixar too real for your fragile psyche? Life isn't always peachy.. America needs better films other than happy go lucky crap stories that always have a happy ending, because life doesnt always have a happy ending.
Pixar = Garbage (2 Apr, 2009) Reply
What about "A Bug's Life" and "Finding Nemo"? Animals doing things that animals normally don't do. And what about "Cars"? Cars doing things that cars normally don't do. I think "Cars" is the worst movie I have ever seen. God is it bad. I think it gave me cancer.
N!D (3 Apr, 2009)
OMG - you are actually taking this seriously!!! BTW I always found that when one make a film about ants, the other one does, ants, animals, fish etc yada yada.
anonymous (4 Dec, 2009)
I completely get your logic that Pixar is garbage because Cars might have gotten cancer from it and God it is bad.
SUPERANON (4 Aug, 2010)
Lets make a movie about ants! (ME, TOO!)
Lets make a movie about Penguins! (OH WE WILL TOO!)
Lets make a movie about Fish! (K, THAT SOUNDS COOL, LETS TRY!)
Lets make a movie about Rats! (AWESOME! WE WILL TRY!)
Lets make a movie about Zoo animals (AND THEY SHOULD GO TO THE WILD, RIGHT?)
JTDC (12 Nov, 2010)
Level of anthropomorphication in "Finding Nemo" is marginal. Shark Tale had fish wearing bling.
You lose.
Anon (19 Jan, 2011)
Neither of them made a movie about penguins.
Dreamworks didn't make a movie about rats (unless you count Flushed Away, but that was made by Aardman Studios, and was made before Ratatouille.)
Pixar didn't make a movie about zoo animals.
Better luck next time.
Huh.. (2 Apr, 2009) Reply
So..every dreamworks character is a stroke victim with no control over one side of their face....I never knew that.
Maja (2 Apr, 2009) Reply
tooo much reading :D
Lightsprint (2 Apr, 2009) Reply
little cruel to show, isn' tit?
Lardo (3 Apr, 2009) Reply
And THIS is why i want to work at pixar when i graduate collage.. dreamwork's characters are furries and always look uncertain of thier existance...
Matt (19 Jun, 2010)
Ok, you can go and fulfill your dream of working at Pixar, but first you have to learn proper grammar and spelling.
anon (10 Jun, 2011)
Matt the only thing wrong with Lardo's "grammar" and "spelling" is that he chose not to capitalize his words. That's not grammar. Also, this is the internet. Also if you're going to be a grammar nazi go and comment the same thing on everyone else in this thread who chose to not capitalize the first letters of their words.
Cyndi (30 Jun, 2011)
Sweetie, you misspelled 'collEge'. I wish you the best in joining the Pixar ranks.
harrumph (4 Apr, 2009) Reply
If Pixar is so witty and original why are they stealing ideas? "Monster Inc." is just a rip-off from "Ahh Real Monsters" if you ask me.
smarterthanu (10 Jul, 2010)
WTF? Not even.
anon (23 Jul, 2011)
That's a reallll stretch there slick.
Nea (4 Apr, 2009) Reply
All those faces are of male animals, the females always have long eyelashes!!
viewer (4 Apr, 2009)
Actually, the hippopotamus is female. Long eyelashes indeed.
Aly =D (4 Apr, 2009) Reply
Oh wow. Lolol.
fff (5 Apr, 2009) Reply
from this pile only Over the hedge and madagascar was half normal. Schrek no matter how successful financially was kind of lame and weak humour imo
Spacetree (8 Jul, 2009)
I'm pretty sure most people would HIGHLY disagree with you, both in terms of financial and critical success (especially since the first Shrek won an academy award). Plus, I don't know if you noticed but Kung Fu Panda was huge. Originally the Best Animated Film award had some slim pickins to choose from (i.e. Pixar movie and the two other animated films that came out). But with about 7-8 or so a year coming out right now, to be nominated actually means something, and Kung Fu Panda made the bar. Dreamworks has had some derivative stinkers (i.e. Over the Hedge), but don't dismiss all of them.
