Bacon and cheese stuffed pizza burger
Simply unbelievable...
Bacon and cheese stuffed pizza burger
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nom nom nom (10 Sep, 2009) Reply
missing a lot of cheese and bacon...
Hungry Dane (6 May, 2010) Reply
That thing looks amazing,, must try it with my friend one day!!!
Bob Dole (9 Jul, 2010) Reply
Epic Burger. Would eat again.
Le Sudois, #4 (15 Feb, 2011) Reply
I'm hungry!!! I vote for this!
Billy Bob (29 Mar, 2011) Reply
Looks good, but I'd rather see it downsized to something more reasonable. Use mini (bun sized) pizzas with a quarter pound burger patty.
OH MY!! (12 Oct, 2011) Reply
I think I just had a heart attack just looking at that thing!!!
mediterranean (1 Dec, 2011) Reply
premium ingredients? are you kidding??
OMG (2 Dec, 2011) Reply
Who the hell "COULD" eat this thing??
itrieditonce (23 Jul, 2012)
I tried this once. It was amazing. I didn't cook the burger long enough though :/
lol (8 Feb, 2012) Reply
i think a hungry footballteam could eat this xD
Sei (18 Mar, 2012) Reply
Unfortunately for the eaters, the ground beef is not yet fully cooks.
Vax (1 Apr, 2012) Reply
Actually, if you cook it right the ground beef will be done. One way of doing it is to make two slightly thinner patties out of the same amount of meat and cook them separately, then putting them together when you assemble the rest of it.
Tati (4 Dec, 2012) Reply
WTF? Who can eat this?
PinkClaudia35 (21 Feb, 2014) Reply
i totally need to make this, like, RIGHT NOW. this is a godlike recipe XD can't wait for it to be finished
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