Dave (19 Aug, 2012)
I HIGHLY agree with you. SHRECK SUCKS! sorry. I had to get it out.
??? (5 Apr, 2009) Reply
I don't get it. The way all these characters grin doesn't look similar. The face in the picture is the face of that bee spoken by Jerry Seinfeld.
-___- (5 Apr, 2009)
not funny
sebaster (6 Apr, 2009) Reply
Malpo (7 Apr, 2009) Reply
So true, so sad.
Sven (8 Apr, 2009) Reply
Walked past the poster for Dreamworks latest the other day, Monsters vs Aliens or sth. Guess: what the bug-headed scientist in the middle front does just. That. Face.
asdf (11 Apr, 2009)
i must see this
KUNGFU (15 Apr, 2009) Reply
I don't care what anyone says, especially not this Ad. Kung Fu Panda is the best movie in the World. Bam. KUUUNGG FUUU!!!
p_m (16 Apr, 2009)
it had no plot, no humour, no dynamics. nothing. hell, it did not even have a half decent moral message.
I love ANIMATION (15 Jul, 2012)
Oh what, did you even watch the movie, or are you hating it just because it doesn't have your precious pixar label? If you are just going to stick to 1 animation studio your whole life and not give others a chance, you're going to not get a chance to experience other beautiful stories with deep messages, and with things like cars 2 and toy story 3, proves that pixar has had some major stinkers and are not flawless.
Johnny (18 Apr, 2009) Reply
xD xD It's really awesome.I liked it!Its true
petunya (18 Apr, 2009) Reply
pixar is always better. monsters inc. is a masterpiece...
pewpew (31 May, 2009) Reply
UP was a great movie!
Elliott (11 Jun, 2009) Reply
Holy crap, it's true! (And I think saw that Dreamworks face in Monsters vs Aliens, too...) Just watch, Dreamworks is gonna edit this face right out of their future works. Or maybe not.
Ellesh (30 Jul, 2009) Reply
McLupus (31 Aug, 2009) Reply
...and you can see that same faceexpression in Disneyfilms...
Alladin: Both Alladin and the genie does it a few times...
Toy Story
Finding Nemo
And all other Disney C.A.-movies, so what is point in this pic???
goofygoober (16 Dec, 2009) Reply
pixar rocks
no one like dreamworks crap anyways hahaha
Barry (28 Feb, 2010) Reply
Pixar movies - For kids who go outside, build stuff, draw pictures and read comic books.
Dreamworks movies - For kids with 5 games consoles who cry when they don't get McDonalds.
Hannah (24 Apr, 2010)
Dylan (27 Jun, 2010)
I have 5 game consoles and I cry when I don't get to go to McDonalds, and yet I'd pick Pixar over Dreamworks any day.
Anon (13 Jul, 2010)
That's quite possibly the stupidest thing I've ever read. You just came up with an odd insult with no basis in reality. That's not clever or witty, it's idiotic. Hannah, you should be ashamed of yourself for agreeing with this twit.
Oh jeez, really? (15 Jul, 2012)
Here's how I see it
Pixar Movies= For people who want to see great animation and deep stories with great characters and morals.
Dreamworks Movies= For people who want to see great animation and deep stories with great characters and morals.
If you don't like that
Pixar Studios= Overrated
Dreamworks Animation= Underrated
ricky (7 Apr, 2010) Reply
i love dream works movies
Andrea (13 Jun, 2010) Reply
so who wins?
ELS (16 Jun, 2010)
PIXAR!!! UP was 1 of the best movies EVER made, let alone animated!
Dylan (27 Jun, 2010) Reply
Pixar and Dreamworks enter a boxing fight. Pixar has brains, Dreamworks has brawn. Dreamworks throws punch after punch at Pixar, but Pixar dodges every time. Pixar clings to Dreamworks' face. Dreamworks tries to punch Pixar in the head. Pixar dodges, and Dreamworks punches himself in the face. We have a KO, Pixar wins!
A little lesson that quality (the brilliance of Pixar, or the brains) > quantity (the huge amount of money made by repetitive Dreamworks movies, or the brawn).
Anon (16 Jul, 2010)
This comment was equally stupid. It didn't mean anything. Just another weird, idiotic insult that reflects poorly on Pixar than it does on Dreamworks, becaust it shows how brain dead some of its fans are.
Kailyn (4 Sep, 2010)
Lol. 1 you suck at dissing and 2. How can movie studios fight and 3. LAAAMMMEE insult to dreamworks.
JTDC (12 Nov, 2010)
Look, ANON,you really suck at this whole "Getting the point" thing. What, are you a Dreamworks employee paid to try and bolster your image here?
Dreamworks makes cookie-cutter movies for kids, and for kids alone. They sell well, because they operate on a very simple formula and rely solely on the fact that a matinee is a very easy and cheap way to keep a child occupied for a few hours and take a break from the day during the summer.
Pixar movies are not just made for children. The stories, jokes, animation, and style are all for adults. However, they are also crafted to appeal to children as well.
Here's an analgoy: Pixar is like Shakespear--written for two separate audiences at the same time. Dreamworks is puppet shows. I'm not saying puppet shows suck, but you cannot call them superior to anything Shakespeare ever wrote.
Anon (19 Jan, 2011)
No, Pixar movies tend to be better, I'm not arguing with that. However, most Dreamworks movies I've seen have been fairly entertaining. I actually thought the picture was pretty funny, but some of the commentators here are just so stupid...
Titus Cotharn (T.J.) (1 Aug, 2010) Reply
I Like DreamWorks & Pixar
Mel (4 Aug, 2010) Reply
Both suck basically. You should be forgiven for watching animated crap if you are a six years old but beyond that you should be put in a mental institution. Truth.
Anon (8 Aug, 2010)
... have you ever WATCHED any of Pixar's movies? I've rarely seen a film, animated or otherwise, that had the emotional impact of Up-- particularly the opening sequence, which had my nearly 60 year old parents in tears.
A.N (21 Sep, 2010)
Oh man, I see you try hard to look mature. I gotta tell you something: Nobody cares and it doesnt make you childish if you see animation. In fact, a lot of live action movies are much more childish than Pixar's animations. I.E Avatar, Fantastic Four, a lotta things.
Wow... (8 Aug, 2011)
This might be the least intelligent statement I have ever read.
Kailyn (4 Sep, 2010) Reply
So true. Dreamworks is awesome and I Love Kung Fu Panda.
Jeremiah (20 Sep, 2010) Reply
Seriously though, you can add up all the bad movies pixar ever made on a hand with 3 missing fingers. Dreamworks is the exact same shit, no creativity. And better yet no STYLE. everything Pixar does is extremely stylized and they make even a dead planet look beautiful. A+ to this picture, haters, go read a book.
Pixar Win (16 Nov, 2010) Reply
me (22 Nov, 2010) Reply
ha ha ha so true
dreamworks sucks
Caroline (31 Dec, 2010) Reply
Dreamworks has made more movies than Pixar. But they only do it for quantity over quality. And notice- when you walk in to a Dreamworks movie, you mainly see parents and children. The quality, character, and love in each Pixar movie draws all ages. And don't forget- 'Up' went to Cannes. There always seems to be a Dreamworks movie playing, but people actually get hyped up when a new Pixar film comes out!
shuv (11 Jun, 2012)
i know alot of adults who enjoy dreamworks films, like shrek, there were alot of jokes in tht movie that wernt understood by kids but the parents got em. its not only for kids plus dreamworks makes alot more money than pixar and has won more awards for their movies so there
Jay (18 Jan, 2011) Reply
LOL. Hahaha - good one. Pixar movies are outstanding and awesome. The person that stated Cars suck... Cars is awesome! Dreamworks "How To Train A Dragon", "Kung Fu Panda", and "Monsters Vs. Aliens" are all pretty good and even worth owning, but PIXAR OWNS all the animation studios in terms of quality and rememberable product. Every movie they make is a complete brilliantly written and artistically done masterpiece with top notch animation and direction.
Woodbuzz (19 Jan, 2011) Reply
I love a good laugh In a dream works film but I have admit Pixar is not only the greatest animation studio but most talented and successful studios of all Time all there films have the up most quality and heart given to the characters I always instantly forget I'm watching animation and I'm just swept up in the story dream works on the other hand I never once forget I'm watching animation the stories aren't as believable as they could be bottom line Pixar will always be # 1.
Mr. Dude (24 Mar, 2011) Reply
i have to admit,dreamworks work's are a bit monotonous,it's mostly ordinary human problems in animal form for a bit more originality.if u think about it,the plot in kung fu panda was very simple,an ordinary story about a guy who dreams about things everybody sais are impossible for him to attain but he believes in himself and it works out.very simple,yet the movie was great.probably because it had good spirit(and a kickass theme song).Madagascar is about a choice between urban modern life or tropical paradise.once again,simple yet the characters have spirit.While "Up" was a great movie,the beginning was very sad,and im not sure kids would like it,but the plot is quite original and consists of more than just completing the dead wifes wish.And personally i find Wall-e a brilliant movie,good for kids and the plot is again more than just love between machines.So i think that pixar makes better movies in terms of quality and are interesting for all ages,but dreamwork movies are more child-oriented
anonymous (26 May, 2011) Reply
Pixar says, "Story is king." Dreamworks says, "Screw the story, we have CGI!"
Ahmed (28 May, 2011) Reply
HAHAHA LOL ROFL SO TURE Pixar takes more time and effort into thier films.
False (8 Aug, 2011)
Ahmed, it is completely false that Pixar put's more "effort" into their movies than Dreamworks. Yes, they have more creative stories for the most part, but YOU specifically cannot imagine the amount of work and effort that goes into these movies unless you actually work at one of the studios, and you most definitely don't, otherwise you would never have made the aforementioned comment. Both studios are incredible and deserve a great deal of respect.
LOL (24 Jul, 2011) Reply
HHH3 (31 Aug, 2011) Reply
you can say all you like about pixar being top dog, seeing as everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but my opinion is that it is obvious that dreamworks films are amazing. now i'm not going to start moaning at pixar, seeing as i love finding nemo, incredibles, toy story and monster inc and Up. How To Train Your Dragon is the most heart warming, emotional, and powerful film i have ever seen. Most of dreamworks films have powerful messages, shrek series, don't judge a book by it's cover, how to train your dragon, be yourself, over the hedge, family is most important same kind of message for Madagascar, friendship. and many others, i love both, and can see faults in both. so stop being so idiotic . plus i love ice age, i know that isn't made by either of these but who cares
a friend of animation (15 Jul, 2012)
Totally, Kung Fu Panda 2 was the only film in a while that I got watery watching it, I have been drawn to dreamworks more than pixar in recent years, because the pixar movies released like Wall E and Up were more, eh, looks good but not for me, I did see Wall E in theatures, it was ok, I would call a mediocre film, the good robots were adorable, it had a message that is required for this day and age, but It just got pretty boring, Up, my favorite parts are the very beginning and very end, I love Ed Asner and Christopher Plummer, the relationship between the old man and the kid was good, but the dogs really annoyed me, just dog stereotypes and dug was just irritating, and, this is just me, but kevin has so many traits a male bird would posess, maybe pixar didn't make him male, maybe the characters only assume he's a female, I don't know, but yeah that bugged me. And, we should just see and enjoy movies as individuals, not as single studio enteties. And, I loved Ice Age as well, but they just began farting out very hackneyed, mediocre sequels.
Crowbarius (20 Nov, 2011) Reply
Essentially, Pixar generally has far cleverer and more poignant scenes. Don't get me wrong, the first Shrek movie was great - it was clever and original - But while Bug's Life, the Toy Story series, Monsters Inc. etcetera were all more or less total gems with only Cars and (in my opinion) Finding Nemo being total garbage because I simply cannot relate to completely sterile humour or the problems of barely-humanoid fish OR cars, Dreamworks pretty much just makes bland, silly, movies that only kids and the occasional adult likes.
bekah (20 Feb, 2012) Reply
I agree 100%. I will always pick a movie with a great story over one with flashy effects and big name stars. Dreamworks has occasional story greatness, like Shrek, but their movies are pretty predictable and follow the most obvious moneymaking strategy. Pixar makes the world of the story real through detail and characterization. The writing rings true, and the cartoonishness is rooted in human truth. Dreamworks is mostly just cartoonish.
neumann103 (28 Feb, 2012) Reply
Yeah, I guess if you judge films based on twenty five word pitches. The Dreamworks films have better actual writing. How about this reductionist BS. How do you tell the difference? Dreamworks are written with layered content that plays to children but offers interest for adults. Pixar have the same Randy Newman song played 7 times with slightly different lyrics.
sujit (4 Mar, 2012) Reply
this is so NOT true and dream works make very good movies...but pixar and dw have very diff. styles ...pixar is more on story tellin whereas dw is more on action and entertainment...kung fu panda excels in both and the character designs of nicolas marlet are godly...stop bein fanboys and enjoy the quality...btw RANGO IS THE BEST!! not by pixar or dw!!
Oh My God, THANK YOU (15 Jul, 2012)
That's something I wanted to hear, both do make great movies, as well as some mediocre and stinkers. I did like Rango too, but, in that year, Kung Fu Panda 2 was definitely my favorite, not just animated, but movie of the year. The Rattlesnake was awesome though.
paul (20 Mar, 2012) Reply
why is there competition?
anonomyous (12 Jul, 2012) Reply
Ok, both Pixar and Dreamworks have made incredible, thought provoking, gorgeous with alot of effort, but they both have made some crummy films. The problem is that people just refuse to forget the shark tales, over the hedges and bee movies and refuse to acknowledge the greats like the kung fu panda series, how to train your dragon, the first 2 shrek movies and hopefully and most likely, the upcoming rise of the guardians, as well as the aardman movies under dreamworks, if it wasn't for dreamworks, aardman may have not made it's way into the american public eye. Dreamworks have had very original stories and incredibly deep messages, like kung fu panda 2, the message that no matter how horrible an event in your past is, it doesn't make the rest of the story, as well as the importance of family and friends, which was prevelant in some of my favorite pixar movies. While Pixar, while having some great movies, is really overrated. It's recent movies just don't pack the punch the earlier pixar movies are, Wall E, It wasn't really that deep, it was just a cute simple little love story with 2 cute little robots, and the message, It's almost required for this day and age, but it was just pretty boring and the villain was just the auto pilot of the ship, the only interesting thing really about it that was new, was that the face of auto was modeled after a pirate's steering wheel. Up was pretty good, it was really touching, but that dog just really annoyed me, and it was a little boring, the bird being a female bugged me because it looks like a quintesential male tropical bird. Toy Story 3, freakishly overrated, hell, look up toy story 3 sucks on youtube, I first saw toy story 3, I didn't really like it, and that guy gives off many perfect reasons. It was just a 3rd sequel and dreamworks had an original film, how to train your dragon, if it was the other way and dreamworks was releasing a 3rd sequel and pixar was releasing an original movie, pixar would be called genius' and dreamworks would be called money grubbing hacks, but no, not toy story 3 because it has the pixar title and the nostalgia factor. Really, the newest Pixar movie I enjoyed was Pixar, but it should really be a factor of good movies are good movies, don't judge a movie and base your opinions on it without watching it just based off of the studios.
anonomyous (13 Jul, 2012)
Brave, the most recent pixar movie I really enjoyed was brave, typo.
anonymous (19 Jul, 2012)
After rewatching Over the Hedge, I take back saying it was a bad dreamworks movie, it really was a good movie that had a great message, great jokes and fun characters, I don't really know why I lumped in with the bee movies and shrek the thirds.
Abbie (6 Aug, 2012) Reply
yo i love madagasgar the bee movi eis CRAP
Jesus Banda (10 Aug, 2012) Reply
Hello Guys If some of ya are wondering what movies are coming soon
Here is the list
Rise of the Guardians November 21 2012
The Croods March 22 2013
Turbo July 19 2013
Mr.Peabody and Sherman Christmas Day in 2013
Me and My Shadow March 14 2014
How to train your Dragon 2 June 20 2014
Monster University June 21 2013
Good Dinosaurs May 30 2014
Dave (19 Aug, 2012) Reply
Did you know that DreamWorks has been copying Pixar's movie ideas for a long while now? It's true and there is proof. When someone started Dreamworks he had found out that Pixar was making a movie called A Bug's Life about insects. It was going to be a great movie because it was such a different thing to make a movie about. No one had ever really done it before. (or at least not with any success). Anyway, the Dreamworks CEO guy didn't like it because A bugs life release date was very close to Dreamworks's Prince of Egypt movie. Dreamworks started making a movie called ANTZ. He then called John Lasseter and told him he would DELAY ANTZ if they moved the release date of A Bugs Life so it wouldn't hurt Prince of Egypt. John refused and A bugs Life beat both movie by a lot in the box office. Ever since then DreamWorks has been taking pixar's ideas because they were mad at pixar. They have copied Finding Nemo with Shark Tale. They copied toy story with Small Soldiers. Ratatouille with Flushed Away and Monsters Inc. with Monsters. Vs. Aliens. (the Monsters inc. and Monsters vs. aliens is debated however. if you look at dreamworks though you can see, they are just being jerks.)
AND, none of dreamworks stupid movies are good anyway. Even Shrek wasn't that good. just some funny things here and there. Not only that but Dreamworks relies HEAVILY on CRUDE humor. despicable.
anon (14 Apr, 2013)
I... I can't tell if you're serious or not. I mean, you're kidding, right? Surely nobody can be that stupid... right? Please tell me you're not serious.
Dreamworks (20 Sep, 2012) Reply
Dude your just makeing dreamworks look bad.
raspberry (13 Nov, 2012) Reply
i prefer more of the pixar films but dreamworks are cool too :) i think pixar movies are more meaningful perhaps? (for an animated film) and dreamworks are more for humour. i love both though so! <3
Micha (9 Dec, 2012) Reply
Dreamworks moves are full of shallow characters that usually end up in a roller coaster kind of sensation, fall a couple of times and yell AAAAAAAAAAAA ! OUCH ! OOOOH !
Lydia (13 Dec, 2012) Reply
Both studios are equal in my opinion. Yes, Dreamworks has had some not-so-good movies in the past, but Pixar hasn't always been great either. Dreamworks is also improving, just look at some of their recent movies: Megamind, How To Train Your Dragon, Rise of the Guardians...not animals, good plot, beautiful animation. Heck, Dreamworks went FULL OUT on the animation in Rise of the Guardians, creating new software for the movie and paying extreme attention to detail. I love both studios, and I hate this idiotic rivalry between the fans.
TakeAWildGuess (20 Jan, 2013) Reply
Maybe, but turn it around, and it is just as true! (You know what I mean, don't do that turning around): (visit link)
Pixarteer!!!! (30 Jan, 2013) Reply
Well, here's my opinion. While Pixar being my favorite of the two, I do agree that they are a bit overrated. I think people just expect more from Pixar because they have managed to have five hits in a row (Yes, I'm leaving out Cars because it wasn't Pixar's greatest movie) and they were the first in the CGI movie biz with Toy Story. Don't get me wrong, I'm not dissing Dreamworks, it's just that they haven't had as many successes. They did also copy off of A Bug's Life with Antz but the others were just coincidences. Dreamworks tends to lean towards a more comical side while Pixar tells heart-felt stories. if you look at Pixar, go to the website, they take "story-telling" seriously and treat their characters as if they were real people. It just seems that Dreamworks jumps at the first movie idea they come up with. If Dreamworks concentrated more on the story-telling and took more time to craft and think about their movies, they could be as great as Pixar. Pixar is just the rare success story or 11 hits out of 13. Until Dreamworks improves, my opinion will still be that Pixar is better. My point is, Pixar concentrates on their movies more and doesn't just through in crappy jokes and prays for a hit. But I will agree that How to Train Your Dragon, and Kung Fo Panda are pretty good. ;)
Paul (13 Mar, 2013) Reply
I can't see it
Anonymous (17 Mar, 2013) Reply
Pixar had amnomorphic animals (and things, a la Cars and Toy Story) too! But Bronies (like u trolololo) or others could go for donkey... His additude references not just MLP: FiM nature in some ways... His eyes are a bit like Pixar's in some ways....
Why are you reading this? (6 Apr, 2013) Reply
Pixar has just made more classics.
2319! (1 Jun, 2013) Reply
Any animation company can make hit after hit, but only Pixar can make classic after classic.
Matt (5 Jun, 2013) Reply
This applied up until How to Train Your Dragon. Pixar as a whole is better than Dreamworks, but HTTYD was better than anything Pixar has ever put out.
howdy (10 Jun, 2013) Reply
sorry @ matt cant afford to let you shout with out any knowledge about what you are shouting... >_<
go and ask all the viewers world wide why the heck they are such bloody fools to waste their money after pixar movies always... being the top three highest grossing animated movies of all time disney and pixar showed their unquestionable greatness.
and if you ask about class ya shrek and httyd kungfu panda is really good animation features no doubt. but unlike kungfu panda shrek failed to remain good enuf... (specially the fourth one was prtty bad).i will accept car series was disastrous, specially the cars 2. but other pixar presentations are way better than most of the dreamworks features...
well, it is a fact that shreck won the first academy award for the best animated film ... but after that ...
2002 -> spirited away (distributed by disney)
2003-> finding nemo (housed by pixar and disney)
2004-> the incredibles (do)
2005-> wallace and gormit (by pixar) plz dnt frgt no muvis from pixar dat year
2006-> happy feet (housed by w.b.)
2007-> ratatouille (by pixar and disney)
2008-> wall-e (do)
2009-> up(do)
2010-> toy stry 3 (do)
2011->rango (nickelodeon)
2012-> brave (by disney and pixar)
and even if you are unhappy with that then just go to film critic sites and see the ratings for you self.
plz know about the facts first man then pop up
refs: wikipedia, metacritic, rottentomatoes
mick (14 Jun, 2013) Reply
Mat(t) grounded :p
My Name. (10 Jul, 2013) Reply
Pixar= emotional depth and sophisticated humor.
Oliver Knox (19 Jul, 2013) Reply
Pixar rules, and it is a million times better than Dreamworks!
Dreamworks and Pixar Fan (26 Jul, 2013) Reply
I love Dreamworks a little more than Pixar but all in all I like them both. They both have great movies and do a great job. But lately Pixar has been coming up with so-so movies... Dreamworks is getting there. Anyway, both are fantastic. Keep up the great work!! :-)
nosy person (6 Sep, 2013) Reply
lol :P
wwwww (3 Feb, 2014) Reply
Funny how my favorite Dreamworks movie is the one in which the characters don't side-smile on the cover (HTTYD).
BlueFlare64 (10 Mar, 2014) Reply
This is perfect xD
I've always hated dreamworks for their unoriginallity and the fact that dreamworks did something to pixar which makes me want to punch dreamworks in the face
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